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How to Get Rid of Ants

There is nothing more annoying than walking home to find out a horde of ants are throwing a party in your home. These ants although may seem harmless, once they start crawling over your food and spread all around your entire home you will understand what torture really means. Banishing these little ants can be incredibly challenging, however it isn’t impossible! Here’s a concise guide on tested methods that can help you get rid of ants once and for all. 

You can’t defeat your enemies until you know who they are! Here’s a little information about your little enemies.  

About Ants

Ants are categorized as eusocial insects, which means that they have cooperative brood care and overlapping generation within a single colony. This colony includes a division of labor that is further categorized into reproductive and non reproductive groups; this specialized division of labor creates the highest level of organization of animal sociality.  

These ants form colonies that differ in size that could range from few ants and to an entire colony of highly organized ants. These colonies of highly organized ants are defined as super organisms as these ants operate as cohesive unified entity as they work each ant serves a purpose in the colony and work collectively to help each other. This proves that your enemy is highly organized and prepared, but you can still wipe them out by considering the following steps.  

Steps that will help you get rid of ants for good!

The following are tested steps that will help every homeowner get rid of ants for good:

  1. Understand the colony

The queen is the heart of the colony and in order to eliminate these ants for good you will have to target the heart. The queen doesn’t leave the colony and constantly reproduces more ants to increase the strength of the colon, while being protected and fed by worker ants. These worker ants are the ones that leave the colony to scrounge for food, killing them won’t help at all as the queen will keep producing more ants. This is exactly why you will have to understand the colony and try to find where the colony resides.  

  1. Follow the trailing ants

The next step is to follow the trailing ants in order to find where exactly the colony resides, this may seem unnecessary but it is a crucial step in getting rid of ants for good.  Keep an eagle eye on the ants in your home and try to find out where they are coming from and where they ants are going. Every trail of ants is either scrounging for food or is heading back to the colony, follow the trail to find their home or every effort on your part will be useless.

  1. Bait the ants

So how exactly do you target the queen? Well you go fishing by setting out bait for the worker ants. Instead of killing the worker ants, use them to your own advantage.  By now you should know where the trail of ants is, simply place the bait strategically in a substantial amount. Spray the bait with ant killers or use insecticide bait and just sit back and relax the worker ants will take the bait to the queen and will kill her! Not only will you end up assassinating the queen but you will also end the future populations!

What type of ant bait to use depends on what type of ant you have. By identifying the ant species you can then be led to baits that the ant will be attracted to. Among the best ant baits we recommend include Ficam Insect Bait as a general ant bait, Extinguish Plus Fire Ant Bait for Fire Ants and Advance Carpenter Ant Bait for Carpenter ants.

  1. Don’t start cleaning

Once you see that the worker ants have taken your bait please do not start immediately cleaning the crumbs and the aftermath of the ants. What you have to realize is that this is a long process and you have to patiently wait until you can start cleaning the crumbs away. Once the queen has been assassinated the worker ants will then start eating the bait and will also start dying at an expedited rate. We would recommend cleaning all other food sources and spreading the bait all around your house to make sure each ant has been taking care off.  

  1. Start spraying as much as you can

Finally the last step in eliminating ants for good is following the trail and spraying insecticide in order to effectively kill each ant. If the trail leads you to an outdoors or even inside, just spray as much as you can in order to make sure that there are no survivors! Take your time and try spraying the entire perimeter of your home as ants tend to break free from the colony once the queen is dead.  A great insecticide sprays that you can use as a barrier around the perimeter of your home is Reclaim IT.

We would like to note that if you are also using bait (which we highly recommend) that it’s best not to apply the insecticide in areas where you have baited as it would render the bait ineffective. Ants need to take the bait back to their homes and if sprayed with insecticide they will not go near it.

Preventing an ant infestation

Prevention is the best cure for anything, especially when it comes to ants as they tend to keep coming back with more intensity. This is exactly why you should not only follow the steps mentioned above but you should also make sure that these ants never come back.

The infestation usually sprouts when there are food sources all around the home, so cleanliness is key in preventing an ant infestation. We would recommend cleaning the kitchen and other areas that food is consumed in order to make sure that the remaining ants have nothing to feed on. Furthermore to prevent an ant infestation you should try to cover up all minute cracks and crevices to make it more difficult for ants to access your home, consider sealing all windows, openings and wire entry points. Once you have followed all of these steps please don’t think you are done, always keep an eye out to make sure your enemies never come back.  


Ant populations can quickly get out of hand if you don’t intervene, so it’s best to take a proactive approach to ant control. One way you can really let those ants you mean business is to equip yourself with our convenient Guaranteed Ant Control Kit. This kit contains all the best products that we mentioned above to effectively get rid of the entire colony of the ants that are plaguing you.

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