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How to Get Rid of Beetle Larvae


Nobody wants a pest or insect infestation in the house and beetle larvae is certainly one of those pesky insects that you should get rid of as soon as possible if you find it lurking and crawling about your home. Since larvae are the eggs of insects, you need to get to their source first, i.e. the beetles. Once you kill the beetles then there would be no larvae anywhere in your house. Having an insect infestation such as beetles reflects poorly on the sanitary and hygiene conditions of the house.

What are beetle larvae?

Beetle larvae are the eggs laid by the beetles. Beetles are winged insects from the Endopterygota family. Their wings are hardened and they feed on just about everything they can find. Consider them as the rodents of the insect world as they like to chew on all kinds of surfaces whether they are hard or soft food or inedible. There are over 300,000 species of beetles in the world and they vary in shape, size and behavior according to the region they belong to. The most common types found are the carpet beetles. They will eat just about anything in your house and are such a nuisance. They will eat your socks, clothes, carpet fibers, furniture, you name it and it has its teeny tiny teeth on it to chew it away.

How to get rid of beetle larvae

As mentioned earlier, beetle larvae can only be prevented if you get rid of the main source. You have to kill the beetles first so that they don’t breed and populate your house. The worst thing about them is that they are quick breeders and before you know it, their larvae will be spread all over your home so you have to act real fast!

Here are the things that you need to do get rid of them:

  • Find the source of the beetles

To kill the beetle larvae, you need to find out where the beetles are coming from. This would be quite easy to find out due to some very obvious signs such as your clothes being ripped from places or the fibers of the curtains or carpets sticking out as if they were torn. Holes in socks or shirts are a common sign of beetle infestation so you might want to throw the clothes are already ruined and send the rest of the clothes for dry cleaning so that they are killed off instantly by the heat.

  • Vacuum

To ensure the carpet is free from beetles and their larvae, you need to vacuum it properly and ensure that every part of the carpet is covered. Also check out under the carpet and rugs and vacuum it upside down to ensure maximum cleaning.

Include sofas and sofa covers in your vacuuming session and clean up any nook and cranny that might have a fabric or fiber based texture.

  • Inspection

For other surfaces such as hardwood floors or furniture, you need to use antibacterial wipes and thoroughly clean them. Check out old cartons and storage boxes in your attic, basement and garage for any beetle infestation as well.

  • Boric acid

This is great stuff if you want to kill off any beetles and their larvae instantly. Simply dust the boric acid on the surfaces where you see or even suspect a beetle infestation. The best thing about boric acid is that it is safe for humans so if you come into contact with it you are not under any harm.  You can use them anywhere around the house and rest assured the beetles will be dead in no time. In other words, they will literally and figuratively bite the dust. To get some head over to solutionstores.com and order one to solve your beetle larvae problems.

  • Beetle traps

If dusting boric acid around the house is not enough then you can always get a beetle trap and kill them all in matter of a day or two. A beetle trap is the perfect way to get rid of the pesky bugs from your house. Just place the trap near the areas where the beetles have shown their infestation signs and it will lure them right into their destruction. The scent the traps give off makes them come and then they are coated with a deadly oil like substance that makes it hard for them to escape and eventually they die off. No more beetles = no more beetle larvae!

How to prevent beetle larvae

You can eliminate the beetle infestation through the following:

  • Going Synthetic

The best way to prevent beetles and their larvae from infesting your house is to use synthetic products. Beetles like to chew mostly on organic things such as wood, cotton, silk, wool etc that is why you will notice them on your carpets, curtains, clothes and furniture mostly. So to avoid that, use synthetic material more for your home furnishing.

  • Regular cleaning

It is impossible to have everything synthetic in your house so in order to prevent beetles from chewing on your precious furnishings; you need to ensure regular cleaning on a daily basis. Vacuuming, laundry, spring cleaning, fumigation etc. all play a huge role in preventing these annoying bugs in your house.  They love to live in cold and dark places so have ample of sunlight come inside your attics or basements and dispose off old storage boxes and their contents if you don’t need them.


If you follow all of these methods you can rest assured that there would be no beetle larvae in your home ever again. For more helpful DIY pest control advice, call us at 800-479-6583, shoot us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com or start a live chat with us by clicking the appropriate link on the left side of our website.

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