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How to Get Rid of A Mouse


Mice are listed in the top hundred worst house invaders and for all the right reasons. A mouse in the house can be a real nuisance but that’s not the biggest part of the problem. The bigger problem is that mice are not lone hunters. They travel in packs and form colonies wherever they go. They are fast breeders and if you see one in your home, the odds suggest there are more hiding about.

These furry little rodents can wreak havoc in the house if not taken care of immediately. Mice invade people’s homes in search of warmth and food. They are especially active during winters and eat mostly fruits, seed and grains. However in extreme circumstances, mice will eat just about anything to survive and might even resort to cannibalism, meaning female mice will eat its babies to survive if it needs to.

Mice can be found in almost all climates and environments in a variety of different shapes and sizes. These nocturnal hunters can be difficult to detect and even more tricky to catch. Unlike rats which are more cautious of changes in their surroundings, mice tend to be more curious but are startled easily.

Mice are colorblind but all other senses are sharper than other animals in the same category. They have strong teeth and jaws that can penetrate through wooden walls to enter our homes. They also chew on electrical wirings and cause a total failure of the central heating and cooling system.

Setting mouse traps

We have been hard wired to believe that the best type of baits for mice is cheese. This is not true though. Mice eat foods that have high carbohydrate content. This includes foods such as peanut butter, chocolate and bacon. You can also place string and cotton balls in mouse traps which attracts mice because they use it to build their nests in winter.

Set the traps in multiple locations around the house. Areas with more activity should have at least six to eight traps. Dark, unused basements and attics are especially popular breeding grounds and should be targeted first. Mice droppings are the best way to indicate mice activity but if you notice bite marks in pantry items, then that is also a sign.

The objective is to catch the mouse. Mice are a health hazard and disease spreading rodent. Do not take them lightly. They might make cute pets but they can be a nightmare in the wild.

Good quality glue boards

Sticky glue boards can easily be purchased from hardware shops or at Walmart. These are really effective against fast, nimble creatures such as mice. Place the glue boards under dressing tables and in dark corners. A mouse hunting for food will get stuck and will not be able to escape. However do not set glue traps unless you have discovered the source of the infestation.

Electric Zap Traps

Some people are hesitant to kill mice but honestly it is more convenient to kill them and dispose them rather than trying to catch it alive. If a mouse is trapped, it can become really aggressive and even hurt itself. Zap traps function by delivering a small electrical current for an instant and painless kill.

Poisoning with bait stations

Residual poison pills can be dangerous for kids in the house. They might even kill the cat instead. People generally tend to avoid using bait stations. Bait stations are steal traps opened at one end. There is poisoned bait placed inside the trap. As soon as the mouse enters to take the bait, the door closes and the mouse is trapped. Upon eating the bait the mouse is poisoned and dies slowly. Disposing the dead mouse is much easier though. Remember where you place bait stations though. You do not want a dead corpse rotting away in your home.

Repellant Sprays

Most anti mice sprays that are available are a hoax and not at all effective. They do irritate the mice but that is all that they do. It is not enough to get rid of them. Do not waste money with repellant sprays when it comes to dealing with mice infestations.

Going All Natural

There is no better exterminator than a cat. You can get one to solve all your rodent problems. Cats effectively eliminate rats and mice. Having a cat around scares the rest of the colony to migrate to other locations.

Turn to Solutions for Mouse Control

Solutions Pest & Lawn has all the mouse control products you need to get the job done in eliminating your mouse problem. From traps--which can be either humane or lethal (like the Snap-E Mouse Trap  or  Tin Cat Human Mouse trap), to rodenticide baits (like Eratication rodent bait ), you can equip yourself with the best tools to do away with your mouse infestation. You can make your mouse control program all the more convenient by purchasing our Guaranteed Mouse Control Kit which contains all the best products for mouse control in one package.

Preventing a mice infestation

Mice enter the premise through holes and cracks in the walls, windows and doorways. Mice use their sharp teeth to bite through smaller holes, making them bigger. Seal all entry points with steel wool and caulk to prevent them entering the house. Applying weather stripping can also assist you in this matter.

General cleanliness and good hygiene can also prevent mice showing up at your door. Do not leave crumbs and bits of food around the house inviting rodents and insects to the party. Clean up after meal times. Air tight jars can help store nuts, grains and cereals and prevent access to mice.


A mice infestation can get out of control really fast. If nothing works, do not waste any more time and call a real, licensed exterminator to help you out in the matter. They are especially trained with years of experience dealing with all kinds of infestations. However, the Do It Yourself products we have here at Solutions Pest & Lawn can deliver the results you want in getting rid of your mouse problem.

For more helpful DIY advice, call us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us on our website and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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