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How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs In Clothes


There is nothing more annoying then waking up in the middle of the night to find out that a bed bug has decided to cuddle with you. These bed bugs are the reason why you wake up suddenly due to severe itching that induces weird red marks on your skin. These nocturnal insects are feed solely on the blood of animals and people while they are sleeping, attacking their prey while they are sleeping is the reason why they are difficult to trap or kill.  

Many people invest in heavy pesticide services to deal with bed bugs, but what they don’t realize is that they can actually take matters into their own hands. This is exactly why we have articulated a list of methods that are designed to help every person get rid of bed bugs present in their clothes or homes. Rest assured with our tips and the right attitude, nothing can stop you from winning this war against bed bugs.

Understanding your enemy is the first move towards victory! This is exactly why we have also mentioned a little information about bed bugs so that you can understand your enemy.

About bed bugs

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that are present all around the world; they are small in stature and are completely flat. They can easily be identified with their brown color and small size, contrary to popular belief their presence is not determined by hygiene of the area.  So no matter how clean your home might be, these bed bugs can easily decide to infest your home.

Furthermore, these wingless insects are 1mm to 7mm in size and normally infest areas where people or animals sleep, hence the name bed bugs.  These bugs are not very dangerous and do not spread diseases but their bites are very itchy, these bugs can actually travel one hundred feet in a night which makes matters much worse. At the same time there are many medical cases which prove that a bed bug bite may induce different adverse reactions, especially if the person has any allergies which might get triggered.

Different methods to get rid of bed bugs from your clothes and homes -- for good!

Given below are different methods that are designed to help get rid of bed bugs from your clothes and homes for good. Please do not think that you can deal with this infestation in one single night as this war is a gradual process which requires your 100% dedication. Before you consider the methods mentioned below, you will have to identify the source of the infestation which might be difficult. Closely examine your cupboard and other areas which are adjacent to where you sleep, check behind posters and clutter that bed bugs could hide behind.

  1. Invest in a pesticide

The very first method of effectively dealing with bed bugs is investing in a pesticide. There are many pesticides that have been exclusively designed for bed bugs and are readily available in the market. Please make sure you choose a renowned pesticide which is EPA registered and the label clearly states that it has been specifically designed to kill bed bugs. Simply point the pesticide and start spraying like your life depends on it, within no time all of the bed bugs will take their last breath right in front of you. If they have been annoying you for quite some time now then consider crushing their bodies with your shoes for inner satisfaction. Some great pesticides which we recommend for bed bug control include Flex 10-10 Insecticide and Pyrid Aerosol.

  1. Invest in a fogger

The second method you should consider is investing a fogger; these foggers are also readily available at any pesticide store and are offered at extremely cost effective prices. Once you have equipped yourself with a fogger please consider vacating your home as a safety measure, even though the label might state that the fog is harmless for humans and pets. Simply place the fogger in the infested area and check back after a few hours to make sure all of the bed bugs in your homes and clothes are dead.  However, this fogger will only be effective if you have found the source of the bed bugs as the fog will not cover every inch of your home.

  1. Death by diatomaceous earth

If you are looking for a natural method to kill the bed bugs present in your home or clothes, consider diatomaceous earth as the most effective solution. This is a natural pesticide that is not harmful for you or your pets and is readily available in the market at affordable prices. Once you are equipped with diatomaceous earth, simply sprinkle it in the infested area. Within no time the bed bugs will start dying and to make sure they never return please consider sprinkling diatomaceous earth around the perimeter of your home. This natural substance will not only kill the bed bugs present in your home but will also kill any other insects lurking around!  At Solutions Pest & Lawn we have a great DE based product, Alpine Dust Insecticide.

How to prevent a bed bug infestation

Prevention is the best cure, this specially applies to a bed bug infestation as no one wants to deal with the turmoil of getting rid of them or dealing with their itchy bites. This is exactly why it is imperative that every homeowner takes certain steps to prevent an infestation from happening in the first place. These measures are mentioned below:

  • Continue to inspect your home on a weekly basis to find if there are any bed bugs in the vicinity

  • Install interceptors on the furniture present in your home  


Bed bugs hiding in your clothes can be an itchy irritation. If you really want to get to addressing the problem, a combination of heat treatment by throwing your clothes in the washer and dryer on high heat, sanitation measures around the home and equipping yourself with bed bug control products like the ones we have in our guaranteed Bed Bug Control Kit will do wonders to relieve you of the presence of bed bugs in your home and in your apparel.

For more helpful DIY advice, reach out to us via phone at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com, or speak to a live representative via our chat line.


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