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How to Get Rid of Ants in Your House 

The one thing that you can always be sure will plague your lives are ants. You can find them all over your house and they seem like the one pest you can never truly do away with.

Here are a few steps to help you get rid of those annoying little critters once and for all.

To get rid of them, you must first know your enemy,  – young grasshopper.

Know Thy Enemy

First and foremost, one needs to understand that ants are social creatures that depend on a whole system, or rather a colony that functions as one big unit. A colony can consist of millions of ants living in harmony, looking for food and trying to extend their territory.

Although there are many different species of ants, there are the 3 basic types that you should know of: the queen, the soldier and the worker.

What we deal with on a day to day basis in our homes are the workers that essentially collect all the food and take it back to their colony for the nurturing of the queen so she can breed and produce more worker ants.

Follow Them Home

Now that you know what you’re dealing with, you need to figure out how to solve the problem. Worker ants venture out into the open world to search for food, which could be as miniscule as a few bread crumbs that you dropped so carelessly after a midnight snack and forgot to clean up. Once a source of food is found, the worker and will start taking the food back to the colony and leave a chemical trail so that the other ants can follow suit. That’s how and why you get the seemingly endless trail of ants.

Keeping Them Out With Peppermint Oil!

Once you’ve located the trail, don’t be in too much of a hurry to get rid of them just yet. Killing just the worker ants you’ll see is never good enough. The queen will give birth to more (she honestly doesn’t care about how many of her children she sends to their death). Instead, follow the trail to the point where the ants are entering your house.

Now you know where these guys are finding access into your humble abode. Block their access by placing cotton balls dabbed in peppermint oil. These guys really hate that stuff. It messes with their sense of smell which is what they rely on to navigate. If you have small children or pets in your house, be sure to place these in a manner that they are kept safe (The oils are known to cause irritation to mucus membranes). Naturally, this is just a measure that will be a temporary arrangement at best.

Closing In for the Kill

You really want to just kill them off for good, right? Right? A little more effort and you’ll be good to go. Follow the trails further and you will probably find the spot that these guys are originating from. If their point of origin is somewhere outside in a below ground nest, you can simply drench the ground with insecticide spray (obviously one should follow all directions and take all precautionary measures). That can be very effective.

Patience is a Virtue

Locating the nest can be a bit of a hassle and you may find that it is not easily accessible. There is a solution for that as well. What you do is that you set yourself up with some ant bait stations. Sounds complicated? It’s actually quite easy.

In any colony, the main driving force is their queen (or queens for some ant species). You set up the ant baits along the already existing trails. The worker ants take the bait back to the colonies to their queens and voila – no more queen and no more future generation of ants.


Getting rid of these guys effectively is going to take some time so patience is a must. It may take several days after setting up bait for the entire population of ants to die out. That depends on the size of the colony and the number of queens that they have. In the mean time, it would be better to replenish the ant bait stations with more bait as it dwindles down. The more bait worker ants take back to the colony the better.

Now obviously, as with any problem, it is better to avoid it entirely than to go through so much trouble solving it. How can you do that? Surprise, surprise! It’s actually quite easy.

Since ants are tiny creatures, they can easily access the confines of your home and become an insufferable pain. It is good if you can stop them from even coming in to your house in the first place. What you do is that you seal your windows. Any and all entries for cables, pipelines and wires should also be sealed off properly.

There is one last thing that you can do.  Like with any living thing, ants need food water and shelter to thrive. You can try your best to seal off their access but due to their resilience and small size, they will still manage to find some way into the house. Keeping the house clean will be a more effective preventative measure against an ant infestation. Whenever you are done eating your food, make sure you clean up thoroughly afterwards, store your food in sealed packets or jars, barring any access to ants and regularly sweep the floors.

Get Solid Home Ant Control Via Professional Products From Solutions Pest & Lawn

At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we carry high quality professional insecticides that are guaranteed to kill ants. These are pesticides which exterminators have in their arsenal when hired to treat people’s homes.  

When it comes to ants you find inside the home, the best method of control is baiting. There are a number of baits we carry in stock here at Solutions, and the best one depends on what type of ant you have. By properly identifying the ant, you can then be directed to bait products specifically made control said ant. Not sure what type of ant you have. We can help you identify the ant here at Solutions Pest & Lawn. Just send us a photo of the ant at identification@solutionsstores.com and we’ll have our entomologists properly identify the ant and suggest treatment options.

If you want to act now and show those ants you’re serious about getting rid of them, we highly recommend that you order our convenient Guaranteed Ant Control Kit. This kit contains all of the best products to effectively get rid of the entire colony of the ants that are making life miserable.

For more information, please contact us at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com. We will be happy to address your questions or concerns

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