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How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles


One of the most abundant life form on the planet is the beetle. There are over an estimated 350,000 different species of beetles that exist in all shapes and sizes throughout the planet (which we know of). This, in essence, makes beetles account for 25% of all the living beings on the face of the Earth and there could potentially be millions more of these critters. We don’t know.

On a daily basis, human beings will never be able to come into contact with most of the beetle species that exist but the one particular species of beetle every human will come into contact with at some point of their lives is the carpet beetle. It is one of the most common household pets in the North American region and this tiny little insect species can wreak havoc in even the cleanest of households. The moment you see the first signs of a carpet beetle infestation, you should spring into action before these guys get out of control.

About Carpet Beetles

First, a little bit of information about this particular kind of beetle. Carpet beetles are reputedly the most harmful species of beetle to exist in the context of humans. Why is that so? Well, because other beetles prefer to eat particular things but with carpet beetles, they can eat just about anything they can get their tiny disgusting little insect hands on. Before you go on about how to get rid of them, it is imperative to understand who is at a risk of a carpet beetle infestation and what is it that caused them to invade the sanctity of your home in the first place.

Carpet Beetle Habitat

This is one of the most resilient insects you can find. Carpet beetles exist just about everywhere on the earth and that is the reason why it is the one specie that every human will come into contact with them. Carpet beetles mostly live in the great outdoors but that does not at all mean they don’t enjoy living in homes near humans. After all, the inside of homes provides them with food, water and shelter. Everything a happy insect needs to survive and thrive.

Once they have entered the confines of a home, they prefer living in darkness. That is why, these guys are found living mostly under baseboards, furniture and inside cabinets. Carpet beetles love to live near food sources so that they can get a lot to eat. When you are looking for this insect, you might want to start off around the edges of your carpets, around all your door casings and especially inside the upholstered furniture that you might have.

Carpet Beetle Food

Do not, I repeat, Do Not be fooled by their name. Yes, their name implies that they have got something to do with carpets and most probably prefer eating carpets, but that is not all they like to feed on. Carpet beetles are capable of eating just about anything from your carpet to your furniture. They do not shy away from pet hair, pet food, dead insects or even your precious leather products. If there is something that has even the slightest levee for being in anyway edible, you know that these guys will at least try to eat it. If you did not know this already, you have been duly warned.

Carpet Beetle Breeding Habits

If there is one thing carpet beetles are better at than eating, it is their incredible ability to breed and multiply fast. Depending on the specific breed of carpet beetle, they can produce up to four generations annually. These insects start laying their eggs as soon as they gain entrance into your home. Talk about rude guests. First they eat everything and then they make more of themselves. Because they lay a lot of eggs, it is possible to still be facing a carpet beetle infestation even after killing all the beetles. They even frequently lay their eggs inside bird nests and mice dens. Basically, they lay eggs anywhere near possible food sources. Anywhere.

Getting Rid of Them

As soon as you notice the first signs of a carpet beetle infestation, it is important to get a move on and take action against them. Here are a few techniques which can help you remove carpet beetles from your household:

  • Boric Acid – Boric acid is a good measure against any kind of insect. It kills any kind of insect the moment that they come into contact with it without any regard. The best thing about boric acid is that it is practically harmless to human beings to a certain degree so you can dust borax onto your carpets, furniture, rugs and clothing. Be sure to vacuum the boric acid off after about two hours. It isn’t harmful but that does not mean you want to be bathing in borax all your life just because of some insect.

  • Steam Cleaning – Make the extra effort and go buy a steam cleaner. You will be forever grateful. Use a steam cleaner to clean your carpets and rugs because the hot steam kills the carpet beetles and their eggs instantly.

  • Vacuum – Vacuum cleaning helps a lot. Regularly vacuuming around your house can prevent the carpet beetles from increasing in population in the first place but it is also a good measure when you are already facing an infestation. Combined with the borax powder, vacuuming makes for a quite effective carpet beetle removal strategy.

Here’s What Solutions Pest & Lawn Offers For Carpet Beetle Control

To control carpet beetles, Solutions Pest and Lawn recommends using a residual, chemical pesticide such as Tempo SC Ultra to manage infestations. This is a highly effective liquid insecticide and the active ingredient can continue to control bugs for several weeks.

Another great option are aerosol sprays such as PI Pyrethrin Aerosol and EcoPCO ACU Contact Aerosol.can be an effective way to control Carpet beetles, as the active ingredient controls for several weeks. These sprays contain natural ingredients and are safe to use in to home and around pets and children.

Alternatively, using a product made from Diatomaceous earth is another natural solution for Carpet beetle infestations, like Alpine Dust InsecticideDE is a powdery white dust which functions as an insecticide by destroying the insect’s outer protective shell, causing suffocation and dehydration, resulting in death. This is also non-toxic and safe to use and apply around the home.


It is actually that simple. Just act as soon as you see even a single carpet beetle because you do not know when one will multiply into one thousand. These methods are sure to rid you of your problem without you having to spend on a professional exterminator who will make use of chemical pesticides and insecticides and cause your household to be uprooted for the duration of the extermination.


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