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How to Get Rid of Ants in the House

Nuisance is a word that you commonly associate with ants. But they’ve got a family larger than your own. You’ll rarely see a single one of these creepy crawlies alone and even if you do, that would mean that the others are nearby. They’re attracted to sugary treats and some species can lift objects of more than 10 their own body weight. Take that, Arnold Schwarzenegger! You may not consider ants to be much but they can pack a powerful punch if they’re in swarm. Here’s the inside scoop on ants.

About Ants

There are close to 10,000 different species of ants. This number is peanuts when compared with the number of actual ants in the world. While some ants have been known to bite, many will also stay docile and mind their own business unless provoked.

Some species can swim by forming a raft over the water surface, moving along by the surface tension. They are also known to farm other animals such as aphids. They will tend for the aphids, protect them from falling prey to their natural predators. They’ll also form a shield in the nests of aphids from heavy rain. In return they get the sweet nectar known as honeydew from the aphids. Don’t be surprised if they have a green thumb, too.

They don’t breathe using lungs because they don’t have any. They’re so petite that they have spiracles on each side of their body connected internally through tubes to carry carbon dioxide from and oxygen throughout their miniscule bodies. They hear through vibrations of the ground they’re on, they don’t have ears like humans do. Another fact: their skeletons are on the outside of their bodies. The exoskeleton that they have protects their inner workings from the elements.

They’re organized and they help their kind out. Those ants who explore and forage store some of the food into the second stomach. They feed the workers in the hive who may be tending to the queen and other duties. How nice!

The fact that they’ve been around for almost 130 million years doesn’t change our contempt towards them. We squash them the moment we see them. But they are a problem when in our homes as they rummage and forest through our leftovers, making a mess as they tread everywhere. Plus, some of them are known to bite and that bite can be poisonous as well; strong reference to fire ants, here. So what should you do if you are faced with an army of ant invaders?

Getting rid of the Army of Ants Invading your Beloved Home

  1. Diatomaceous Earth

Marine phytoplankton remains to the rescue! The food-grade diatomaceous powder consists of the fossilized remains of these marine creatures. It’s been used in bug killing powders as well as pet food. It’s also used to treat dogs and cats of fleas and other parasites. Another use of this food grade diatomaceous earth is to get rid of ants.

The sharp edges of the diatomaceous earth can cut through the strong outer coverings (exoskeletons). They’ll dry out from inside out. Just pour out the diatomaceous earth on your window sills, cabinets, on the floor and anywhere else that you see ants. Don’t allow moisture to come into contact with the DE powder, otherwise it won’t work. Sprinkle the DE powder daily on those areas and pretty soon ants will be nowhere to be seen.

Solutions Pest & Lawn has an excellent diatomaceous earth product we have in stock which we highly recommend called Alpine Dust.

  1. Borax

This compound is sold under many brand names for detergents commonly used to wash clothes. It’s particularly lethal to and very effective against ants. The best parts: they’re attracted to the smell of borax and it’s widely available at any supermarket. Mix one-part borax with three-parts sugar granules. Add water to that mix to create a syrup. Spread that syrup near openings and corners where you suspect the crawling insects are hiding or enter your house from. That’s sure to kill off the ants.

An effective way to kill off the ants using borax is to create some appetizingly sweet jelly, using borax and the jelly mix in the ratio 1:1. Put the mixture out on a plate near the areas where you saw the ants.

Unfortunately, borax is also toxic, so make sure that your pets are nowhere to be seen. If you have small children, make an extra effort to keep whatever mix you create away from their reach.

  1. Cucumber Peels and Cinnamon

The bitter the vegetable, the better the result. Place fresh cucumber peels everyday wherever you find ants. They can’t stand the taste of cucumber and the bitter taste is more intense near the peels. You can use cinnamon powder near entryways and near your food.

It’s important to remember that wherever you use these powders, place them after planning. Don’t go sprinkling powder and placing syrup everywhere. Do it so that ants find a way out and don’t return.

  1. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is undoubtedly one of the strongest spices in the world with a Scoville reading of about 30-50 thousand units. Ants leave chemicals behind to allow others to navigate and find their way to food and back to their nest. Cayenne pepper will mask the trails if sprinkled near the openings where they’re thought to enter, or near the food. It will force the ants to look elsewhere for their food.

If their nest is inside the walls, and you sprinkle it near openings and holes, the ants outside will not find a way to get back to their nest and will go somewhere else.

Avoiding Infestations

Infestations of ants are the worst possible thing imaginable. Loads of black dots everywhere. The best way to avoid getting an infestation is to keep a clean environment. That means whenever you have food with the family or one of your kids finishes their breakfast or has a cookie, clean up immediately.

This sounds pretty straight-forward, but if you won’t give ants a reason to invade, they won’t.

Not A Home Remedy Fan? Solutions Has Professional DIY Products for Ant Control!

You can still conduct DIY pest control and get rid of ants without needing to resort to home remedies, and professional DIY products may give you the results you seek faster than the remedies we mentioned above. At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we carry high quality professional insecticides that are guaranteed to kill ants. These are pesticides which exterminators swear by when hired to treat homes.

When it comes to ants you find indoors, the best method of control is baiting. There are a number of baits we carry in stock here at Solutions, and the best one depends on what type of ant you have. By properly identifying the ant, you can then be directed to bait products specifically made control said ant. Not sure what type of ant you have. We can help you identify the ant here at Solutions Pest & Lawn. Just send us a photo of the ant at identification@solutionsstores.com and we’ll have our entomologists properly identify the ant and suggest treatment options.

If you want to act now and show those ants you’re serious about getting rid of them, we highly recommend that you order our convenient Guaranteed Ant Control Kit. This kit contains all of the best products  to effectively get rid of the entire colony of the ants that are making life miserable.

For more information, please contact us at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com. We will be happy to address your questions or concerns.

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