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How to Get Rid of A Snake


Out of every pest on the planet none can scare the living daylights out of you than a snake can. It doesn’t matter if it is poisonous or not, a slithering snake crawling about your garden or worse yet, entering inside your home can send chills and shockwaves down your spine. Your heart might skip a beat and you certainly won’t be sipping a cup of tea and relaxing like these women in the above picture.

You would be happy to know that a majority of snakes in USA are not poisonous and they only lurk around your garden to feed off the garden pests. But that certainly does not mean that they are a sight to look at. After all, a snake is still a snake and it will make your scream and creep you out like any other snake.

The worst things is that if a snake or two settles in your garden then it will be a matter of time when it will start breeding and you might end up having tiny snakes slithering about all over your garden.

What are snakes?

Snakes are long and legless reptiles that belong to the family of Serpentes. They are cold blooded creatures and vary in different shapes, colors, sizes habitats and behaviors. They are carnivorous and can be poisonous or not depending on their type. There are more than 3000 species of snakes worldwide and you will find snakes in every continent except for Antarctica because they are generally found in hot and humid climates.

Their defense mechanism is to bite when they feel threatened and they usually coil around their prey to trap them before eating them. They don’t chew their prey but slowly swallow them and let the digestive juices in their stomach consume the creatures. Their mechanism for survival is not for taste but for filling up their stomach so they will tend to swallow whatever small pest or creature they get their fangs on.

Clean Up Your Yard

Snakes don’t come into a clean garden so if you have weeds, tall and uncut shrubs that already has other pests such as wasps, worms or rodents then you are inviting snakes to the yard as well because they feed off these creatures. It’s a natural food chain that nature has made. So if you eliminate garden pests then your snake problem will be gone for good. Hire a gardener if you lack basic gardening skills or pay someone to mow your lawn for you regularly. The cleaner the yard or garden, the more easily you will be able to locate any slithering pest lurking about your property.


You need to spray your garden with a strong insecticide to repel and kill off any garden pests. If you don’t any snake food then you won’t have any snakes in the first place. You can get  an insecticide such as Riptide here at solutionstores.com and your garden pest problems will be gone in a matter of days.

Pets and pests

They love to eat rats, mice, moles, squirrels. They even prey on small pets or farm animals such as chickens, puppies or newly born kittens so make sure that all of your pets are inside. If you have outdoor pets then keep them safe in their cages or homes ensuring that no snake creeps inside.

Snake repellant

If you have seen a snake slithering about your garden and you don’t have the courage to go and kill it directly (lets face it, not everyone is Steve Irwin nor should you attempt to be like the next big reptile expert) then getting a snake repellant is the best thing you can do. Just apply it around the pots and plants where you saw it crawling about and it will do its magic immediately. The snakes will be instantly repelled by the strong odor of the repellant and crawl away somewhere else. As long as it’s not in your yard, it is not your problem right? You can get a snake repellant from solutionstores.com such Snake Scram and eliminate the snake problem right away.

Another snake replant such as Snake Out makes the air surrounding your garden or backyard smelling really unattractive to them that they have no choice but to turn away and not look back twice at your garden.

Organic snake repellants

Apart from using your regular snake repellants, you can strengthen the process by planting some natural snake repellants in your yard.

  • Lemongrass—they hate the strong citrusy scent

  • Marigold—their scent repels them and they avoid the area like the plague

  • Mother-in Law’s tongue—not the real one! But a plant called variegated snake plant. It has sharp leaves hence the affectionate nickname. They don’t like to slither around the sharp leaves and stay away from these.

  • Pink Agapanthus

  • Sarpagandha

Snake obstructions

Scatter some pine cones, holly leaves and even eggshells around the garden and they will stay away from your garden easily. They don’t like to slither and move around places that would damage their or prick their skin and these work best to steer them away.

How to prevent snakes

The best way to prevent snakes is to eliminate all the food sources or attractants for them.

  • Seal off any cracks, crevices or gaps around the house so that they can’t enter.

  • Keep your garden or yard always trimmed and mown. Don’t let any weeds or grass grow past the length that you can’t locate the snakes hiding in them.

  • Use insecticide regularly to kill off all the garden pests.

You can rest assured that if you follow all the methods correctly you will never have to encounter any pesky hissing creatures in your garden or house again.


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