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How to Get Rid of Brown Recluse


About brown recluse

The Brown Recluse is a nocturnal arthropod and is one of the most poisonous spiders you can find in the nation. It is found in central United States of America. The brown recluse has slanted legs. It has six eyes instead of eight like other spiders and have uniformly colored bodies. It hairy all over that makes it seem velvety. The bites of the recluse spiders are highly poisonous. These arachnids tends to hide under or behind manmade material such as; cabinets, cupboard, trashcans, all sort of dark enclose spaces. Hence, the name recluse has been given to the spider.


  1. Cleaning up for the recluse spiders

Theses spiders like to hide in the dark and hide in places where it is difficult to spot them. It is important for you to first make sure your house is clean and clutter free. Vacuum all the areas of the house. Clean up the nooks and crannies of each and every cabinet, cupboards and even the hollow walls, if you detect any cobwebs you will get to know that this is where the spiders live. Pick up all sort of clutter and clean up all the towels and bed spreads and dry them before placing. Keep everything in an organized manner and throw away things you don’t need. Wipe and clean all areas properly using disinfectants. Look for webs spun from silk, usually found behind mirrors and insulations. It uses the web to lay its eggs.  Clean up in all these areas.

Remove all sorts of dirt and clutter from the garden, wood piles, compost leaf piles, barks and stones all should be removed. Clean up the garage, sheds, attic, air ducts and air conditioner ducts. These are few of the places where the recluse spiders like to hide and lay their eggs. Seal all the openings, cracks and crevices. And vacuum them m before sealing it off. Before cleaning and taking all precautions wear gloves and all other protective clothes that will hide every part of your skin.

  1. Taking caution

Avoid catching then when they are in hiding; it usually tends to bite more when they are in their hiding spots. The spider is nocturnal, so catching them during daytime using card boxes or through some other methods will be useful. Keep your home as dry and sunny as possible, it will keep the spiders away. Keep the room bright and sunny. The outdoor lights should be switches off or kept dim as light will attract the insects. Make sure you screen the doors and windows. Shake out your clothes, towel and bedspread before using them. Inspects all items and material before use to ensure there is no presence of spider or eggs. Avoid going bare foot outside your home. Dust and vacuum all areas and keep the pets and children on safe areas.

  1. Wash the spiders out

There are various forms of insecticides comprising of different chemicals and comes in different brands. Solutions Pest & Lawn carries a large selection of different products which can effectively eliminate a brown recluse spider. You have to select the one that is best suitable for your home. The insecticides and chemical are as follows:

CONTACT AEROSOL:  CB 80 and ZENPROX AEROSOL are namely few of the contact aerosols that kill the spiders immediately and leave behind the chemical residue, which continues to affect the remnants of the spider and its eggs. Pyrid Aerosol is also an effective aerosol that kills the spiders and can easily be eliminated.

INSECTICIDE SPRAY:  Suspend SC, Reclaim IT are few of the products used as residual insecticides. It can be sprayed on them directly and sprayed in all other suspected areas where you think spiders might be hiding like, furniture and cabinets.

DUST INSECTICIDES: The residual insecticide will not be enough to eliminate the recluse spider cleaning and dust insecticides will also have to be used.  Clean with proper products and dust with product like, D-Fense Dust. Use hand held dusters to apply the dust in cracks, crevices, ceiling, cabinets and many other favorite hiding places for the recluse spiders. It will last for approximately 6 months. Use the dust in basements and cabinets and before sealing all the cracks as well. DELTA DUST INSECTICIDE AND DRIONE DUST are also residual dust insecticides. Again use a hand duster to blow the dust into switch plates, insulation, tracks and crevices before sealing and closing the entry points.

RESIDENTIAL SPIDER KIT:  Our Solutions Guranteed Spider Kit contains all you need to control any brown recluse spiders on the premises. The products can be used for outdoor areas and for indoor areas, walls, cracks crevices and empty walls etc.

SPOT INSECTICIDES: One of such insecticide is Demon WP it is a liquid residual wettable powder that comes in capsules. Use a gallon sprayer to eliminate the spiders as soon as you spot them. Spray them in all areas the recluse spiders like to hide. This chemical kills the spiders and prevents new ones from infesting your homes.


  1. Itsy bitsy spider climbed up the sticky trap

A glue trap containing insecticides is placed at different locations. The moment the spider crawls onto the trap, it gets stuck and is killed immediately. We suggest using Catchmaster 72MB Glue Board.

  1. Storing your valuables

Keep all items in sealed airtight containers, shoes, linens, clothes, towels and many other such materials. Shake them off before using them.


Recluse spiders are extremely venomous; one single poisonous bite can be lethal. It is important to take all caution and chemical treatments to kill the recluse spiders away. With the help of these product suggestions and DIY tips, you can eliminate this brown recluse before it causes any harm. For more information contact us via phone at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with an expert on our website.

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