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How to Get Rid of Ants Outside

Information about the ants

There are various kinds of ants that wreak havoc outside your home or in your garden. These ants build ant hills by digging out soil, form colonies and make their nest and led by a queen. The ants usually eat plants, insects and cause widespread infestation. Once the ants invade your yards, if conditions are right they can work their way into your home.  Ants in the yard can be dangerous as well as annoying.


  1. Controlling the ants

Once you spot the ant and the ant hill in your yard take immediate measures to make sure it does not enter your home and cause damage to the yard. Mow the grass and trim the tree and branches. Clean up all the piles of leaf, old stumps, foliage and other kind of debris where ants can hide and form nest.

Eradicate all sorts of garden debris rake all the compost and pine straw and other such material to make your garden less inviting to the ants. Keep the landscape dry and avoid the yard being moist ants are attracted damp grounds. If you have fruit trees make sure to pick the ripe ones immediately and clean up the ones that have fallen.

Outdoor trash cans should be kept far away and enclose with a lid. It should be regularly cleaned. Wash it with ammonia solution

Do check the trail of ants to identify it nests and make sure it is not tracking your house as their next colony.

Identifying the ant that you are having issues with on the outside of your home is important, asking questions with our customer support will be helpful.  

You will need to know if the ant is creating a mound, are they fire ants, leaf cutter ants, or carpenter ants, these will need different type of treatments and applications for successful control.  

Know your ant pest will help you and your professional pest control tour guide to help you identify the correct and ant and then the best ant bait solutions for you outdoor control.

These Guide Below will help you understand the difference

  1. Baiting the ants

LIQUID BAITS:  Certain ants love liquid baits as they can easily ingest liquid foods. Placing liquid bait insecticides are useful. Apply the liquid in areas where the ant trail have been observed. The ants will ingest the liquid insecticide and take it to the nest to feed the queen and this will in turn eliminate the entire colony.

The bait in the liquid insecticide attracts the ants towards ingesting it. One recommended product is TERRO OUTDOOR LIQUID ANT BAIT.

PERIMETER BAIT: This is a package shaker with granules coated with ant baits are placed inside the shaker and place near their tracks and ant hills. Once the ant gets into the canister and feed on the granules, it take sit back into the colony and feed the liquefied granule to it entire colony and the queen. In days all the ants get exterminated.  Ficam is a great perimeter bait, granule.

ANT BAIT STATIONS & GEL: Ant bait station can contain granule or liquid w that protects the bait from drying off. After for awhile the entire colonies are eradicated once they feed on the bait. Few of the recommended products are combat max ant killing bait station and the Amdro bait station, etc.

GEL BAITS: These consist of chemicals like, hydramethylon, and IGR  all of them are slow acting baits. Once the ant feed on the gel it takes 3 to 4 days for insecticide to show its effects. By this time the queen and other worker ants have been fed the gel. This causes complete termination of the colony.

  1. Using insecticides on the ants

You should use liquid concentrated such as BIFENTHRIN and PERMETHRIN.  Mix as recommended on the product label. The liquid insecticide can be sprayed across the surrounding of your building or house to control and repel and ant invaders.  Granules can also be scattered after using liquid insecticide. It prevents further colonies from emerging apart from killing the ants. For at least 6 month your house will be safe from ants’ infestation. The process can be repeated immediately to curtail an outspread of ants in your garden.

For certain types of ant a non repellent insecticide would be recommended to be used on the trails of the ants, TAURUS SC, FUSE INSECTICIDE and PHANTOM AEROSOL. These are sprayed at all entry points and the trails around of the house to prevent the ants from going inside the house and eradicating them completely.

  1. Searching for ant hills

Identify and search for ant hills dig deeply underneath the ant hill until you can find the colony and see all the ants. Once you see them destroy the nest and use insecticides to kill them immediately.

You can also flood the hills with an insecticide and this will kill most of the ants in the colony it is important to completely drench the mound, to get to the queen.  It’s important to locate the nests and eradicate ants using insecticides.


It is important to use all preventive measure to ensure the ants don’t invade your garden or yards but also be aware of  the methods that need to be taken in order to control and exterminate the infestation of ants outside and prevent them from coming inside.

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