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How To Get Rid of Bore Bees


About bore bees

Bore bees are actually another name for the carpenter bees as it has the habit of boring holes into wooden surfaces and walls to form nest and colonies and even gather food. Bore bees chews off the wood chips from furniture, wooden panels and even walls and bore a deep hole until it form tunnels and chambers for the whole colony to live in. The extensive drilling of holes causes structural damage and weakens the base and the core of the building’s foundation and not to mention stains of fecal matter further cause contamination.


  1. Taping the bore bees

You will need white gopher tape with god quality of adhesiveness; it should be very stick for example Nashua 557.  Cut 3 inches of tapes in to 2 pieces to cove the burrowed holes. Cover the hole using both the tapes one on top of each other. The bore bee will soon start to drill a hole into the tape and only the front nose will come out. The fur will get stuck to the tape and the wood bee will get trapped as the size of the hole is not big enough for the carpenter bees to come out. The bee will get stuck and will not be to entangle itself. The bore bees can then be discarded. Dust insecticide should be applied alonmg with spray in the hole and fill the hole with wood putty. Paint a coat of weather stripping wall for protection of re-infestation of the carpenter bees.

  1. Entrapping the bore bees

The carpenter bee trap resembles somewhat a like farm bee hive. Place it near the swarm of bore bees have been spotted and leave it. Once the bees go inside it cannot come back. Dispose it off once the bees are trapped.

To build a wooden trap you will need plastic bottles, wooden blocks, drilling machine, hammer, markers and nails. Use a marker to make a small hole almost the size of a nickel. Drill a hole half way through. Repeat for another hole. The holes are now drilled from the narrow side of the wooden block at a 90 degrees angle. Drill a much deeper hole into the block. Make another trap hole and connect it to the first entrance hole. Plug in the mouth of the bottle into the hole of the wooden block. Repeat the same for the second hole. Hammer nails or use metal wire hanger to hang the trap. Hang it where the bore bees are nesting soon the bees will enter the bottles and get trapped and will not be able to come out. It can then be disposed off.

  1. Chemical treatment for the bore bees

Read the instructions and directions carefully of the chemical being used. Wear the protective clothing gears. Use a time to apply when the bees are least active. Apply dust insecticide and some chemical spray. Use a pump sprayer to spray chemical in the holes.  Use hand duster to blow dust insecticides into the hole. Apply wood putty or other material to cover the burrowed hole and paints it with thick coat of varnish and weather stripping and polyurethane paint. The wall will be protected from being damaged by the wood bees.

At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we have a number of items that are perfect for controlling Bore bees or carpenter bees. Few of the examples are Demon WPFenva Star cap as well as Firponil Foaming Aerosol. Plugs can also be used to stuff the hole.

Raid is also recommended as a contact aerosol spray for eradicating the bore bees. Use an appropriate nozzle and spray the bottle into the hole.  The carpenter bees nest will be eradicated

  1. Vacuuming the bore bees

Use a vacuum cleaner to suck in all the bees and eggs out of the colonies and nest hole to remove the wood bees or carpenter bees. Sucking out the eggs and bees will be helpful in at least minimizing the infestation.

  1. Using steel wool wire

Take out the woven steel wire soak it in vinegar and fill it deep into the wood. Borax can also be sprinkled over the wood. The bees will be trapped and the ones outside will not be able to get in.

  1. Building a strong structure

Such damage caused by bore or carpenter bees can be avoided if strong hard wood with treated lumber and paint it with polyurethane paint and apply a coat of varnish. All these measures will be costly but will save you immense amount of damage and costly expenditures. Like they say stitch in time saves nine.

Final thoughts

Bore bees are known by various alias names such as wood bee or carpenter bee and can cause extensive damage . These bees  must be dealt with immediately as soon as the problem has been identified. You wouldn’t really want the roof to fall over you just because you thought the bee are harmless. So make sure you eradicate them before it gets too late.

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