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How to Get Rid of Black Ants In the House 


A single black ant? Not a problem at all.

Even two of them is not a reason to panic.

Then why are we looking for ways to eliminate them? Because unfortunately, these ants are communists. They don’t travel in ones and twos. When they come, they come with the whole colony on their back.

And a whole colony of black ants living in your house is most definitely a reason to panic. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Many would say they are harmless but when you see them crawling all over you freshly made pizza, harmless is the last name you’d give them.

Black ants can take over your kitchen, your pantry, even your refrigerator. Since they are tiny, they get through any obstacle and love to devour your food supply.

As soon as you catch sight of some black ants salivating over your leftover food, it’s high time you took matters into you own hands. But first, let’s see what these black ants are capable of.

What We Need to Know About Black Ants

The actual name of black ants is little black Ants or Monomorium minimum. As we mentioned before, these little vermin are always found in great, great numbers and they are not picky about their surroundings either. They can be found anywhere, but mostly favor living in yards. But don’t let that fool you. If you don’t have a yard, they’ll still invade your homes.

Back to their population, when we say little balck ants are found in great numbers, we are talking huge digits here. One nest population of little balck ants consist of at least 2.000 ants at a time. And that’s enough to drive anyone to the edge.

But let’s not lose hope just yet. If these little black ants are Monomorium Minimum, then we are Homo Sapiens and have some smart tricks up our sleeves.

Let’s see what they are:

Methods to Get Rid of Black Ants from The House

  1. Alpine PT Insecticide Aerosol

This spray is most efficient in killing several black ants at once. The pressurized formula offers less risky yet effective option for killing crawling and flying pests in the house. It is one of the handiest things to keep in the house at all times. As soon as you spot ants in the house, you won’t have to stop to mix and dilute the solution. This ready to use spray will do the job much faster.

  1. Temprid Ready Spray

The Temorid Ready is another life saver. This spray is double trouble for the black Ants with its two ingredients, 0.025% of Beta-Cyfluthrin and 0.05% of Imidacloprid. This ready spray is so effective that it will reduce the ant population right in front of your eyes. Just seconds after spraying, the Temprid Ready begins its magic. Its sleek and slim nozzle allows access to the trickiest hideaways of the ants and kills them in their hiding places. You can even use injector tubes to reach inside the narrowest cracks in the house.

  1. Ant-Trax Ant Gel Bait

Bait the little black ants in your house using this potent gel bait.The Ant-Trax actually takes care of all kinds of ant, and some pests too. This insecticide is tried and tested, and comes with a 100% guarantee of ant elimination. This insecticide comes with gel bait comes with syringes so that you can insert it in the smallest corners and leave the gel inside. Also, find out the nesting places of these ants and only then spread this bait around. Let the ants eat them and don’t bother them when they are returning to home base. Since they are communists, ants will take this poison–albeit unknowingly–and share it with others.

Preventing Little Black Ants from Entering Our Homes

Once you have gotten rid of the ant population from your home, you’ll need to take preventive measures or they’ll come back as if they had never left. Here’s what you can do:

  • Do not leave the dishes unwashed in the sink. Tiniest bit of food traces attracts the little black Ants and they don’t hold any punches when it comes to devouring food. Make sure you wash or at least rinse your dishes properly before sleeping.Must vacuum your house, regularly if pets and kids are in the house. Vacuuming will ensure that all the food crumbs are picked up from the floor. You must occasionally mop the floor too in order to remove any food odor or sticky juices.

  • If you are throwing something edible in the trashcan, or even used bottles, wash them or seal them properly.

  • Don’t leave your food uncovered. Use jars with lids to store leftover food.

  • Take care of moisture in the house. Leaky faucets, broken pipes and other breakage must also be mended to block the passage for little black ants.

  • Since yards are where most black ants are found, the Nitrophos Imperial Lawn Fertilizer works its magic by benefitting the lawn grass. The 2% iron and 15% sulfur makes sure that when the ant run, the leave greener grass in their wake. The residual of this fertilizer is minimum too so that the yard remains safe, but not the ants.

  • And last, but certainly not the least, seal all the cracks and crevices in the house using caulks.

With the aforementioned methods and preventive measures, you’ll be able to get rid of black ants from your house in no time.  For more helpful DIY pest control advice, log onto our website to start a live chat, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or give us a phone call at 800-479-6583.

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