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How to Get Rid of Brown Recluse Spiders Naturally

From March to October, brown recluse spiders are the most active and can be seen around the house or backyards easily. They are also known as the brown fiddler, fiddle back spider or violin spider, due to their violin marking on their backs! They will usually be hiding out of site, in shoes, clothes on floors, coverall in the garage.

Chances are you might find these spiders a bit shy and nonaggressive at first. Which makes sense; considering the fact that humans do not really turn out to be polite towards them.   People are usually stung not because the brown recluse spider is after us, but because we end os squishing them.  Yes, when you put those shoes, or clothes on then you compress the spider it will usually cause a bite.

But will it surprise you to know that brown recluse spiders are highly poisonous too?

About Brown Recluse Spiders

Brown recluse spiders are poisonous and this makes it highly imperative to do away with them at the earliest. If your house is somewhat infested with these spiders, this can be quite dangerous for the kids playing around too.

The most common reason of these poisonous bites is that these spiders prefer to share the same living room as of yours. While they like to spend time in dark corners and similar areas in the house, they may prefer to reside in areas such as boxes, furniture, and books.  So we accidentally get stung when we are reaching into a box or getting something out of storage.  

These spiders feed on prey which is recently killed or dead insects. However, they are not shy enough to let go of the living insects either. They build irregular but small webs in the places that are commonly out of the way but brown recluse spiders do not rely on these webs to catch the prey. In fact, they prefer to ambush themselves in dark and creep around late night in the dark to search for the unfortunate insect – about to be the prey!

How to get rid of brown recluse spiders

Alleviating brown recluse spiders can be a daunting task especially once they have established their network within a structure. There are huge chances that a house may be infested with hundreds of these creatures at once. This is because; it is sometimes hard to observe them around due to their nocturnal and reclusive habits.

The good news is; there are several ways to put stop to these spiders from entering your house or to kill the ones that are already living there. And some of these natural measures are discussed below.

Block access to your house

Although you may not be able to stop all the brown recluse spiders from actually entering in your home, you can at least try to control the access and to slow down the arrival. For this, your best bet is to walk around your house’s perimeters slowly and with a caulking gun. Fill all the cracks and spaces you find in the foundation. Also, do not leave out any gaps around cables, wires, faucets, conduits or pipes you may come across. Once you are done with the outside then it’s time to target the basement area. However, as you carry out the activity you must remain careful as you may spook any of them, causing them to bite in defense.

Clear the Clutter


Make sure that you keep the clutter to a little as possible, keep things picked up and stored properly.  Keeping shoes off the floor in areas that they are heavy infestations is necessary.  Remember to shake shoes and clothing out before you put them on to prevent being stunk.

Transport them away

Brown recluse spiders search for shelters. Therefore, the best you can do is to remove the excess plants that might be growing around your house such as ivy.   Trim away any excessive plants, remove all items that are being stored up against the house.  This will apply for all pest, not just spiders.

Moreover, if you have any wood piles, rock piles or some other debris that can provide shelter to the spiders for hiding purpose, move them far away from the house. You must do it carefully, and must wear gloves before touching or clearing the areas or items, that are most likely to be infected with these spiders.

Vacuum the space

Another effective and natural way to get rid of brown recluse spiders is to vacuum the space thoroughly. This method of alleviating recluse spiders is, however, a short-term approach and is only effective to get rid of the spiders that have already infested the house. However, a vacuum can still immensely help you in removing the dead insects that might be served as food for the spider’s survival.

Moreover, with a vacuum you can remove the web of brown recluse spiders and also destroy the egg sacs that will eventually increase the number of spiders residing in your house. This is also important to prevent the spiders from forming a nest in the first place.

Take Adequate Safety Measures

Brown recluse spiders are not fond of biting unless they feel threatened, pressed or cornered. Therefore, your first choice is to get rid of them at the earliest, keeping your house safe and sound to move around. And for this, you must choose any of the above listed natural ways.



Spraying a residual insecticide around the exterior perimeter up 3 feet and out 3 feet from structure is recommended if you are not able to get rid of them completely with natural measures. No matter what method you choose to apply, you must take adequate safety tips to avoid the poisonous bites. While different people have different sensitivity levels for these bites, the worst can be as bad as having an open wound of a hand size.   


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