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How to Get Rid of Bees in the Ground


About bees

Bees are insects that gather pollen and suck nectar from the flowers and use it for making honey. Usually, the bees have a queen that lays eggs while the rest of the bees have different roles assigned to them. The female bee has stingers that are used to attack predators. It usually stings when it feels threatened or provoked. It builds nets in different forms; it can form colonies on fields and on the ground with its nest burrowed inside. The bees that usually form nest in the ground are called ground-nesting bees. More than 70 percent of the bees make its nest in the ground. You will conical shaped nest in the ground with open burrowed holes in your yard. The ground nesting bees are most commonly found in North America. Bumble bees and yellow jackets also called the ground bees form its nest in the ground.

Damage cause by ground nesting

If the bees build its nest on the ground it caused difficulty in using your lawn to as there is fear of being stung by a bee. In addition, it becomes difficult for you to plant any trees if the nest is already present. The bees may try to enter your home as well. This can cause nuisance and infestation inside your home. The building of tunnels inside to build colonies can damage the quality of the soil affect the growth of other soil as well. The sting can cause your skin to swell and hurt. If you are allergic to the sting of a bee you will throat constriction and it will be lethal for you.

Solutions for eradicating the ground nesting bees

  1. Watering the soil effectively

Bees that build its nest in the ground prefer dry sandy soil. If you water the soil in your yard regularly and make sure to use proper compost and fertilizer the bees will not find your yard or the surface appealing to build a nest. So, use a water hose and water your yard daily and keep the soil of your yard moist.

  1. Covering the whole yard with greenery

Bees like to make nest in empty soil patches where there is no green and surface is dry and open. Make sure to sow some seeds while landscaping your yard. You can add foliage or mulches for the empty soil patches that will keep the bees away from the empty patch.

  1. Searching for ground nest and bees

Look outside for conical shaped holes with piles of sand outside the nest and bees coming in and out of the holes. If you observe any burrowed holes in the ground and bees in the nest it means you have infestation of bees in the ground.

  1. Removing the nest

Wear protective clothing before eradicating the nest, wear the proper bee suit or make sure you are completed covered from head to toe. If you are wearing a cap make sure to wear a net over your face to protect it from sting. It is always better to remove the nest during night time. Use a flash light and a red cellophane paper it affects the sight of the bees. You can eradicate the nest by adding tarp or applying dust insecticide. The nest can be dug out when it’s empty and covered with sod to prevent re-infestaion.

  1. Sealing the nest

Cover the nest with tarps stretch it from every direction and place large stones and bricks over the tarps to weigh it down. The bees will be unable to escape its nest. Without food, light or air it will die and the whole colony will be eliminated.

  1. Using insecticides

Solutions Pest & Lawn has a variety of professional quality insecticides that can tackle the problem of ground bees. Here are a few of our suggestions:

PYRETHRIN DUST:  Use dust insecticide to exterminate the bees in the ground. One of the recommended products is DRIONE DUST sprinkle it into the nest and plug or cover up the nest hole to make sure the bees doesn’t rebuild or excavate its nest in these locations.

LIQUID INSECTICIDE:  Spray plenty of chemicals spray chemicals like, WASP FREEZE, MARTIN’s WIPER, NUVAN AEROSOL SPRAY, use these chemicals in the nest while the bees are resting. It will eliminate all the ground bees and make sure to get rid of them you must plug or cover all the holes after using such chemicals.

Sprinkle as much chemical as you can to make sure the colonies of the ground bees are eradicated.

  1. Raking the soil

After applying liquid insecticides use a rake or a hoe over the soil to destroy as many tunnels as you can. Sprinkle dust insecticide or aerosol on the bees swarming around the nest. The dust will stick to its hair or ingest the insecticides and get killed. Cover the ground with mulch, foliage and so. After 2 weeks-plant, something over the empty patch to make sure the bees do not try to make nest again.

Bees and Ground nesting

Make sure you maintain your yard by watering your soil and keeping the whole surface of the lawn covered with plantation or some kind of greenery. Such preventive measures will keep the bees from building nest on the surface of your yard.  Use insecticides with precaution if you do face bees nesting in the ground of your lawn.


We hope that with the help of your DIY tips and product suggestions, you can successfully eliminate your ground bee problem. For more helpful DIY pest control advice, call us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us via our website.


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