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How to Get Rid Of Bugs Outside


The drawback of having a cool rainy weather is the invasion of bugs in your backyard. And by invasion, we mean a full blown attack. Bugs of all sizes and types decide to foray in your yard and the next thing you know; there are bugs everywhere. Bugs around your lights, bugs on your plants, bugs on the outer walls, and bugs on the grass.

It’s like a bug festival happening in your backyard with you being the uninvited guest. And if you are scared of them, you can say farewell to your sleep, because thoughts of crawly, creepy bugs with more legs than preferred just outside  the window is hardly sleep inducing.

And if you made the mistake of throwing a barbeque party in your yard, then be prepared to deal with a bunch of irritated guests and annoyed teenage kids. Wait no, teenage kids are always annoyed.

The point is, if you wish to enjoy something as simple as sitting on your porch without being bitten by two thousand bugs, then learn some methods to get rid of them.

What we need to know about the bugs in our yard

A few bugs here and there in your yard is normal, nothing to worry about. However, lately if your yard has become a major breeding ground for all types of bugs, then it is definitely something to worry about. Mosquitoes, flies, ants, gnats and ladybugs all seen in your yard in great quantity is your yard’s cry for help.

Barbeque party is also a big no, when your yard is swarming with bugs all around.  And these bugs are most likely to double in number during the rainy season, not to mention the maddening fact that ants grow a pair of wings during that time as well.    

How to Get Rid Of Bugs Outside

  • Bulbs

Start the bug cleansing operation by tackling the lights first. Most bugs are highly attracted towards heat and light. Unfortunately, most people want to keep the outside of their house brighter, so they install bulbs of high wattage, little do they know that this is counterproductive to getting rid of bugs.

The hotter and brighter the bulbs, the more they will be favored by bugs. One solution to this problem is installing bulbs away from your home so that lights shine towards your house, but not from your house. If that is not possible, then try installing bulbs that are yellow compact fluorescent lights, because bugs cannot perceive lights of all spectrums, especially those with high wavelengths, like red, yellow and orange.

  • Gutters

Mosquitoes are one of the most active bugs outside of your home. And if they are not controlled in time, they’ll grow in numbers and bite you until you’ll feel like crying. With that in mind, brave the ladder and start cleaning your roof gutters. It is mostly because of the moisture, and stagnant water stored there that  result in mosquitoes all over your yard. In addition, also make sure you keep birdbaths, garden ponds and wading pools clean. Spraying a good residual insecticide around the perimeter of the structure will work miracles for mosquitoes and most other insects.

  • Insecticides

At some point, you’ll need insecticides to get rid of pests and insects living on grass and plants. However, you’ll need to be very careful in your choice of insecticides as they may harm your plants. It is smarter if you go for the ones that are made of natural ingredients and free of toxic chemicals.

  • Trash Cans

Another cesspit of bugs outside of your home is the uncovered and unwashed trash cans. Get rid of old and broken and extremely dirty trash cans if they are beyond all hope. Buy ones that have lids that seal closely. Also, wash your trash cans once every week and sprinkle some borax inside. Do this and the population of flies outside your home will reduce to none.

  • Change the conditions

Most of these bugs thrive in similar conditions with water being a major perpetrator. Naturally when it rains, water is everywhere and so are the bugs. It would be highly effective if you remove as much water as you can.  Another thing that attracts bugs towards the yard is the organic matters and decayed leaves from plants. As long as these things are lying all around you yard, bugs will stay.

  • Repellants

Use repellants frequently, especially the natural kind. Things like Citronella, pine oil, vanilla are very effective in repelling the bugs away. These can either be used separately or repellants that contain all of them can be used as a means of keeping bugs at bay, for good.  Mosquito granules work great to make your backyard area unattractive, low cost and easy to apply.

  • Fill the Cracks

Even when we get rid of bugs, most of the times, the tiny cracks outside the house serve as hideouts for these bugs. Make sure your repellant reaches these tiny cracks.  


Most of the time, we are the ones to blame for the bugs outside our homes, because unknowingly we are the ones who are inviting them. Cleanliness is the key to preventing bugs from outside your house. This cleanliness can be anything from clipping grass, to raking the dried leaves to cleansing the roof gutters and not overly watering the plants. If the soil has drainage problem, amend that too.

Apply a perimeter application of insecticide, 3 feet up and 3 ft out from the structure, all entry points, around windows and door frames, to treat your house like a professional. Read more about how to apply  a residual perimeter application.

You can also prevent a bug infestation by keeping trash cans sealed and cleaning them occasionally.   



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