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How to Get Rid of Bees In The House


Bees are usually represented as cute honey producing flying insects that hover around plants and flowers or are busy making their honey in hives but they certainly don’t look cute and friendly if they come inside your home and buzz about your ears rendering you annoyed and running for cover to protect yourself from any stings. But you have to be careful and not just brush off one bee flying into your living space because if there is one then there will be a whole swarm of bees nearby or will be created soon enough.

What are bees?

Bees are one of the most popular and common flying insects found in the world and they are present in almost every continent. They belong to the family of Apoidea and are closely related to wasps and hornets. There are around 20,000 species of bees all over the world and they vary according to every region. The most common types of bees that people encounter are honey bees and bumble bees. Bees are considered very important for the pollination of flowers and other plants therefore they play an important role in the Earth’s natural ecosystem. But they don’t play any significant role your house besides annoying you or stinging you if they feel threatened so you might as well get with the program and eliminate them from your house.

Bees make nest and you should never attempt to remove their nests on your own especially if you have no protective gear on. It is a natural defense mechanism for them to sting if they feel their home is being threatened by an external force. If you so as much as to touch or shake their nest then all of them will come flying at you and before you know it, your whole body will be full of stings.

Why you need to get rid of bees in your house

As if stinging was not the only thing, bees also aggravate allergies in people.  People who suffer from hay fever or pollen allergy can be at serious risk because bees are usually carrying pollen on them. In some cases hay fever can be aggravated so much that it can pose a danger to one’s life. So if you or anyone in your family has pollen allergies then get rid of bees as soon as you see them because they will spread pollen in the air inside your house.

Get to the source

Bees tend to build their nests in quiet places so you can find them in attics, basements or under the beams of the roof. If you see bees in large amounts flying about in your yard or a group of them lurking about in your home then it is a sure sign that there is a nest nearby and you need to locate is as soon as possible.

Once you have detected the nest it is time for action:

Protective gear

If you are attempting to remove the beehive yourself, it is imperative that you first get a protective covering to prevent any stings on your body. A full body suit such as this one from Solutions Pest & Lawn is the perfect way to do so. You might look like an astronaut but it will surely protect you from that large swarm of angry bees coming your way.

Boiling water

If you want an easy method of getting rid of a bees nest then just throw a bucket full of hot or boiling water at their nest. They will instantly burn and their nest will melt away in a matter of minutes.


The best way to instantly kill off the bees and eliminate the nest is to spray it with a strong insecticide such Drione Dust and you will see that the nest just melts in a matter of minutes. The best time to do this is at night because that is when the bees are asleep and they don’t easily get into their defensive mode then. Attacking them when they least expect is surely going to kill all of them in an instant.

Bee/wasp freezing aerosols

Another way to effectively get rid of these bees is to spray them with a freezing aerosol such as Wasp Freeze. The spray has insecticide that blocks their pheromones from being released and they can’t sting you. It is best to use this spray outside and spray it on them with a distance of 6-15 feet.

Handheld pesticide duster

Dusting some pesticide on the bees is a good way to get rid of them quickly and easily. Solutions has a great handheld duster you can order here and pour it generously on the bee nest in the evening or at night.

How to prevent bees from coming inside your house

The only way to prevent bees form coming inside your house is to ensure that your backyard or garden is a bee-free zone.

  • You have to ensure that you use insecticide regularly in your garden especially if you have flowers and other plants because they are their natural attractants.

  • Have a mesh or net fitted on your windows and front door so that the bees or any other flying insect doesn’t sneak inside.

  • Don’t keep flower pots on any window sill and leave the window open.

  • Plant bee repelling plants in your garden to steer them away such as mint or lavender, basil and marigold.

  • Use insect repellent spray inside your home as well every week to ensure your home.

If you follow the above mentioned methods, rest assured your house will be free from any bees. For more helpful DIY pest control advice, call us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or you can start a live chat with us by clicking the appropriate button on the left side of our website.

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