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How To Get Rid Of Ants Indoors


About ants

Ants are the most common insects that are found all across the world except for places like Antarctica. These insect can be found in forest and many other places. There are more than 10,000 species of ants. These ants build colonies and choose their nesting location according to its species. The ants have a queen that reproduces and the worker ants have roles assigned and are wingless. Ants communicate using chemicals to signal danger and to alert for food spots. These insects like to eat nectar, seeds, fungus, insects and sweet food and meat as well.

Damage caused by ants

The ants can wreak havoc indoors especially some might feed on your food while other type might destroy your furniture and wood and others will harm you by stinging. It might cause health concerns and severe allergic reaction. It leads to a lot of chaos when the ants start to lay eggs in your home and you can find the eggs everywhere. The ant crawling everywhere is not a very comfortable environment to live in.

Types of ants

Few of the names of ants are as follows; Carpenter ants, Crazy ant, Argentine ant, odorous house ant, ghost ant, rover ant, Asian needle ant, velvety tree ant, white footed ant, Big headed ant, Pavement ant, Fire ant, Pharaoh ant, Little black ant, leaf cutter ant and yellow ants, etc.

Methods to eradicate the ants

  1. Cleaning your house

Take preventive measures and make sure to keep your home clean. Remove all the clutter and make your home more spacious. The ants will have less hiding spaces. Dust your home properly and make sure to keep all food in the freezer or refrigerator. The food must be inside airtight containers. Avoid leaving any sweet food items outside on your kitchen counter top. Clear up the table after every meal and wash and dry the dishes. Sweep the floor and mop with the floor. Vacuum the carpets. This will avoid any food being left behind for the ants to feed on.

  1. Picking up the mess in your yard

Trim the trees and pick up any fallen fruits and vegetation that you might have. Clean up all the leaves, debris, compost, wood piles, mulches and water sources. Remove all the clutter from your home. Cut and dispose of decayed wood and stumps and remove the rocks. This will make your home ales desirable place for the ants to build its nest. If the ants will not be infesting your yard it will not be able to enter you home as well. If you have no major ant issues, then spray a residual products around the perimeter of the structure, Reclaim IT will work as a insecticide that will control ants for about 90 days.

  1. Sealing and fixing

Seal all the cracks, crevices, opening and wall void with caulk foam and other material to prevent the ant from hiding and entering and laying eggs. Screen the doors and windows to prevent them from entering and fix all the leaks in your home.  Seal and plaster and use other methods to fix the leaks in plumbing pipes, faucets, sinks and other places. This will prevent the ants from infesting and getting comfortable in your home.

We would recommend baiting first before you seal things up, so you do not force the ants to relocate.

  1. Insecticides for the ants

Use chemicals like Bifen LP, Fipro Foaming Aerosol, Reclaim IT, Ant-Trax Ant Gel Bait.

Chemicals like these will help you terminate the colonies of the ants by using baits you eradicate entire colonies and the granular insecticides will help in eradicating them and prevent them from entering your home. The liquid concentrates prevents re infestation.

  1. Vacuuming the ants

Find the ants in all its hiding spots and its trail. Use a electronic duster or vacuum to suck out all the ants and get rid of them from your home.  Get you a quick solutions, not effective long term, but might be worth it and a little bit of fun.  Make sure to dispose of the ants and content of the vacuum cleaner outside.

  1. Trapping the ants

Glue traps can be used to trap the ants and get them stuck on the adhesive trap. Once it gets stick you dispose them from your home.  This is not a long term solutions, as there are usually tons of ants that can be spared when it comes to colonies.  

Letting the ants march away from your home

Use all sort of insecticides and preventive measures to eradicate the ants. Keep your home and yard clean. Food should be kept enclosed. Cut off all water and food supply. Use plenty of insecticides in your house to eliminate the problem. The GUARANTEED ANT CONTROL KIT will come in handy while using the chemicals. Make sure you are well informed how to carry about the process of eliminating the ants before you exterminate it.


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