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How to Get Rid of Ants from your Bathroom


Is your favorite room in your home aka your bathroom, not the sanctuary you’d want it to be, anymore? Has it been taken over by an army of tiny crawling creatures better known as Ants that are pretty much everywhere you see? If yes, don’t worry – we’re here to save the day and tell you all about how you can reclaim your safe space and get rid of any and all ants – permanently.

But first, a little something about the ant's themselves.

About Ants

Ants are one of the most common and diverse insect species out there. There are over 12,000 known species of ants found all over the world. For beings that are generally smaller than a full centimeter, they are surprisingly strong – ants have the ability and strength to lift as much as 20 times their body weight.

Quite social, ants of all kinds and types live in large colonies with hundreds of thousands of members – this essentially means that if you’ve found one or two ants anywhere, it’s quite likely that a lot more are lurking nearby. Quite similar to bees, they also have a Queen that breeds an entire colony. The queen can live up to a good 5 to 10 years, sometimes even more.

Ants live in surprisingly well-established social circles. Their colonies are divided into various groups of workers. The queen and the superior male members of the colony are those who have wings. The low female workers of the colony do not have wings nor do they have the ability to lay eggs. The ants regularly release a pheromone trail so strong that stays long after the surfaces have been washed away. This trail enables them to retrace their steps to all the places that they’ve been before. This is one of the reasons why an ant infestation is so recurring.

As explained above, the sheer variety of ants is staggering. They differ from one another considerably depending on the species they belong to. As such, the treatment of an ant infestation may also sometimes vary.  

How to Get Rid of Ants in the Bathroom and Prevent a Future Infestation

Much like many other insect species, ants are also quite attracted to moist, dark and damp spaces and the bathroom is one of the favorites. The stagnant water puddles in the bathroom, the often clogged drains, along with the sweet smells of the bath salts, perfumes, lotions, toothpastes and soaps all lure the ants into migrating towards and staying in the bathroom. There are quite a few ways to get rid of an ant infestation – permanently.  

  • De-Humidify The Bathroom

As mentioned earlier, ants love a good moist area to build their homes in. The best thing to do is to crack open the window, or switch on the exhaust just as soon as you’re done using the bathroom. Don’t leave the steam clouding the bathroom – it literally calls out to the ants. This will also prevent the stagnant puddles of water from forming on the bathroom floor.

  • Rid Of Stagnant Water

If you have children who like to splash about in the bathroom, it’s quite likely that there are large puddles of water in the bathroom after they’re done with the bath. Any stagnant water body, regardless of how small or big it may be is a breeding ground for ants. As soon as you or your kids are done taking a shower, take a mop and run it around your bathroom to clean it up. What’s more, you might want to wash your bathroom mat on a regular basis too. Since the mats usually absorb water and don’t dry so easy, they can also become an ant’s festering point. We’d suggest replacing the mat entirely every couple of months.

  • Fix Your Plumbing  

Dripping pipes, faucets or leakages all cause water stagnation and pooling. If you find any plumbing issues in your bathroom, don’t delay them to look at at a later date – take care of it as soon as possible. Left unchecked, you could be fostering an ant infestation.

  • Unclog Those Drains

Bathroom drains, especially sink and shower drains that become clogged by human hair are one of the most favorite locations for ants to make their homes in. Ants are attracted to human hair especially when it’s stagnant in place and wet. Regularly clean and unclog your bathroom drains not only to get rid of an ant infestation but also to prevent one from reoccurring in the future. Drains are also a favorite of other big bugs such as cockroaches – so you might also want to keep that in mind when leaving the drains clogged for too long.

Use Ant Baits

In case you have really large ant infestation issues, it’s best that you use ant baits to get rid of them quickly and forever. Either you can make ant baits yourself at home by combining a few drops of peppermint oil, mixed with tea tree oil and cayenne pepper in a spray bottle of water and spraying it on the walls, floors, and drains and other damp corners of the bathroom. The ants will be attracted to the bait and will die once they come in contact with the solution. A thorough cleaning of the bathroom after a few hours will ensure that you get rid of the ant residue as well. The go-to bait we highly recommend using Ant-Trax Ant Gel Bait.

Insecticide Sprays

There are a number of specific insecticide sprays and drain clogs available in the markethere at Solutions Pest & Lawn. Buy a specific ant spray and carefully and generously spray it within the corners and other damp areas of the bathroom. Leave it for a few hours or a day or so and then thoroughly clean after.

If you are unable to get rid of the ant infestation even after experimenting with all the above mentioned remedies – it might be time to call in the professionals. 

Solutions Pest & Lawn recommends a high quality insecticide such as reclaim IT to act as a barrier to keep ants away or else succumb to the lethal poison.


Ants in the home can be a pain, and when they begin hanging around your bathroom, it can be a particularly annoying issue. However, by equipping yourself with the products we suggested, you can overcome even the toughest to control ant infestations. To make things easier for you, we have placed all the necessary products for a successful ant control program with our Guaranteed ant control kit. Order it today and be that much closer to being ant-free.

For more helpful pest control advice, call us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us on our website and we’ll be happy to assist you.



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