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How to Get Rid Of Bird Mites

Been having serious itching fits lately? Its time you learned about the “5 W’s” of bird mites.

Who… Bird mites are usually a part of those households that have bird nests outside their windows and in their home. You might also have them if you bought used furniture that was already infested and if you raise chickens.

What… They are small creepy crawlies, resembling bed bugs that bite and live on blood.

Where… They usually hide in bedrooms, furniture, carpet, clothing, etc

When… They come out at dusk for feeding and go back to their hiding place before dawn.

Why… Bird mites usually infest a household when their food supply finishes and they are hunting for something new. They can be quite aggressive and their bite takes longer to heal as compared to bed bugs.

About Bird Mites

bird mite is a small insect that is a parasitic infection normally found in a birds nest. Just like bed bugs, these buggers can enter your house and can make a nest in the smallest of spaces, where it is hard to spot them. After feeding, they hide in crevices and cracks away from light.

After mating, they lay hundreds of eggs and create a nest. They are grayish in color and turn a red color after engorged with blood. Since they need blood to reproduce, without a food source, they usually die in 3 weeks. However, once a house is infested with bird mites, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of them. This is why, you need to take extra precaution when it comes protecting your house from these creepy crawlies.

Steps to Get Rid of Bird Mites

Bird mites can attach themselves on any surface. Cleaning their nest can be a health hazard because they can get inside your ear, nose, and mouth.

Here are a few tips on how to get rid of bird mites:

Step #1: Identify the Nest

How does one know they have bird mites?

You wake up in the middle of the night scratching your leg and soon there are red bumps all over it.

You are sitting on your couch, watching a move and you feel this sharp pain after a few minutes and find the same red bump on your arm.

Your toddler is crawling on the carpet and after a while he starts crying. Upon closer inspection, you see the same red bump… again!

You don’t need any more signs because you do have bird mites. Now, how to find the nest?

Look around your windows and see if there’s a bird’s nest on the branch that is touching your home. That’s just the entry point. Don’t spot one? Here are some other places you need to inspect:

  • Cavities in walls

  • Roof spaces

  • Porches

  • Basement and foundation

  • Window ledges

Step #2: Vacuum and Freeze

Alright, this might seem a little farfetched but just read a little further. Once you have identified the nest, it’s time to clean up. For this, a handheld vacuum with a replaceable dust bag will come quite in handy. When you have vacuumed all the bird mites, immediately take out the dust bag, wrap this bag tightly in a plastic bag and place it in a freezer. This will kill the mites instantly and then you can throw them in the bin.

Step #3: Disinfecting Your Belongings

Since it’s possible that the mites have created a nest in your closet or linens, you need to wash everything and by everything we mean Every. Single. Thing.

Wash all your clothes with hot water and use a large lint roller on all the sheets. You can use Bounce and a mite repellant. You can even pour it in shoes to kill them instantly.

Step #4: Sealing

There are too many open surfaces in your house that can be great entry points for bird mites. Holes in the wall, open spaces beneath doors, cracked windows, loose floorboards, etc. All these places make for great nests. Once they settle inside, it’s impossible to reach these places and clean them. After dousing these places with a pest repellant spray and then following the above steps, you need to seal these entry points.

Fill the holes in the walls with caulk and install fresh weather stripping to seal the door. Replace any widows with cracks and before opening them, make sure there are no tree branches with bird nests on them.

If the branches are touching the house’s façade, then get them cut down immediately. Replace loose floorboards and make sure there’s no moisture underneath it.

Remember, before performing any of the above steps, wear gloves and a surgical mask to protect yourself from any kind of infection. You have no idea how many months or years’ old dust and god knows what else, the place has been accumulating.

If you find yourself hesitating even for a second, then it’s better to call an exterminator because once you disturb the mites, you can’t leave the cleaning in the middle. They will crawl out of their hiding place as if on wheels and quickly dart into crevices that are hard to reach. Follow these 4 steps and you will surely be able to get rid of bird mites easily, though it might take a while.

Solutions Can Help You With Bird Mite Control

You can clean and sanitize all you want and bird mites may still not leave. This is when it’s necessary to break out some high quality pest control products. Bird mite control can be successful either through the use of a broad-spectrum pesticide such as Sterifab or Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Killer. You can also use natural means of pest elimination by using Diatomaceous Earth(Alpine Dust Insecticide) or one of our other natural products. Make sure to evenly apply it over a wide area to give you the best chance of getting rid of all the Bird Mites that are taking infesting your home.


Bird mites can be an itchy irritation for you and your pets but with the help of our tips above and our high quality control product recommendations, your home can be free of bird mites. For more information or DIY advice, reach out to our experts via email at askapro@solutionsstores.com, call us on the phone at 800-479-6583 or live chat with us online and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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