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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Have you ever had uninvited guests who just don’t seem to leave and there is no place to escape? That is definitely the case with rotten bloodsucking bed bugs. They will loiter around everywhere you go. They have serious boundary issues! Then of course, they will be in your clothes, sharing your bed space and feeding off of you and

staying in forever!  No Bed Bugs


Yes, my friends. I am talking about tiny creepy reddish brown pests that invade your home in the deep dark night, without getting noticed. If nothing is done about their arrival, next thing you know they have multiplied like bunnies. At least with bunny rabbits, they happen to be a lot cuter and prefer being vegetarians. Bedbugs, on the other hand, like to latch in their beak and draw your blood out at night time for a good ten minutes while you are sleeping. They are like vampires carrying a blood bank drive.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

If you think vampire stories are interesting, then there should definitely be one on bed bugs. Who needs biological warfare, when we have bedbug infestations? Bed bugs have been major case of plague in all countries. Initially they sneak up on you and they just don’t get on your radar right away, preferring to grow slowly but gradually as they multiply. They are found in groups hiding in luggage, clothes, floors, walls, sofas and beds. Their favorite place are the headboards from where they can easily prey on their victim.


When you start to observe your exposed areas of skin itching in the morning, observe blood stains on bed sheets, fecal spots on pillow cases, egg sheds, rusty spots and musty odors. It’s time to get a close microscopic examination. Remove mattresses, bed spreads. Inspect all areas around the bed. Still you should be warned, these night terrors are tiny and hide in groups and usually go untraceable.


The first thing you need to do is seal all the evidence of crime scene remove bed sheets , mattresses and seal them in the plastic bags. It is advisable to discard all material that may have been taken over by the parasites. At least make sure the bed sheets are cleaned in hot water and dried at a high enough temperature to kill them. Extremely cold temperatures or high temperature is also found to be one of the best methods to get rid of blood sucking bed bug parasites along with extensive vacuuming and chemical treatment.

The island illusion

  • Move the bed away from the walls, ensuring the bed sheets are not touching the floors. You want to take away opportunities for bed bugs to “jump ship” so to speak and find other ways to get away when you’re trying to actively take them out.

Open seal and shut

The mattress should be put in zipper bags and sealed tight for around a year. It removes all hiding areas, making it easier to track them down and terminate them.  Some of the best encasement products you can find are available here at Solutions Pest & Lawn: Clean Brands Pro Mattress Bed Bug Cover  and Clean Brands Box Spring Covers.

These encasement are essentially tombs for any bed bug that has the misfortune of being on the bed or box spring when the encasement is put on. There’s no way for them to get out so they eventually starve to death be not being able to get a blood meal, boo hoo.


A bad case of parasites and selection of pesticides

  • There are various kinds of pesticides available to eliminate these tiny parasites. Which are as follows: Pyrethrins and pyrethroids, Silicates such as diatomaceous earth dust (DED), Insect growth regulators (IGRs), Carbamates, Neonicotinoids and Pyrroles. These products need to make direct contact with the bed bugs in order to eliminate them.

Solutions Pest & Lawn has a wide selection of effective bed bug control products that are guaranteed to kill even the worst bed bug infestations.For spraying bed, bed frames and other high activity areas we would suggest a fast killing chemical bed bug spray called Flex 10-10 Insecticide and Pyrid Aerosol.  In addition, you mustn’t forget about bed bug eggs which have yet to hatch. These can be neutralized with what is called an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) which prevents eggs from hatching. A great IGR we carry is called Gentrol.

Dusting is also a great option for bed bug elimination as it can get to hard to reach areas which liquid insecticide sprays cannot.  Apply professional insecticidal dust products like Alpine Dust or D-Fense Dust under the baseboards, electrical outlets, light switches, under the bed frame legs. Dusts have an exceptionally long residual of up to 7 months so it will kill off straggler bed bugs that happen to wander around long after application.

Prevention a day will keep the bed bugs away

Here’s a simple step-by-step routine that will help you keep the bed bugs away:

  • In order to ensure that you are not being haunted by the tiny terrors, avoid any second hand furniture coming into your house.

  • Using interceptor devices will help to keep the bed bugs away.

  • Encasement of mattresses

  • Keeping the home clean and tidy. Making sure it clutter free.

  • Fix and avoid having any cracks and crevices for the bed bugs to lurk in.

  • Use of plastics and metals rather than wood is more advisable.

  • During vacation make sure your luggage is plastic sealed. After coming back all clothes must be laundered and luggage should be vacuumed

Survival of the fittest

The latest studies  conducted by the Journal of Economic Entomology have alarming evidence that there has been a rapid revival of the bed bugs. The most daunting findings revealed that there are different types of bedbugs which exhibit different reactions to the pesticides, chlorfenapyrand bifenthrin. While few species of bed bugs were exterminated, there were three that did not seem to have any effect. With time these insects seem to be evolving and have build up defenses, making them immune to these chemicals. This discovery was made by research assistant professor and study author Ameya. D. Gondhalekar at the center for Urban and Industrial pest management at the department of Entomology at Purdue university.

It seems that while humans’ mortality rate is decreasing over the years, mortality rate of these pests is increasing. Who knows the bedbugs might just outlive us or worse instead of the theory of world ending due to global warming or ice age it might just end through a pandemic of ‘BED BUGS.’ All humor aside the outspread of these bed bugs must be taken into serious consideration.


In conclusion, as annoying as bed bugs can be, they can be properly disposed of with the right knowledge and professional products. At Solutions Pest & Lawn we can provide you with both at an amazing value. If you have bed bugs in your home, you shouldn’t waste any time getting equipped to control them. At Solutions, we make it easy with our amazing Bed Bug Control Kit which contains all the necessary pest control tools and products to get rid of bed bugs and is guaranteed to work or your money back.  

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