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How to Get Rid of Bugs In The House

If you can hear a squeak or a chirp in the middle of the night, your home is probably shared by pests. Common household pests crawl, run and fly on your food and probably on your toothbrush. How gross is that? Timely actions are necessary in order to keep your home to yourself and avoid getting sick from the many diseases that they carry.

Generally, people who feel that their home is infested by pests opt for chemicals. You don’t always have to debug your home with harmful chemicals and risk your health. These chemicals are harsh and poisonous but in case the situation goes out of hand, you will need to use them.

You can always opt for more natural ways to keep these bugs out of your home. Methods that do not involve using harmful chemicals in large quantities can help you debug your home and save the environment while doing that. Let’s take a look at them one-by-one.

Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean

Keeping your kitchen and dining area clean is essential for bug control. Make sure that you clean your dishes before calling it a night. Sweeping the floors, especially under the dining table and chairs helps in keeping the bugs away. Any food crumbs left outside will be in invitation for bugs and even rodents like rats and mice.

The sticky areas under the stove and the ovens are an invitation for roaches and flies to infest and breed. They will make home anywhere they find a little food and shelter. Cleaning thoroughly helps in keeping these bugs away.

Keeping leftover food in the fridge will keep your food safe from bugs at night. Household bugs look for food all night long and if you leave anything in the open, they tend to contaminate. Make sure you keep recycling old newspapers and cardboard boxes. Rodents love to make home in such cozy material and breed at a surprisingly alarming rate.

Keep Your Home Dry

Water left anywhere will be an invitation for flies and cockroaches. You must make sure that no water if left still anywhere. Drain all excess water as soon as you are done with the dishes and do not let water sit anywhere in your garage or porch. Flying insects like mosquitoes and flies immediately infest in the water and lay eggs.

If you have any leaking drains in the kitchen or the bathroom, make sure to get them fixed immediately. Check for areas under the sink and make sure they are clean. Since this area is dark, it is an attraction for insects to build their nest. Roaches, flies, mosquitoes and ticks can build their nests there and the number will grow if you don’t tend to it soon.

The worst thing about household pests is that they grow really fast! All kinds will lay 200 to 300 eggs at once. Getting to all of them at once is not possible. It takes time to finally get rid of them and wipe out the entire generation. Tending to it at an early stage will save you the trouble and expenses you might incur later on.

Fix What’s Broken

You saw those cracks and holes but did not fix them? Now is the time to do that. Cracks and holes are an open invitation for rodents like mice and rats to come in your home and infest. They breed and multiply and won’t leave your home until you treat the problem thoroughly.

Make sure that you patch up all holes in the doors and windows. Caulk up all cracks in the boards for creating a barrier between your home and the pests. When you store up firewood make sure you do that on a dry surface away from your home. A pile of wood is an attraction and bugs make home in them immediately.

Identify Your Pests

Make sure you know what you are dealing with. Different pests stray in your home ranging from mice to ticks to cockroaches. You might also find flies infestation and ant homes in the backyard. Wherever you go, these pests tend to follow you into your home and for good reason. Like any other living thing, they look for food and shelter.

There are different methods for dealing with different kinds of pests. If you are facing an infestation of one kind, you can deal with it individually by using methods specific to that bug. As an autonomous method, you can have your home fumigated from a professional.

Calling in a professional has its advantages. A professional knows how to identify and treat an affected area well. They would guide you on how to seal entries to your home and be safe. Fumigation is done by spraying strong chemicals around the home. You might have to leave your home for a day or two for the chemicals to do their job thoroughly.

Equip Yourself With DIY Pest Control Products From Solutions!

If you’d rather go the DIY route of eliminate your bug problem, you can start by equipping yourself with professional quality pesticides which we carry here at Solutions Pest & Lawn. Perhaps the best means of keeping bugs from moving into your home is to create an insecticide barrier. We suggest using Reclaim IT for this. You can also use insecticide granules (like Bifen LP Granules)and spread them around your yard to kill off ants, roaches and plenty of other pests.  Another product, such as Pyrid Aerosol, has a long list of insects it can eliminate on contact (over 70 different common household pests).


Bugs can be a frustrating issue that homeowners want dealt with quickly for comfort and peace of mind. By applying these steps or applying the products we suggested, bugs will want to come nowhere near your home.

For more information or DIY advice, reach out to our experts via email at askapro@solutionsstores.com, call us on the phone at 800-479-6583 or live chat with us online and we’ll be happy to help you out.


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