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 Bed Bugs in your HomeHow to get rid of bedbugs in your home


“Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite”. This is an age old goodnight parting greeting but what if you actually end up having those creepy crawlies sucking your blood at night? Sounds scary right? Well they aren’t something to be really scared of as long as you take some preventive measures and nip them in the bud as soon as you know that your bed is infested with them. You don’t want them to be infested in the entire house, now would you?


What are bedbugs?

You mean the tiny small and brown insects that become the uninvited pesky guests and share your living space with you. The only difference is that bedbugs get a bit too personal and invade your bed so that they can feed off your juicy blood and dead skin cells. Don’t be fooled by their name because the bed is not the only place they live in. They thrive well in clothes, curtains, closets, dark and cold spaces, even your electrical switch boards.   There goal it to stay as close to a blood meal as possible.  They will try all they can to be in contact with you and make your life annoying. If you wake up in the morning with tiny pinkish or reddish marks on your arms and legs, it could be a sign of bedbug infestation in your house.


They are just an ugly wingless cousin of a mosquito, because we needed another blood sucking insect in our lives, right?


They are very small and usually measure up to 0.5 cms. Sometimes, it is hard to figure out if you have bedbugs because their bites are is usually mistaken for allergies, mosquito bites or rashes. One way of differentiating between a mosquito bite and bedbug bite is that a mosquito bite is just a standalone little mark whereas bedbug bites are formed in lines and clusters.


Bedbugs don’t like living on the human body and prefer only a little warmth, which they can take from your bed or clothes unlike other bugs such as lice or ticks.


The bad part about finding a bedbug infestation is that once you have discovered it, they have a thriving family living in your personal space. It is because they multiply and breed really fast. So you better start getting rid of them the day you find out that they have shared your quarters.


Here are some effective ways of getting rid of bedbugs:

The bed

Step 1

Strip away all of your bedding material (including bed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases etc). Don’t just remove the bed sheets as these pesky creepers just love to invade any place on the bed. Put all of the bedding material in a big plastic bag and seal it so that they don’t escape it.


Step 2

Throw all of the bedding material in a washing machine running on high heat and use a strong detergent. If you don’t have a high powered washing machine then you can go to a Laundromat and get it all cleaned. The high heat will make sure that all of the bedbugs and their larvae are killed off immediately.  Make sure you are using a high temperature dryer to dry the items, this will give you a second layer of protection against those bed bugs.


Step 3

Now is the time to clean your mattress. There are bed bugs probably lurking about on the mattress and side of your bed. You need to vacuum the mattress at a high speed so that all the nasty blood suckers get sucked away.   Pay attention to the seams, and pull the liner off of the box spring, you will want to also vacuum these cracks and crevices.  You will be removing adults, but also other items that will make treating your bedroom easier when you decide to treat for bed bugs.

Also, get a high pressure steamer to use on your bed. Don’t forget the head and footboard of the bed if you have any.  Dressers and nightstands should be checked and inspected.  Steam does a great job on items that cannot be treated with an insecticide.


Step 4

Use contact spray all over the mattress so that it is bug free and sterilized.


The room

The job is not done yet as you have your room to debug as well. This bug hunt isn’t over just yet. You will need to steam vacuum all the furniture including sofas, chairs, desk, side table, and don’t forget the carpets and curtains.  

Take out all of your clothes in the closet and throw them in the washing machine at high heat. It sounds like an arduous job but you have to do it.  Make sure you move them from room to room in a plastic bag that is tightly sealed, you do not want to spread the bed bugs to another room.


Treat the room with the correct recommended bed bug products, find more information here.  You will want to make sure when you apply the bed bug spray and make sure the kids or pets are away from the area. Wear a mask if you have to, gloves and we recommend a tyvek suit that can be tossed in bag when you leave the room.  Spend some hours away from your room so that the bug spray/contact spray has dissipated in the air.  Follow this easy to understand Bedbug Application Guide

Preventing the bed bugs

The number one solution to preventing them is to be vigilant in your inspection of the areas, and introduction of these bed bugs invaders.  IF you travel make sure to checkout our Travelers guide to staying bed bug free.


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