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How to Get Rid of Ants in Garden


Leave food or sweet items out in the open and you would quickly have an ant invasion. They may not cause much harm if you find them in small numbers. It’s normal to find a small number of ants but if they begin expanding their colonies outside your house, you would find them everywhere and it could get difficult to get rid of them. Your garden is where you would find anthills and this is where the problems begin.   Some ants will like to establish in a structure, or in the soil.  

In order to get rid of them, it is important to kill the source. If they keep expanding, the infestation would spread even inside the house and you may have to deal with ant bites and the possibility of them invader your food, and driving you crazy.

Remove their food sources

Identify what is inviting them in the first place. Always clean up after having dinner outdoors. Don’t leave food uncovered. Remove food crumbs or leftovers so that ants, insects or other pests don’t start taking over your garden. Even after night parties, clean up the mess. Use disinfectant or anti-bacterial surface cleaners to clean outdoor furniture so that no odor gets left behind.

Other insect populations might be an issue, it is important to try and reduce their food source and it is not always just human food, there is honey dew, etc. that will attract certain types of ants.

Take a bowl and mix water with detergents. Soak a sponge and clean the table, chairs and stove. Sweep and mop the floor. Keeping your outdoors clean is the key to keeping ants, insects and pests away.

Clear all piles of debris from your garden or yard as that provides a place of shelter for the ants. They are sources of shelter for the ants so remove the clutter to prevent ants from coming in the first place. Limit harborage areas that are inviting and allows them entry to your home or structure.  Don’t put out the welcome mat to ants in your area.

Furthermore, make sure that your garbage is sealed as the unpleasant odor from fruit and vegetable peels invites pests and insects. Either place rocks on the lids or get chains to tie the lid. This would also prevent it from being toppled over.

Use soap water

Make a mixture of lukewarm water and washing detergents. Pour the mixture in the anthills to kill the maximum number of ants. This drives ants away to relocate. Soap is effective as it sticks to the ants and drowns them.

You can also try pouring the mixture around the dark corners of the house, in flowerpots or wherever you find them in large numbers.   

The soap and heat may kill some ants, but this will not be a long term solution, and most likely you will need to think about using a ant control bait.

Use diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is effective in repelling insects and pests. Apply the powder around the perimeter of the house, outside the doors and around anthills. DE gets washed off when it rains, pets walk over it or when you sprinkle your garden. It needs to be re-applied to effectively keep the ants away.   It does work very slowly so is this is your only solution then you will want to be patient.

The ants that are present in the anthills will die as they absorb the powder and dehydrate.

Get ant bait

Place ant bait wherever you find a trail of insects and around the ant hills. Ant bait is food mixed with poison; therefore, if one ant consumes the granule, it takes it back to the nest and kills the other insects. This is effective in bringing down the population of ants or keeping them at bay.

It takes a few days to see effective results; thus, place the bait in small amounts around the perimeter of the house, directly in the trails of the ants that you are seeing.  You can apply the Ant-Trax’s Ant Gel Bait on the pavement and the hidden, sheltered corners outside for maximum benefit.

Essential oil sprays

Some essential oil or citrus sprays have been effective in keeping the ants or insects away. Get tea tree oil or citrus sprays or make your own at home. Spray the solution around different nooks and corners of the house, including anthills. The spray may kill a few ants that receive the dosage; otherwise the strong smell repels them.


Mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spray around the house, on the pavements, anthills and the dark corners. Just like essential oil sprays, vinegar would kill those ants that receive the dosage. The strong smell of vinegar is effective in repelling ants and other insects.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is also an effective deterrent against ants because of its citrus properties and strong smell. Mix lemon juice with water or pour everywhere that you find ant trails or anthills. You could also use the mixture as a spray.

Use boric acid traps

Take small bowls and mix boric acid powder with sugar to trap and drown the insects. Place the bowl around those areas where you find the insects or anthills. You could either mix a liquidated solution of sugar or any other syrup in boric acid to attract the insects.

Another solution is to apply the combination on cardboard box pieces and place them wherever the ants are. Make sure that you don’t place them near outdoor furniture or stoves because it has boric acid. Keep the pieces where they wouldn’t invite pets or young ones. The risk is that the sweet solution might invite other insects. Therefore, as soon as you find insects trapped, replace them.

Even though boric acid may not kill the insects immediately, the poison would work when the insects go back to their colonies and ingesting it.   The boric acid will take some time to work, and if you want something ready to use, then look at at an ant bait, that will be attractive to ants.  Non-repellent insecticide will help to foam into areas of the cracks and crevices, Fipro will work to help you eliminate the entire colony.  

Go for the insecticides that the Pro’s Use

When you need a quick solution in case you are having guests over or the ants have been getting inside your house, use pesticides directly in the entry points or on the anthills, trails and everywhere else that you see them.

Use a combination of these measures in rotation and repeat them for several weeks until you manage to get rid of ants.


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