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How to Get Rid of A Possum

By looking at a possum, you probably wouldn’t feel scared or repulsed in any way. Just like other marsupials, possums (Didelphis virginiana) look quite cute. They too, have the pouch that is common to other marsupials, where their young are nurtured. Just by looking at a possum, you wouldn’t be able to guess why people find them a nuisance. That is, until you step out one day and find the contents of the garbage can littered all over.

That’s the only crime possums are guilty of. They don’t usually attack but it’s just the need for food that makes them mischievous. And for food, they can even fight with your pets! If possums are living anywhere on your property, they are likely to surface sometime soon, in search of food. Once they realize that they have a steady source of food, it would be difficult to make them move.

Don’t fret though. The possum is not there to stay. Using the right repellents and traps, it’s possible to get rid of the soon-to-be pest.       

About Possums

They belong to the family of marsupials and since they can give birth to 7-10 pups at a time, attracting one to your property is definitely the last thing you’d want. The only thing that can work to your advantage is that they are solitary animals so full-fledged invasions are out of question. However, even a single possum can be a nuisance.

If there are any abandoned burrows or nests on your property, make sure you get rid of them. Possums are not hardworking animals and hence, they occupy already built nests rather than doing the work themselves. Make sure that there are no such places in the vicinity and the possums will surely move on, looking for a more suitable place for themselves and their family.

They may look cute and innocent, but beware. Although they have short legs and don’t give off a dangerous vibe, those legs are quite functional. And then comes the tail. In order to make up for the short legs, Mother Nature has gifted them slick tails, which they use to their advantage. The tail helps them climb trees and is a useful tool in stealing food.  

Different methods to help you get rid of Possums - For good!

Given below are different methods that are designed to help every homeowner get rid of possums once and for all!  

  1. Use Repellents

The best and non-toxic way to get rid of this innocent looking pest is to use repellents. Household ammonia is a powerful repellent but any store brought repellent is bound to have more effective results. Chemical repellants are easy to get from any store and are the easiest way to get rid of the pesky animal. Just make sure the repellant you use isn’t poisonous as killing the small creatures is not the only way to get rid of them. There is no need to resort to violence when you can easily chase them away from the property.

Here at Solutions Pest & Lawn, we have a great repellent which can ward off possums called Nature's Defense: All-Purpose Animal Repellent. Made with all-natural ingredients that create an irritating scent barrier to repel pest animals, you can lay these out around your home and possums will know to stay far away.

Another nice repellent product which can work to stave off possums is Detour Rodent Repellent. This is a hot pepper repellent that irritates the possums' sensory nerve endings, driving them out of the treated area.

  1. Trap Them

A lot of people might opt to kill the animal but under some regional laws, that might be illegal. The most humane way to get rid of them after hunting is to set traps for them. Since they are nocturnal animals, this strategy will only be effective if you set the traps at night. Ensure that the traps are not deadly. You can then just trap the little pests and release them in the wild.

Of course, there’s always a chance that they might return but you’d have to take preventive measures for that. You can use rotten meat, grapes, melons, bananas and even a peanut butter sandwich to catch the quiet critter.

Solutions has the perfect trap to catch a possum called the Havahart Live Trap which can be used to effective and humanely trap a wandering possum on your property.

  1. Set up the danger of potential predators

You’re going to need the help of your pet for this one. Possums generally avoid places where their natural predators reside. If you have a cat or dog, let them roam the surrounding area. Possums have a heightened sense of smell and they’d catch onto the trail of your pet. Knowing that a potential predator is in the area, the small critters are going to stay away. If you don’t have a pet, borrow a friend’s pet and make sure to scatter a few pet hair around the building.

  1. Utilize Motion Activated Resources

Being nocturnal animals, possums are generally afraid to show themselves in light. Thus, for the little ones, motion-activated lights will work perfectly. Mounting motion-activated devices around the boundary of the building will startle and eventually scare the possums away. If you have to deal with adult possums, the motion-activated lights will not be scary enough and you’d have to take it a notch higher by installing motion-activated sprinklers.

Solutions Pest & Lawn has a motion activated noise deterrent called the Yard Gard Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. This product produces high-frequency soundwaves which can irritate & annoy possums while being silent to humans. Possums will be terribly bothered by the noise made and will seek peace and quiet elsewhere.

Preventing Possums

There are a lot of ways you can get rid of possums but what’s to say they won’t come back? That’s why it is important to take preventive measures. Ensure that the area around the building doesn’t appeal to the pests. You can do that easily by removing any food source that may attract the small critters. Don’t leave your pet’s feeding bowls outside, don’t scatter bird seeds and definitely pick up any fruit that drops from the trees.

If possums find a suitable place to stay, they will take it up and will make your life miserable. You wouldn’t want that. So, you have to make sure there’s no cover for the possums to hide. Check the area regularly to clear away any abandoned nest or burrow.  


It can be frightening to encounter a possum on your property. However, with the help of the steps we have provided above and the product recommendations that are proven to work, possums will not want to be anywhere near your home.

For more pest control DIY advice and tips, you can call our toll-free number at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com

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