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How to Get Rid Of Caterpillars in Your House


Do you like seeing beautiful butterflies flying around your house or garden? Do you know that those beautiful flying creatures have to go through a phase before they reach their destination? The insect they are before becoming butterflies is a caterpillar. The caterpillar stage is the most irritating stage because they tend to cause a lot of destruction. These caterpillars have the ability to destroy your helpless plantation, which could lead to a garden full of plants with holes. If the population of caterpillars gets out of hand, it can lead to problems. Therefore, this how-to guide will allow you to save your house from any caterpillar destruction.

What are Caterpillars?

Caterpillars are the kind of insect that has 3 body parts and 2 antennas on its head. The parts of the caterpillar’s body are called the abdomen, thorax, and head. Caterpillars range in many different colors but usually they are the same color of their habitat. They try to camouflage with their surrounding so they are not attracting the attention of birds and wasps, these two animals love feeding on caterpillars. Since the purpose of their life is to feed off your plantation, it is important you get rid of them as soon as possible.

3 Effective Methods of Defeating Caterpillars

  1. Using Natural Methods

Your first resort to getting rid of the caterpillar population should be by using all natural products. We have provided you with the top natural methods that are effective.

  • Go for Bacillus thuringiensis (BTk). BTk is known as a bacterium that occurs naturally upon a dead or decaying material present in the soil.

This natural bacterium is a good way of controlling the increasing caterpillar population as it messes up with the caterpillar digestive system. The best part is that since it is natural, it does not cause any harm for people, pets and the dead body is the caterpillar with not be harmful either.

BTk needs to be applied on the trees and plants have been destroyed by the caterpillar because that way you will know that the caterpillars will go there again. You must read the instructions on the back of the BTk bottle so you can use it in the most effective way possible.

  • Make a good environment for birds. Undoubtedly, birds are one of the best ways of getting rid of caterpillars. You will need to put in a little effort for this method because your garden needs to look appealing for the birds. The best way to make your garden attractive is by adding bird feeders, a birdhouse, or a birdbath.

Alternatively, you can get chicks as well as they are good at eating caterpillars.

  • Adding burlap to trap caterpillars. If your problem with the caterpillars is on your tree, then try wrapping the tree trunk with burlap. Caterpillars do not like the heat of the day so they will think of the burlap as a safe resting place. Once they enter it, you can smash them.

  • Drowning caterpillars. If you are brave enough to touch the caterpillars, then this way is great. This way will allow you to get rid of caterpillars without spraying any substances on your plants.

You will need to fill a bucket with warm water. Add liquid soap detergent to the water and mix it well. Pick the caterpillars and drop them inside the bucket. Make sure you are wearing gloves so your hands can stay clean.

These natural methods will allow you to get rid of the caterpillar population.

  1. Pesticide Methods

  • Pyrethrins. This natural pesticide is made from plants. It is toxic for many insects including caterpillars. Most of the time, it is not harmful for pets and humans, but if it is used excessively then it can become harmful. This product is supposed to be directly sprayed on the affected plants. As time goes on, the product is degraded.  

  • Essentria IC3 Natural Pesticide spray. This natural spray needs to be applied on the caterpillars directly. The Essentria spray is a good way of ending caterpillars. To make this spray, you will need to mix 1 teaspoon of Essentria with 1 gallon of water in a spray bottle. Make sure you mix the mixture well and begin spraying

These methods are effective, just like the natural methods.

  1. Control What You Can

It is important to taking controlling actions. Try adding plants in your garden that are beneficial for insects. Flowers such as yarrow, aster, cilantro, dill, and fennel have the ability to attract insects that would eat the caterpillars.

Installing an insect barrier is another great way. The insect barrier is a fabric that will allow you to cover your plants preventing any butterflies from laying their eggs in your plants. If you have a vegetable garden, you can do the same with it as well.

Keep a Check

Make sure you are keeping a close eye on your plants and vegetation. This will allow you to know if there are any infestations starting in your garden so they can be controlled sooner than later.



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