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How to Get Rid of Bed bugs yourself

If you wake up in the morning and notice that your skin is irritated and that you have a skin rash developing, maybe tiny bite marks, then it is a sign that you have bed bugs. The last thing you need when you go to bed is waking up feeling itchy with bug bites. They can be a nuisance and they won’t go away until you do something about them. 

You don’t have to call in pest control or an exterminator and pay a lot of money to get them taken care off when you can get rid of bed bugs yourself. Just use some DIY remedies and techniques and all your bed bug problems will be gone soon. But what are bed bugs and how do they operate? Let’s find out:

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are blood sucking critters that are a nastier and wingless version of mosquitoes. They belong to the cimidic family (insects that primarily feed on blood) and are no more than 0.5 cms. That is why it is sometimes hard to spot them and the only proof you have of their pesky infestation on your bed is your itchy skin.

The worst part about having an infestation is that bed bugs multiply really fast, so just when you think about getting rid of them, chances are they have already started a big family and are hatching more eggs. Even though they love sipping on some of your juicy blood, you won’t find them living on your body like ticks or lice because unlike them; bed bugs don’t like body heat much and prefer to live on beds, inside clothes or shoes, etc., places where they are just close enough to heat.

The difference between bed bugs and mosquito bite

So if you aren’t really sure if you got a mosquito bite or a bed bug bite, then there is only one simple indication that will give you the clue: the bite pattern. If you have clusters of tiny red bite marks that usually go along in a row, then it is a sign it is a bed bug bite. If you have just an isolated bite mark then it is a mosquito’s.

If you have finally confirmed the presence of those pesky bed bugs then here are some ways how you can get rid of them easily:

Bite prevention

Before you even get rid of the bed bugs, your first priority should be to stop them from biting you. You must be wondering that getting rid of them is essentially bite prevention but there is a difference. Often, just when people think that they have gotten rid of the bed bugs, they get another bite indicating that some of them are still alive and kicking. You need to at least stop the biting from happening. If they can’t get their regular dose of blood supply from you they won’t be able to survive and breed more. If there is no feeding, then there no breeding.

Strip everything off your bed

You have to strip all of your bedding material from the mattress. This includes, bed sheets, pillowcases, duvet cover or bedspreads. Trust us; they are probably all over the place when it comes to your bed and not just the bed sheets. Keep all of these covers and sheets in a plastic bag and seal it tightly so that there is absolutely no way they can escape.

Throw all the bed linen material in a washing machine with high heat or hot water option. This will ensure that any bed bugs or their eggs that are present on them are killed off instantly. While these are being washed, take the time to vacuum the mattress where you think that there would be any bed bugs still lurking about. Vacuum through any openings or crevices that you might suspect their presence. The best way would be to do it with a high pressure steamer. Don’t miss out the head and footboard of the bed either. After vacuuming, use contact spray over your mattress because it helps in killing off bed bugs easily.

Stop feeding them

Since they feed off you, it’s your job to starve them. Place your bed away from night stands or furniture. The newly treated bed should be away from any possible re-infestation again. Once your bed is isolated and away from bed bugs in other places, they won’t be able to come in contact with you or feed off you in anyway.

Treat your room

So once your bed is done, it is time to treat and clean other areas of your room. They might be called bed bugs but they go far beyond just the bed. They reside in clothes, shoes, furniture, carpets and even curtains.  This bed bug hunt isn’t over just yet.

Steam vacuum the carpets, sofas, chairs, curtains and heat wash your used clothes.  After the clothes are dried, keep them in a plastic bag until you are sure that the bed bugs are gone.


After you have treated your room, find out if there are any open spaces, cracks or crevices and use contact and residual spray on them.  Solutions Pest & Lawn has a wide selection of effective bed bug control products that are guaranteed to kill even the worst bed bug infestations. For spraying the bed, bed frames and other high bed bug activity areas we would suggest a fast killing chemical bed bug spray called Flex 10-10 Insecticide and Pyrid Aerosol. Some other great aerosol sprays we have are Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Spray and JT Eaton Bed Bug Killer. In addition, you mustn’t forget about bed bug eggs which have yet to hatch. These can be eliminated with what is called an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) which prevents eggs from hatching. A great IGR we carry is called Gentrol Point Source.

Dusting is also a great option for bed bug elimination as it can get to hard to reach areas which liquid insecticide sprays cannot.  Apply professional insecticidal dust products like Alpine Dust or D-Fense Dust under the baseboards, electrical outlets, light switches, under the bed frame legs. Dusts have an exceptionally long residual of up to 7 months so it will kill off straggler bed bugs that happen to wander around long after application.

Not sure where to start when it comes to the products we’ve suggested above. Make the process simple for you by purchasing the Solutions guaranteed bed bug control kit. This contains all the main products you need to conduct a thorough DIY bed bug control program.

Note: always make sure that you don’t have any kids around when you are treating the room.

Preventing bed bugs

To avoid any sort pest infestation is to simply maintain a high level of hygiene at home. Vacuum and dusting furniture everyday is the key for preventing any bed bugs or mites from creeping in your home. So sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.


As terrible as bed bugs can be in your home, sucking your blood and driving you mad, it can be even worse to have your wallet sucked of an exorbitant amount of funds hiring a bed bug exterminator to get rid of your bed bug problem. The good news is that with the products we have in our inventory, it is more easier than ever to perform DIY bed bug control that produces results.  So now it’s time to take action, equip yourself with our professional grade bed bug control products and get to eliminating those bed bugs from your home.

If you ever have questions or would like live advice, chat with us on our website, call us at 800-479-6583 or shoot us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com.

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