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How to Get Rid of Bats Outside Your House

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Bats traditionally have a highly-mixed reputation and tend to ignite extreme emotions in a whole lot of people. Some people consider them to be our furry flying friends who eat mosquitoes and other bugs (right off the bat; so to speak) but for a whole lot of other people, they are the nightmare demons straight from Vlad Stoker’s Magnum Opus “Count Dracula”. While vampire bats do indeed exist in different parts of the world, the odds that you will be paid a nocturnal visit by one such creature are astronomical to say the least.

However, that certainly does not mean that they do no haunt our darkest dreams and as such finding a real-life bat swooping down on your head is the kind of stuff that leads to blood curdling shrieks. Regardless of your pro or anti bat temperament, the odds are that you do not want them anywhere near your house. And if they decide to ‘roost’ in the immediate vicinity of your abode, you would definitely not want them to share your living space.

Add to that the fact that they carry the dreaded rabies virus amongst other diseases not to mention the very real problem of rat droppings all over your property. This issue alone can easily create a lot of health hazards for you. And they are amplified when you have young children in your house who if left unsupervised, may end up putting things in their mouths.

This is why it is very important that you get rid of bats long before the decide to make ‘your’ home their home. And the best way to do so is to ensure that you get rid of these pesky intruders long before they make a permanent roosting spot outside your house.

These are just some of the reasons due to which you should not tolerate bats that have decided to live right outside or even close to your house. In any case, you will have to actively discourage them from living near you so that they find another home, preferably far far away from yours.

  • Get rid of their food supply

A great place to start will be to examine and understand their motivations for roosting close by your abode, in the first place. If you suddenly find the environment around your home replete with these winged mammals, then there has to be a reason behind their congregation. In a nutshell, it means that you have inadvertently been responsible for providing them with a highly attractive dinner and supper buffet that just can’t seem to say no to.

Alternatively, there might be some choice real estate around for their roosting purposes. See what the underlying reasons are and then proceed to eliminate them. Once they are deprived of their regular food supplies and shelter, they will realize that they are not wanted and simply fly away in search of more friendly neighbors.

The best way to do that is to thoroughly fumigate your house and yard as well as any gardens and lawns attached to your property.  With the insects’ dead, they will have nothing to eat and since they dislike starving just about as much as any other living creature the odds are that they will go away, in search of greener pastures.

  • Get rid of their roosting spots

Bats just plain like to ‘hang around’ a lot (very literally indeed). in fact, they have little hooks with which they hang on different objects and go to sleep, upside down at that. If you don’t give them a place to do so, they will not… Hang around your property that is.

Seek out and subsequently cut down and thus get rid of any dead trees found on your property. Since dead trees end up becoming rotten and therefore make idea homes for bats, especially if they are all hollow inside. Apart from that, cover up your firewood or better still park it in your shed or garage. This is because insects love dead wood. And bats love insects. If you remove one, the other will be bound to follow.

  • Check disused structures

If you have any shads, tool areas and outhouses that have long being out of use and shut up permanently, check and see if they have become roosting spots for the bats. Even if there is a small hole in the structure, the enterprising bat will worm his or her way inside and thereby start breeding.

The best means of getting rid of a bat infestation in such a structure is to demolish it altogether, however if for practical or sentimental reasons, you cannot do that then you should try and block all entrance/exit holes in in in order to ensure that there is no way even a baby bat can get inside.

Of course, the last thing you need is to open the creaking door of a decrepit old structure, only to be accosted by a whole cloud of screaming bats in classic Hollywood horror movie style. This is why you should do the sensible thing and look for bat dropping before you go around opening old doors while being armed only with an old flashlight.

Should there be any droppings, simply acquire the services of a professional pest clearing outfit for the job and leave the melodramas to the heroes of the movie world. These professionals have the relevant tools and experience to get the job done right, the first time.

Professional DIY Products for Bat Control

If you do happen to have a bat hanging around outside, don’t grab a broom and try shoo him away. Solutions Pest & Lawn has a variety of products that can be used to repel or deter bats from the area.

Bat Repellent Options

Solutions Pest & Lawn carries a repellent called 4 The Birds-Bird Repellent , which comes in gel form. While originally designed to deter and repel birds, this can also be used to repel bats and has been proven successful. 4 The Birds gel product comes in a container similar to a caulking tube and can be applied with a caulking gun. The gel is thick and sticky and can adhere well to any surface and lasts a long time. When the bats come upon it where it has been applied they will find its texture unpleasant and will leave.

You can apply 4 The Birds on gable vents, behind shutters and inside the holes where bats are entering. By coating these areas and making them unpleasant for bats to be near, the bats will eventually find somewhere else to stay. Unlike birds however, bats can withstand treatment if its only touching their feet so for this approach to be effective, you must make sure it is heavily coated in an area where they choose to rest. Also you should consider that since bats are very mobile, you should keep the treatment fresh. If a week passes and bats are still roosting on your property, reapply.

Solutions Pest & Lawn also has 4 The Birds in liquid form. 4 The Birds Liquid Repellent is essentially the same formula but in liquid form and can be applied using a hand sprayer. This is best for reaching high and hard to reach areas that you may not be able to get to using the gel.

Aside from repellent materials, you can also repel bats with sound via Transonic PRO - Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. This product produces uses sonic and ultrasonic sound waves to annoy, frighten, and disorient various pest types, including bats. Place this wherever that bats are residing and they won’t come near your home any longer.

Lastly, you can use repellent granules such as Critter Ridder. Lay these granules out in the attic where bats are not around, when they eventually do come around they will try these granules and will be disgusted and would not want to be anywhere near your home.


Bats can be a frightening pest to encounter outside your home but if you are armed with the right products and know the best techniques to apply like what we shared above, you can eliminate problematic bats in your home. Follow these methods and enjoy living without bats.  For more help or advice, give us a call at 800-479-6583 or shoot us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com

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