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How To Get Rid of Bats in The Attic


Having bats in the house is a cause of some serious concern.  It can lead to many sleepless nights because of the fear. It’s ironic though, because unlike other pests and nuisances, bats don’t really bother anyone. They just hide in a corner and stay hidden. But that still doesn’t make them any less intimidating. 

Having a family of bats living in your attic is bad news, and a problem you might want to get rid of as soon as possible. But before we move on to enlighten you regarding some effective methods of getting rid of them, let us learn a little about these sort-of flying rodents.

A Little Something on Bats First

First off, never ever try to take the matters in your own hand – literally – until you are completely equipped and aware of the process of getting rid of the bats; it could be dangerous and harmful. If anyone gets bitten in the process of deriving the bats from the house, they could be in danger of contracting rabies. In the rare case that the bat was infected with rabies, it can easily transfer the infection to humans and rabies is a deadly disease to contract. Moreover, the symptoms of rabies appear so belatedly that by the time, they do appear, it is already too late to be saved.

Even though bats physically resemble, rats and mice, bats are not actually rodents and have few things in common with them. They are not even slightly as filthy as rats and mice are. In fact they are a little paranoid when it comes to cleanliness and try to keep their furs meticulously clean and groomed. They are more like a fashionable and elite version of rodents. However, there is a particular smell that comes from where bats are hiding, and it is due to the deposit of guano and urine dropped from where they are residing in their rooster areas.   

Here are some common signs that would indicate that a bat rooster in the attic

  • Droppings on the wall

  • The sight of the bat itself

  • Occasional fluttering sounds from the higher parts of the house such as attic.

Methods to Get Rid Of Bats in the Attic

Like we mentioned earlier, you have to be very careful when messing with the bats. But as long as you stay silent and follow the following methods, you’ll be fine. Here you go.

  • Open windows

Sometimes the solution to something as troublesome as bat infestation is as simple as opening windows.  Sometimes there is an infestation in the attic, at others, it is just an accidental traveler who might have been led astray from its path by delicious insect and had mistakenly ended up in your attic. In order to show this accidental guest, the way out, just open your windows and wait. They’ll be out in a few minutes. Be sure to be very quiet when doing so, one loud voice and this jumpy rodent will be flying straight at your face.

  • Create a passageway

The second easier method is to create a passageway for the bats to move out, in the case that there is an infestation and you are dealing with more bats than just one. For this, you’ll need to be very careful. First off, turn off lights and every other thing in the room including fans and air conditioner. Once the room is completely quiet, open one window or a door and using sheets and push pins create a passageway so that once the bats start to fly out they have no other place to go except outside. You’ll need two to three people for this daring act.

  • Mylar Balloons

One way of getting rid of bats is to chase them away using Mylar balloons. Mylar balloons are filled with helium so they’ll fly upwards on their own. You can just release many Mylar balloons in the room at once and close every door and window except the one which you want the bats to fly through. Once the bats are all gone, keep the Mylar balloons on the wall as they prevent the bats form colonizing again.

  • Water Spraying

In day time, turn on the water hose to full and attack the bats. Wear protective gear and spray the water until all of the bats have flown out.

Preventing Bats from Entering Our Homes

Preventing the bats form entering our houses is as important as getting rid of them. If you have occasionally catch sight of one or two bats then chances are, there is an infestation nearby. You can do the following for prevention.

  • The Birds Gel

This gluey anti-gel can be bought and applied on all the doors and windows of the house, or the point where you most suspect the bats to come from. They are not harmful to humans or bats, but they do gross out the bats and ensure these creatures stay away.  

  • Moth Balls

Moth balls are a super effective method of getting rid of bats. All you need to do is, wrap moth balls in a soft piece of cloth and then hang them around in your attic.

  • Repair Walls

It’s not necessary that bats in your home might only be coming in through doors and windows. It could also be holes in the wall. Even a hole as small as half an inch wide can let them in. Repair these holes in the attic to prevent bats from entering your home.  

Professional DIY Products for Bat Control

If you do happen to have a bat in your attic, don’t grab a baseball bat and try your chances.Solutions Pest & Lawn has a variety of products that can be used to repel or deter bats from hanging around your home, literally.

Bat Repellent Options

If you know the entry point where bats come and go from your home and have direct access to it, you can attempt to ward off the bats with repellent. Solutions Pest & Lawn carries a repellent called 4 The Birds-Bird Repellent , which comes in gel form. While originally designed to deter and repel birds, this can also be used to repel bats and has been proven successful. 4 The Birds gel product comes in a container similar to a caulking tube and can be applied with a caulking gun. The gel is thick and sticky and can adhere well to any surface and lasts a long time. When the bats come upon it where it has been applied they will find its texture unpleasant and will leave.

You can apply 4 The Birds on gable vents, behind shutters and inside the holes where bats are entering. By coating these areas and making them unpleasant for bats to be near, the bats will eventually find somewhere else to stay. Unlike birds however, bats can withstand treatment if its only touching their feet so for this approach to be effective, you must make sure it is heavily coated in an area where they choose to rest. Also you should consider that since bats are very mobile, you should keep the treatment fresh. If a week passes and bats are still roosting on your property, reapply.

Solutions Pest & Lawn also has 4 The Birds in liquid form. 4 The Birds Liquid Repellent is essentially the same formula but in liquid form and can be applied using a hand sprayer. This is best for reaching high and hard to reach areas that you may not be able to get to using the gel.

Aside from repellent materials, you can also repel bats with sound via Transonic PRO - Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. This product produces uses sonic and ultrasonic sound waves to annoy, frighten, and disorient various pest types, including bats. Place this wherever that bats are residing and they won’t come near your home any longer.

Lastly, you can use repellent granules such as Critter Ridder. Lay these granules out in the attic where bats are not around, when they eventually do come around they will try these granules and will be disgusted and would not want to be anywhere near your home.


Bats can be a frightening pest to encounter in the home but if you are armed with the right products and know the best techniques to apply like what we shared above, you can eliminate problematic bats in your home. Follow these methods and enjoy a bat-free life.  

For more help or advice, give us a call at 800-479-6583 or shoot us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com


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