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How to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs Permanently

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Just one look at these bugs can scare the pants off of the bravest person. The Boxelder Bugs have been named after the boxelder trees that seem to be their favorite habitat.

Previously isolated in the western states, these bugs have recently extended their populations to the eastern states as well. They can also be found in Canada which has an abundance of Boxelder trees. 

If it is the first time you are seeing one, you have to appreciate the uniqueness and color of the insect. It looks like a piece of an igneous lava rock with legs and two antennae. It is easily identified by the three orange stripes on the back of its thorax region. Other marks include the orange lines that split at the base of its wings in a V formation.

In this article we will discuss some habits and measures that you can take to get rid of Boxelder bugs from your home.

Habits and diet

Although it looks like a dangerous insect, it usually just eats seeds, leaves and flowers. Boxelder bugs are especially attracted to maple and boxelder trees during the summers, but they also occasionally go for plum and apple trees.

How Dangerous is A Boxelder Bug?

The question we’re most often asked is “Do boxelder bugs bite?” The short answer is “No, not unless provoked or annoyed.” If vexed, Boxelder bugs can fly haphazardly to fend off predators and possible threats. If you try to catch one though, they can puncture the skin causing irritation and producing a mark similar to a mosquito’s bite.

Breeding life cycles

Boxelder bugs usually breed during the summer months when they lay their eggs. The eggs are reddish brown and it takes just a few days for the nymphs to hatch. They mature fast and the breeding process begins all over again. If Boxelder bugs enter the vicinity, it is important to get rid of them promptly before they have a chance to breed and spread. It can be a giant nuisance to get rid of a colony of these insects.

They enter homes during the winters looking for warmth. They will usually stick to the outer walls or stay near the windows for warmth. In summer, they can be found on tree barks and under rocks, places that get the most sunlight.

Boxelder bugs enter homes through the cracks and crevices in the walls and doors and usually just hibernate in those holes. Some might find their way to the inside of the house and that’s when the problem begins. They can defecate around the house and leave pink stains on curtains, drapes, bed sheets and clothes. If that doesn’t deter you, this will, because you do not want to have one in bed with you.


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3 ways to get rid of Boxelder Bugs permanently

There is no need to get your hands and shoes dirty when it comes to getting rid of boxelder bugs but you do need to act fast if you see one. Sighting one of these usually means there are more coming, and you need to bring out the big guns.

Aerosol insecticides – Bug sprays are the most effective way to target large numbers of boxelder bugs and kill them instantly. Bug sprays have a long lasting effect and the only downside is that they can be poisonous for your pets, children and yourself. Excessive use of bug sprays can cause health and respiratory problems such as asthma. Our top aerosol recommendation to kill boxelder bugs? Pyrid Aerosol.

Residual insecticides - Although they are not as quick acting and effective as their aerosol counterparts, residual insecticides can get the job done fairly quickly. Just place them near the colony or where you have noticed more bug activity and soon your bug problem will be dealt with. The downside with residual insecticides is that you need to keep track of where you placed them. If one area seems to be busier than another, it’s probably best to focus on the busy area. You need to place abundant amounts and also prevent pets and children from swallowing them accidentally. Reclaim IT Insecticide is our top recommended residual insecticide for targeting boxelder bugs.

Vacuuming:The old-fashioned way – Plug in that vacuum and grab a broom. It’s time to get rid of these bugs once and for all. A powerful vacuum can be a quick way to catch these bugs, wrap them up in garbage bags and throw them out. Make sure they to throw the bag at least 3 miles away from your place to stop them from returning. The biggest advantage to using a vacuum is that you can get the bugs that hide in the holes in the walls. It is a big mistake to kill them in the hole because the decaying bodies will attract more insects and bacteria. We have a quality selection of vacuums that you can choose from on our online store.

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If this is a common occurrence then you have to consider prevention tactics instead. Here are some suggestions you might want to implement to make your home bug free:

  • * Seal the holes in the windows, walls and doors with silicone or cover them with a wire mesh

  • * Get rid of seed producing trees such as boxelder, maple, plum and apple that seem to attract these type of bugs

  • * Focus on the southwest exterior walls that store heat which attracts these bugs. Spray the walls before winters

Get Professional DIY Products from Solutions to Control Boxelder Bugs

Solutions Pest & Lawn is your home for professional pest control products that you can easily use yourself! We have products to tackle any pest control problem big or small, including a boxelder bug infestation.

Use Reclaim IT Insecticide and Pyrid Aerosol for a quick contact kill. These products also have a long lasting residual and will be able to spread over the bugs which enhances the overall result. Make sure to aside from spraying low cracks and crevices to spray high up your home, preferably around the roof line, and then around windows, doors, shutters, etc. Boxelder bugs love light fixtures and will find any crack or crevice so make sure that you have sprayed everywhere to get them all.

Outdoors any plant or inanimate object you see them accumulating on should be sprayed too. This will reduce the active bugs in the yard wanting to nest in and around your home. By reducing these numbers you are reducing the amount that could find their way inside.

Dusts like Alpine Dust Insecticide or D-Fense Dust are also excellent options for treating boxelder bugs


We hope this guide can help you in your quest to get rid of boxelder bugs permanently from your property. If you have any questions about an order or would like helpful DIY advice, feel free to call us at our number (800) 479-6583 and one of our experienced representatives will be happy to assist you.

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How do you get rid of boxelder bugs?

With our easy to follow 4 Step Process, anyone can get rid of boxelder bugs.


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