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How to Get Rid of A Rat


About the rats

Rats are mammals and therefore warm-blooded creatures that come in different colors and forms. These rodents carry all sorts of diseases, and can cause major health hazards to the health of the household if not taken care of effectively. Rats have two long sharp teeth with which they chew and gnaw into nearly any item to get to food or shelter. They burrow holes into empty wall spaces, attics and porches, etc.


  1. Block all entry points

The rats are quite flexible and can easily work their way through holes and any opening it can find. The first step to avoid rat infestation at home is to seal all the holes. Carefully scan your house for opening near vents, electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, spaces underneath doors and gaps in the walls and block all these areas. Use mesh wire and other material like wood putty and plaster to  caulk the possible places from where the rat can scurry into your home. Trim your branches short and block holes in the attic as rats can climb easily on the roofs and enter into the gaps in the attic.

  1. Cleaning your home

Make sure all food items are kept in sealed containers and jars. The dishes should be washed immediately. And the table and floor should be vacuumed right after every meal. Use air tight lids to close the trash cans. Throw out the trash in sealed tight bags. Sweep, wipe and dry the kitchen and washroom floors. Use bleach and disinfectant to main effective hygiene and sanitation of the house. All areas should be clutter free and kept tidy and organized. This will make the house less inviting for the rats to form their colony.

  1. Capturing the rats

Before catching the rats inspect all areas and signs for rat infestation and locate the burrows of the rats. For example, if you fecal dropping following traces of it or listening to sound on the ceiling or roof of the house etc. Rats are curious and aware of their surroundings. Unlike the fables, these rodents are not extraordinarily geniuses with ability to talk, but they do have keen observation skills. Set the traps carefully without raising any suspicion amongst the rodents. There are various traps that can be set for them. These are as follows:

SNAP TRAP: Use more than one trap and place at different locations. Use large size wooden or plastic traps to catch the rat. Put bait on the trap to lure the rodent towards the device. Once it has been captured set it free further away from home or kill it instantly. You can either go traditional with the Victor Professional Wooden Rat Snap Trap or use the Snap-E Rat Snap Traps. Both promise a really quick and powerful kill.

LIVE TRAPS: This trap is large and designed using wind mechanism that is activated by touch. The trap can be place near entry points. The moment the rat enters the hole, the door mechanism gets activated and throws it into the trap. Once the rat is caught, it should be released in far way forest or some other area where it cannot cause any harm to or harm people.

GLUE BOARDS: In order for glue boards to be effective. The glue should beextremely adhesive and large enough to hold a rat. Place glue boards all over the place once the rat walks over it the rodents will get stuck. Keep an eye on the traps that have been placed so that it can be covered with a box or container to prevent the pest from escaping. Since, the glue might not be sticky enough to hold a large rat.

There are also multiple options when it comes to glue boards here at Solutions Pest & Lawn. For instance we have JT Eaton Stick EM Rat/Mouse Glue Tray, Trapper Rat Glue Boards, and Catchmaster Rat Glue Boards . These boards are strong enough to get even the biggest ugliest rats stuck.

ELECTRONIC TRAPS: These traps electrocute the rats and kill them instantly. Use them when rat infestation is at an extreme level and can cause serious health hazard for you. Zapping the rats is more effective means of controlling the rat population.  It is activated by batteries and baits like nut paste or dog seeds are used.  2 examples of such traps are RAT ZAPPER CLASSIC and RAT ZAPPER ULTRA RODENT TRAP.

  1. Poisoning the rodents

Rodenticides are toxic baits use to kill the rats. It comes in form of pellets, block or meal. Use secure bait stations when using such toxic substances. Few examples of such poison are as follows:

Solutions Pest & Lawn has some terrific rodenticide bait. Best of all is Eratication, which is exclusively made in house by Solutions. It has a special peanut butter scent and flavor that rats will not be able to resist when scavenging for food. There are other baits which also work great like JT Eaton Bait Blocks among others. When using baits we suggest using a bait station to keep the baits safe from the elements and to ensure pets and childrens don’t snatch up the bait and come into contact with it.

  1. Repelling rats with ultrasonic sounds

Electronic ultrasonic repellants are quite effective in keeping the rats away. It can be used indoors and outdoors to deter the rodents. When the rats come near the device the motion activates a sound that can only be heard by the rats. Few of the electronic repellants are charges with batteries while other are powered using solar energy.

The other Electronic Ultra sonic repellant consist of an LED light. When the device gets activated by the movement of the rat it not only triggers the ultrasonic device but gets the light to flicker scaring the rats away. The ultrasonic sound is only audible to the rats.

Solutions Pest & Lawn has a number of ultrasonic noise makers such as Transonic PRO - Ultrasonic Pest Repeller.

Playing the piper

We all can’t be pied piper of Hamelin that drove all the rats away but using these measures effectively are enough to work its magic and drive the rats away.

We hope this article has been helpful in you figuring out a method to capture or kill your rat the way you prefer.  If you ever need more assistance with your rat problem, we are always available and ready to answer your questions and concerns by phone (800-479-6583), email (askapro@solutionsstores.com) and via online live chat.


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