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How to Get Rid Of Ants in Your Kitchen


She watches the ants.

They are very small. There are very many of them.

They are in the kitchen sink.

They are thirsty. They drink the drops of water.

The drops are on the bottom of the sink. She turns on the faucet.

Water flows into the sink.

The ants go down the drain.

It seems like Thai Poetess; Rong Chang speaks from personal experiences about this ant conundrum because she couldn’t be more accurate in her description. Once ants take over your kitchen, you’ll see them crawling everywhere. Your food, your china, your serving dishes, nothing will be safe from them. And as cute and harmless as ants usually seem, it’s still not a pleasant sight to watch them stuck to your food just as you are about to take a bite.

Therefore it is an established fact, that once you catch sight of ants in your kitchen, you must get rid of them. We’ll learn more about that, but first, let’s learn a little more about ants.

Things we need to know about ants

When you see just one ant, know that you are dealing with a whole colony of it. In order to completely purge your kitchen of ants, you need to get to the colony and annihilate them from there. This might sound weird, but it’s the only genuine way to get rid of them. The reason behind getting to the colony is the Queen Ant herself. She is the one who lays eggs and keeps on multiplying the ant population in your kitchen, so just killing the ones you see is not going to faze them.

Problem is, this queen never leaves her abode, which is the nest, so there’s no chance of it even getting killed accidentally. She just stays in the nest where she is brought food by the slave workers, and continues to lay even more eggs. For this reason, you can try to kill as much ants you can get your hands on, you’ll still fail in trying to get rid of it once and for all.

Let’s learn a better alternative:

How to Get Rid of Ants

As soon as you see ants, you’ll have to do something childish. But since it is all fair in love and war, no one will judge you for it.

  • Follow the ants

Make sure you have nothing but time on your hands when you are dead set on getting rid of ants. All you need to do is observe the ants silently and follow them. The ants always pick up a food material and bring it to their queen so you need to wait patiently and follow their trail until they lead you right to the mother queen. The easiest place to find these ants is in the kitchen, because they almost end up there in their search of food. And even if one ant ends up taking food back, it will leave a trail of scent for its fellow ant worker. All you need to do is, avoid killing it and just follow them to the queen.   If you are able to locate the trail spray it with a non repellent insecticide, phantom aerosol would work great.  

  • Sealing cracks

It’s most likely that the ants in your kitchen could be coming from one of the cracks or holes in the wall. You’ll know for sure once you follow the prior step and if that is the case then you can use caulk to seal these holes and cracks and block their way forever.   You can foam the cracks and openings with fipro foam, which will expand in the opening and fill the void so the ants can come in contact with the firponil and the ant will be eliminated.

  • Citrus

In the event that you end up discovering the colony outside of your house, then you can easily block their way using some lemons. With your house smelling like citrus, the ants will stay miles away. Therefore as soon as you unleash the power of citrus around your house and squeeze the lemon around windowsills, doors and cracks, the ants will get repelled and stay away. Even placing a lemon peels can throw them off.  


  • Vinegar

In case you fail to find the colony of these ants, you can derail their trail by wiping your kitchen surfaces, such as countertops and floor with vinegar. If this is repeated, the ants will lose their way and eventually lose interest in your kitchen, not to mention, they should probably starve to death too. But there’s not much chance of that.

Prevention Ants from Entering Your Home

If ants are a constant problem for you and would always come back even after you have gotten rid of them, then it’s highly likely that you might be lacking in your cleaning responsibilities. Even tiny amity of crumbs left on the floor will attract ants in your kitchen. In order to keep the ants from invading your home, establish a cleaning routine and wipe off your counters, floors, table, sink and other surfaces off crumbs and other sticky messes.

Moreover, don’t leave your food uncovered for a long period of time, least of all anything sugary. Another prevention tip is to seal off all cracks, crevices and holes in your kitchen, as most of the times, that’s where the ants come from or build their nests in. Other entry points might include pipes, cables, and wires.   

The key to keeping the ants away from your home's cleanliness. As long as there is no food for the worker ants to take home, they’ll show no interest in your home and kitchen.   Keep an eye on your property for ants, and their invasion.  Checkout more solutions and recommendations about ant control.

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