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How to Get Rid of Bedbugs Naturally 

Bed bugs are tiny little creatures that feed on your blood like a parasite. They crawl around the bed and head boards to feast on their meal. When they decide to breed, they can easily become a nightmare. So how can you get rid of them naturally? This post will detail some of the best, and most cost-effective natural methods of exterminating bed bugs.


  1. Natural Oil treatments for getting rid of bed bugs

TEA TREE OIL: Mix tea tree oil with water and form a mixture. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray in the infested areas. On immediate contact, the bed bugs get eliminated. It is important to identify all the areas where the bed bugs have infested. Tea tree oil has natural insecticidal properties that repel the bed bugs away.

LAVENDER OIL: The scents of lavender serves as a repellant for the bed bugs. About 30 to 40 drops of its oil or even the powder or leaves sprinkled will keep the bed bugs away. Their smell nauseates them, placing such flowers or spraying its oil will make also force them to make a run for it.

PEPPERMINT OIL: Peppermint leaves have natural properties that repel the bugs away. Peppermint leaves can be crushed and scattered in areas where the pest are most populated. If the infestation is more widespread, 2 to 3 cups of leaves can be crushed and sprinkled in the bed bug infested area. The oil inside the leaves will ward off the bed bugs. Repeat the process once a week.

In addition, another bed bug treatment using pepper mint leaves involves a mixture of lavender and peppermint oil. Incorporate 10 to 15 drops of lavender oil into 10 to 15 drops of peppermint oil. Pour the mixture into a spray and squirt the bed bug away. This will not only repel the bed bugs away but the kill the eggs and larvae as well.

There are Pyrethrin products and Insect Growth Regulator that will work alongside your natural approach to bed bug control.

  1. Diatomaceous earth (DE)

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural food-grade mineral powder made up of skeletal remains of insects and silica. It can be easily ordered online. This substance naturally dehydrates the bed bugs by absorbing their fats and oils and destroys their outer shell. eliminating the infestation altogether.  

Before using the product, it is recommended that the sheets should be washed in hot water and vacuumed properly before and after the use of the material. Sprinkle and spread the dust in all cracks, crevices, and other areas where they have infested themselves. It will eradicate the bed bug problem immediately. This regimen should be followed thrice a week. In around 12 days, a significant control and eradication of the bed bugs will be observed.

  1. Vacuum the bed bugs away.

Other than the above-mentioned home remedies, there are other natural methods that involve cleaning. It is important to detect and identify all the areas where the bed bugs have populated themselves. Next, vacuum and suck in all the creepy crawlers into the device and dispose them off. All furniture, upholsteries, curtains, mattress encasements, carpets and bed sheets and chairs. All areas should be vacuumed and disposed in sealed bags and placed under the blazing sun. The studies conducted by Journal of Clinical Microbiology reviews shows that using a vacuum can help kill large number of bed bugs and their eggs.

  1. Doing laundry for the bed bugs

Wash the bed sheets, pillow encasements, curtains and other such items at a high temperature of around 60 degree Celsius. All such fabrics must be thoroughly washed to kill the remains of the bed bugs and their eggs. Using the dryer at a warm temperature will help further in disinfecting all the fabric.  Dr. Carol Sarkissian from WebMD believes that the hot wash and dryer helps in sterilizing all the clothing and other above mentioned fabrics from the bed bug infestation. All the clean natural encasements should be tight enough to avoid the bed bugs from entering and prevent them from escaping. They need to be specific for bed bugs because they have a tested lock to keep them in and prevent anymore from getting in the mattress and boxspring.  You need to have encasements for both the mattress and boxspring are you will not get the benefits you are looking for when it comes to natural bed bug control.

  1. Steam cleaning the bed bugs

There are many objects that cannot be hot washed and dried and may need further cleaning. For this purpose, you can dry steam sofa chairs and even cracks and crevices. The hot fog or steam being used should have a temperature of around 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It terminates the leftover bed bugs and eggs. In addition, if a little Cedar is added into the steam its odor further increases the chances of eradicating the problem and also masks the bad odor being caused by the bed bugs.  There are now available professional high quality steamers that will let you target those cracks and crevices where the bed bug hide out.

  1. De-clutter your living space

Keeping separate place for coats, shoes and clothing is useful to have less occupied space. Picking up all the mess and organizing them properly prevents the bed bugs from having any messy place to hide. Cleaning all areas will help in curtailing such infestations from occurring in the first place. Scrubbing off all furniture and other material will be useful.  If you travel keep your content and suitcases in garage and in plastic bags till you have time to wash and steam them.

  1. Clove and thyme for the bed bugs

CLOVES:  Cloves have natural insecticidal properties with an acidic pH level, which tends to repulse the bed bugs. The cloves or even one teaspoon of clove oil diluted in one cup of water poured into a spray is very effective as bug repellant. Its strong aroma is disliked by the annoying little pests.

THYME: Thyme and its oil are natural bug repellants. Spraying thymol or thyme essential oil keeps the bed bugs at bay.

Furthermore, burning a thyme stick inside a piece of cloth or just keeping thyme leaves inside a cloth around all the infested areas is beneficial in eliminating the bed bugs.


Pests such as bed bugs can be detrimental to one’s health and hygiene and the household you are living in. It is important to identify such infestations and take all precautionary measures.  When it comes to bed bug control and getting rid of them naturally being as thorough as possible will give you the best outcome.  


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