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There are various kind of bees which are part of the natural order of our ecological system. However, when we let these species overpopulate in the wrong places, they can cause harm. This is because many happen to cause serious allergic reactions; one sting can cause a lot of damage and require serious medical care if you happen to be allergic.

Many just choose to neglect when bees start to build their hives in their garden or precariously at the edge of the roof, while others call professionals which can be costly. It’s best to try eliminating the issue head on with DIY control methods and products.

How to Keep the Bees Away

We can avoid the situation of bees entering the household or stinging someone by following a few simple steps. Few of them are:

  1. Finding the hive

Try to search and detect the exact location of the hive and identify its type.

  1. Dealing with the bee

According to the bee type the right ingredients and measures must be used. You should always know what type of bee you are dealing with. Bumble bee, carpenter bee, honey bee, wasp, hornet, yellow jacket and the ground bee.

Home remedies

You will be surprised how small bottles and ingredients in your kitchen cabinet can help you stow away the bees. There are several methods and steps to be used and applied few of them are:

  • Vinegar spritzer

In a spray bottle, mix half a bottle of vinegar with a half bottle of water. Make sure you are completely protected wearing preferably a beekeeper like suit or Hazmat suit. Your whole body hands and face should be covered. Please do make note to always implement such procedures at night time when the bees are not active. Make sure you spray properly around the hive and the nearby flowers and its pollens. The next day, if the bees are still alive spray some more and sweep away all the dead bees.

  • Solution of mild detergent soap and water

Pour the mixture in the spray bottle and gently apply around the hive or nest.

  • Block the Nest

Take a handful of mothballs and tie them in a nylon or thin sock. This bag should then be placed inside the cells of the hives to block the openings.

  • Pop goes the bees

Cut a bottle of soda pop in half and place the remaining soda in the bottle near the nest. The scent attracts the bees towards the soda and eventually they drown inside the soda.

  • Zapping the bees

Zapping strips which are readily available in stores can be hung next to the hive. The bees get attached to the sticky material and eventually die.

Chemical sprays

  • Ground Bees

Usually, it is advised to use chemical spray to get rid of bees.  For instance, Solutions Pest & Lawn carries Wasp Freeze and Pyrid Aerosol which can target problem bees. It must be directly sprayed inside the hive for the ground bees to be expelled. If you see any movement gain you must spray once more.

  • Wasps and bees

At times bees and wasps could occupy cars or other kind of vehicles.As mentioned above, products like Wasp Freeze and Pyrid Aerosol can be helpful in getting rid of Wasps and Bees.

These products are fast acting aerosols that will drop them immediately when sprayed. It’s really designed for when you need a strong spray that will kill on contact.

Eradication of nests and hives

  • Beehive

Make sure all the bees are dead and then knock it down and remove all wax and combs from the wall.

  • Wasp nest

For all species of wasp, the entire colony must be eradicate and then the hive must be removed and destroyed.

  • Ground bees hive

Dirt should be put over the hive entrance. You can also vacuum them out and block the openings to avoid any recurrence of colonies being formed.

Natural methods of elimination of bees

  • Baiting the bee

Put few slices of mango in a sandwich bad 15 to 20 minutes away from the hive. You will observe the bees moving their habitat, after few day keep increasing the distance until they are much further away from the house.

  • Bowl of sugar

Place mixture of sugar and some soap detergent next to the hive.  The bees will naturally fly towards the bowl and drown.

  • Garlic Repellant

The odor of garlic prevents bees from staying. In fact applying it directly on the bee may cause it to die. Bees do not like unpleasant scents

  • Citronella Candles

The bees find the smell repellant and will not stay anywhere near the scent of the candle. Burning citronella candle near the hive will force the bee to change their habitat. 

Natural pesticides

  • Food-grade diatomaceous earth

It’s an organic pesticide. it kills any insects that comes in close contact to this substance. Solutions carries diatomaceous earth powders such as Alpine dust which can work well to treat beehives is you puff dust at them using a duster.  Dusts can get into the heart of the beehive and really do a number on the bee population.

  • Mixture of canola oil and dish soap

Used as a spray directly on the bees suffocates them.

Alternative solutions for ground bees

  • Boiling water

Pour boiling water into the entrance

  • Trap  them in a jar

Use a huge clear jar and catch all of them inside it.

  • Tarp the entrance

Throw lots of rubble, stones, bricks, charcoal and trap the entrance.


There are number of techniques and professional DIY products to exterminate the bee. No matter what approach you take , the important part is to stay safe and make sure you are wearing protective suits while carrying out such daring acts.


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