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How to Get Rid of Cat Small in the House 


As much as you might love having cats as pets, it sure isn’t fun having cat odor all over your house. Phoebe’s famous song “smelly cat” sounded really catchy but you will never want to catch the smell of a cat in your house. Your entire house will have the cat stench that is hard to get rid of. It is not impossible for you to get rid of it though.

What is cat odor?

Cat odor is a strange and stinky smell that can issue from your house wherever the cats go about. Other reasons could be

  • Having multiple cats

  • Poor hygiene of the cats

  • Infection in cats

  • Cat litter that hasn’t been changed for days

  • Untrained cats that urinate or defecate on the carpet

  • Multiple cats that aren’t taken care of properly

The worst part about having a cat odor in the house is that it doesn’t go away easily and it’s not like you can get rid of the cat now can you? No matter how much air freshener you use, the smell just keeps on coming back therefore you have to go directly to the source: the cat.

That’s right, since the cat is the reason your house is filling up with a bad smell and making people avoid coming to visit you, it is your responsibility to ensure that your cat’s hygiene is maintained at all times. Generally cats are some of the cleanest pet as they clean after themselves and hide their dirty business but if this problem persists you need to figure out the underlying factors.

The litter box

This is the first place you need to check and most likely it will be the main source of the entire cat stench reeking from your house. Even if you have a busy and hectic schedule, you shouldn’t forget to clean your cat’s litter box daily. Cat litter, if kept too long, can accumulate bacteria and can cause a health risk not only for your cat but for you as well.

Avoid getting scented litter. As helpful as it may seem by covering up cat feces smell, most of the time cats don’t like the smell and prefer to do their private business elsewhere.

If you have toilet-trained your cat then make sure there is a toilet designated for the cat and within its reach all the time. If the toilets are occupied or locked then your cat will probably end up doing it in the corner of any room and before you know it, your house is going to start stinking.

Check different areas

If you can’t find anything wrong in the litter box then that is also a sign that maybe your cat has found another area to defecate. Cats are picky creatures and sometimes they might not be happy with a litter box and choose to go do their business somewhere else in the house. This could be behind the TV, carpets, large plant pots or even behind the sofas. This is their way of marking their territory or finding a new place to do it. They will always do it discreetly so you will usually end up finding out once the smell has reached everywhere.

Strange behaviors

If your cat always used the litter box but has started to display an unusual behavior of peeing or defecating elsewhere despite you changing the litter every day, it could be another underlying issue, probably some medical issue that needs to be verified by the vet. Therefore you must take the cat immediately to the vet for a complete checkup. It could be that your cat has got some digestive problems, urinary infection or weak bladder and it just has these little accidents all the time.

How to get rid of the smell

There are a number of ways that you can get rid of the smell:

  • Strong air fresheners

You need to get your hands on some strong air fresheners such as these from solutionstore.com that you can spray all over your house. Spray everyday to cover the odor until it goes away. Air Sponge Odor Eliminator will naturally eliminate odors by absorbing the smell.

  • Vacuum

Vacuum all the carpets and other surfaces in your house to ensure that no dirt has stayed behind. If you notice that your carpet has been soiled use the Invade Hot Spot Foam. Coat the surface with foam applying in a sweeping motion. It is best to apply immediately after the cat has soiled.

  • Fragrances

Place different scented things around your house they could be

  • Potpourri – a bowl full of it placed in every room gives off a fresh scent.

  • Scented candles—keep them in places where it is hard for the cat or children to reach.

  • Reed diffuser—they are easy to use and safer than candles. They take around 24 hours to release the smell.

  • Humidifiers—put some drops of essential oil in your humidifier and it should spread a wonderful scent all around the area.

How to prevent cat odor

  • The only way you can prevent it is by ensuring your cat is groomed and cleaned regularly. Cats don’t like to be given baths but you have to take it upon yourself to give your cat a good bath often.

  • Clean your cat’s bedding and litter box every day. The Invade Hot Spot Foam can be applied to the litter box. Spray the foam into the box and pour a normal amount of litter over the foam.

  • Train your cat to only do its private business in the litter box or in the toilet.

  • Get your cat neutered. Cat’s that aren‘t “fixed” often pee outside the litter box area as a way to signal that they are ready for mating to other cats. When the cats are in heat, their hormones are all over the place and the stench gets stronger in their urine.

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