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How to Repel A Mouse

Has your home been invaded by mice? Are they driving you insane? Are you reaching the point where you are considering hiring the expensive and highly inconvenient services of an exterminator? You need not worry. There are a few ways to get rid of the pestilence without burning a hole in your pocket and leaving the comfort of your home.

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Mouse Traps

You have seen it done in cartoons throughout your childhood. Does Tom and Jerry ring a bell, anyone? Mouse traps are the go-to solution for anyone facing the dread of a mice infestation. The thing is – mouse traps are a thoroughly tried and tested means to capture these rodents. Solutions Pest & Lawn carries among the industry’s leading brands. Among them we carry the Snap-E Mouse Trap which is an easy to set up snap trap and delivers a powerful and quick death blow to an errant mouse in the home

What is the ideal number of mouse traps you could use in order to catch them? The more the merrier. Mice have a nasty habit of breeding frequently and multiplying at an alarming rate. You can set up about 6 or 7 traps at the same time in different places in your house.

Where should you place the traps? Mice do not strut about in open spaces. Ideally mouse traps should be placed near where they live. You can roughly locate where they live by using a very special investigative technique: Follow their droppings. They also like to hang around a lot of enclosed places like underneath furniture, cabinets and closets. Basements and garages are also a favorite due to lack of human presence.

Once you find out where they have been most active, place the mouse traps along the walls at a right angle so that the trigger for your traps are closer to the walls since these guys tend to stick closer to walls. Be sure to wear some sort of gloves when you are handling the traps so that you do not leave any scent on the traps. Mice have a very keen sense of smell so they may avoid the traps if they can smell human presence. If you fail to catch any mice in a few days time, it is advisable to change up the location to increase your chances of catching them.

Now if you are using a humane approach and using live traps for these critters, you may want to be regular while checking on the traps. Check twice a day and if you see them, you can take them out and set them free otherwise they may suffocate and die. Solutions Pest & Lawn has several glue boards to choose from to capture mice like the Trapper Max Mouse Glue Trap, Victor Tin Cat glue boards, and even the Catchmaster 72 MB glue board which has an added peanut butter scent which mice can hardly resist getting close to.

For another non-lethal trap alternative we suggest the Tin Cat Human Mouse trap. This trap can amazingly capture up to 30 mice at a time. Once caught you can then release them to the wild or do with them as you please.

It is a good practice to clean up any evidence of mouse activity like droppings and such so that you can gauge if there are more mice to catch. You can rest assured that you have caught them all once their droppings are no longer there after a few days. 

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Poisoning and Baits

Resorting to use methods that can kill mice is something that can be a bit of a moral dilemma. Some people consider it cruel. You can overlook that and ease any guilty thoughts since mice are known to carry dangerous diseases. Many would consider the well-being of their family over the rodents’ lives. It is a personal decision but if you do decide to use poison, there are a few precautions that you should take.

Among the top rodenticide products we have here at Solutions Pest & Lawn includes Eratication rodent bait which has an enticing peanut butter scent and flavor which mice will find difficult to pass up. Other options include Kaput Mouse Blocks and the popular JT Eaton Peanutbutter Bait Blocks.

When using bait, it is also wise to equip yourself with a bait station, such as the Aegis Mouse Bait Station, to place the bait inside since it will keep the bait from being out in the open where children or pets can get to it.

When you are handling poisoned mouse baits, make sure you are using gloves so that you can avoid any contact with the poison yourself. It can be harmful for you as well.

Do not place your baiting stations out in an open area. Just like how you would place mouse traps, place your baits near areas of mice activity in places that are hard to reach.

Make sure that you do not place the baits outside your home. It can become a potential danger to any pets if they accidentally eat it.

Lastly, you should store all the extra poison or baits in a sealed container that is out of the reach of children and pets. That is imperative!

Going All Natural

Mice are very low on the food chain and one of their biggest threats also happens to be a favorite house pet. Contrary to what we might believe having grown up watching our favorite cat and mouse duo, Tom and Jerry, cats really are an effective means to take care of your rodent problem. Population control will happen without you having to lift up even a finger (given that your cats are not lazy and spoilt).

Professional Exterminator

All of the methods stated above are good solutions but if you are not a cat person, or your cat won’t catch mice to even save its own life, and you have been trying but unsuccessfully to get rid of the mice, there is the last resort. Hire a professional exterminator. If you have gone on for weeks unsuccessfully, it would be a wise decision to spend some money and hire a professional since mice are able to breed frequently and can grow exponentially in population.

Hiring these guys is not something that should harm your ego. They exist for a reason. Due to their training, they are more likely to be attuned to the evasive tactics of the mice. They will use better baits and can help you identify the areas which you should seal off so that mice cannot gain access to your house. They will also follow up to see that they have done their job.

Of course, while hiring professionals be sure to check their credentials and compare the services being offered to you by different companies in order to get the best package.


Try out the tips laid out above and soon enough you will be free from the annoyance of mice in your home. You can make your mouse control program all the more convenient by purchasing our Guaranteed Mouse Control Kit. This kit contains all the products necessary in a special kit which comes with a 100% guarantee that it will totally eliminate your mouse problem.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via email at askapro@solutionsstores.com or call us at 800-479-6583 and an expert will be happy to assist you.

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