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How To Get Rid of Black Widow 


Black and red. These two vibrant and bold colors are the last thing you want to see on an insect. The level of danger increases tenfold if that insect is a spider. This is because that’s the color of a black widow spider. These are one of the deadliest insects in the world. They grow to about the size of a pea, the female ones. The female ones are larger than the males, almost more than double the size. These females spare no one, absolutely no one. So much so that even after mating, they eat their mates if they aren’t able to escape them in time. So what more do you need to know about these mini-beasts.

About Black Widow Spiders

It is the most venomous spider found in all of North America. It can be found in all US states except for Alaska, so if you live there, you’re safe. They’re commonly found in more temperate regions. So they are even found in Australia.

These spiders generally prefer to live in cool and dark places such as attics, garages and basements. By nature, this spider is pretty shy and rarely comes in contact with humans.

The males are smaller and nothing special to look at, except that they are golden brown in color. The females bear an emblem that warns of their poisonous ability, a red hourglass that can be found on their bulbous abdomen. They are capable of making large webs and trapping their prey in it injecting them with digestive enzymes and use their fangs to drink up the insect soup left behind after digestion completes. They’re more than happy to be left alone, in fact they prefer it, until mating season arrives.

The venom from a black widow spider is supposedly 15 times more powerful than that of a rattlesnake’s. If you’re unfortunate enough for them to bite you, the bites cause nausea, muscle aches and spasms. It can paralyze the diaphragm and make it harder to breathe. However contrary to the popular belief, you won’t die from the venom itself. People don’t suffer serious damage from the bite. Although, bites may be fatal to children and elderly people.

It’s pretty rare to die from a bite, and they only bite in self-defense as they are shy creatures. If you’re unlucky enough to sit or step on one, you’ll be in for a really painful bite. The nest has a cocoon that hold potentially hundreds of eggs that themselves contain hundreds of baby spiders. They usually feed on flies, mosquitos, beetles, caterpillars and grasshoppers.

So how do you get rid of these spiders once you see one around your house?

Get Rid of Black Widow Spiders

  1. Mint Does Away with Black Widows

Growing mint plants in your garden can be a great way to deter Black Widows from settingup shop in your home. Essential oils such as peppermint, citronella, lavender and cinnamon also have the same effect as spiders hate the smell of this. Spray it in areas where you suspect the spiders to be but take protective clothing to prevent nasty bites.

  1. Exclude Them from Entry Into Your house

These spiders usually enter your home from the outside wilderness. Exposed openings like cracks, crevices and holes in the outside of your house can leave it vulnerable to a black widow infestation. So go on a mission to

  1. Insecticide Dust

These dusts work really well with basements, attics and crawl spaces. Delta Dust insecticide and Drione Dust and other such insecticide dust uses deltamethrin, piperonyl butoxide and amorphous silica gelto get rid of the Black widow spiders effectively. If you want to go for more natural options, you can use plant-based insecticides (hexa-hydroxyls). Sprinkle the pesticide in their hiding areas but be sure to have protective clothes on.

  1. A Squishy Mess

Since black widows come out at night, wear new booths with thick reinforcements to prevent any bites and go out to kill them. Use a flat ended stick to squish the spider good. Don’t leave any doubts because if you do, the spider will not miss a chance to bite. If you manage to let the spider drop to the floor, squish it once and for all.

  1. Sprays to Kill On Contact

A non-residual aerosol spray like 565 XLO can be good to kill off the black widows when you have them in your sights. They kill the bugs in no time with the active ingredient: pyrethrins.

Preventing an Infestation of Black Widows

Be clear of any bites from black widow spiders. The best way to do this is to keep your garage, attics, basements and any vacant rooms in your house, free of clutter. You never know in which corner a black widow spider may be lurking. Hiding spots need to be removed and the bet of these are behind cluttered areas.

Areas where you can see the spider web should be dealt with carefully. Don’t directly put your hands or feet in that area. Get some heavy rubber gloves reinforced with lagging when removing the things that were stored away for a long time. If you have shoes there, shake them properly to get rid of anything that might be inside them. They might be harboring a black widow.

Outdoor storage of firewood should be done at least 20 feet from the house and 5 inches higher than ground level to keep from back widows making a home in it. Prevention is definitely better than looking for a cure for a black widow spider bite.

Solutions Pest & Lawn Has Black Widow Control Products!

To get rid of black widows, look no further than Solutions Pest & Lawn for the best in professional DIY products. Indoors, we recommend treating all your baseboards, around windows and doorways and any other crack or crevices where you think black widow spiders might be entering or hiding with an insecticide aerosol spray like Phantom Aerosol with a good residual or an insecticide dust like D-Fense Dust.

Outdoors, we suggest using a combination of insecticide granules and spray concentrate like Cyonara 9.7 Insecticide.


A black widow spider may be an intimidating spider to encounter in or around your home so make sure you come prepared. With the help of our tips and product recommendations, you will be. For more information or questions regarding your order as well as helpful DIY pest control advice, give us a call, chat with us online or email us. We are always standing by and are happy to help.


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