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How to Get Rid of a Mattress for Free


Are you spending all your nights tossing and turning in your bed because something has been biting you like pins and needles all over your body? Has it been going on for weeks and months and you’ve finally have had enough of it? And then ultimately you have come to the conclusion that there will be no peace in your life until you get rid of the god forsaken mattress?

There’s only one thing that could have driven you to take such a decision; insects! And loads and loads of them. It happens in the dead of the night, when you are tired of scratching and scraping at your skin and the sleep is pulling you to unconsciousness but another itching bite has woken you up again. So you turn on the lights, lift off the covers, pick up the pillow and there you see it: a sight that could have stopped your breath for a moment.  Tens and hundreds of bed bugs crawling around. Or perhaps they are fleas. But whatever those things are, one thing is for sure, your mattress is officially infested and there’s no way you are going to lie back on it again.

And so the question arises, how do you even get rid of this mattress without stirring any trouble with the neighbours? It wouldn’t exactly be normal if you grab your mattress and toss it out of your balcony, shrieking and shouting at the bugs. Or the next thing you know, you are getting arrested.

So here what you can do instead to get rid of your mattress.

  • Try Donating

But wait. Before you take your bug-infested mattress to someone who needs it, you need to take care of the bug issue. Or at the very least, inform the party about the infestation. In case your mattress is bug free and your reasons of getting rid of it is something else, then feel free to give it to someone who could use it. Make sure, the wear and tear is least though.

  • Repurpose

Again, you can only do this once you have treated the bug issue. Which is quite easy and we’ll be sharing it with you later. Once you’ve had the mattress treated, you can try giving it new life. Take your mattress to a guest room, or maybe resize it for your pets. You’ll find various DIY ideas for reusing your mattress.  

How about saving your mattress and getting rid of the bugs instead?

That’s right. If your mattress is infested then chances are your bed is too. In fact all your clothes and beddings and pillowcases are infested too, and there’s no way you can get rid of them all. Solutions Pest & Lawn has the tools necessary to eliminate bed bugs from your mattress and keep it for longer. So here’s what you can do instead:

  • Active Guard Mattress Liners

Active Guard Mattress Liner is a mattress cover of sorts that help you with killing the bedbugs effectively while also letting you sleep without a hitch. This mattress line is one of its kind because instead of just trapping bedbugs, this one actively kills them while entrapping them. This liner multitasks by also keeping the rest of the bed, furniture and cloths safe from the fast breeding bedbugs. This mattress liner keeps on killing and actively working for up to eighteen months.

  • The Clean Brands Pro Bed Bug Cover

The Clean Brands Pro Bed Bug is a mattress cover which encases your mattress and protects it from all sorts of insect infestation including bedbugs, dust mites and fleas. Additionally, this pro mattress cover comes with a warrantee of 15 long years. With a product like this, why would anyone even want to get rid of their mattress? This is a zipped cover which completely secures the mattress inside with proper clasps and locks. This cover should be left encasing the mattress for one year to see fruitful results.

  • B&G Accu-Spray Professional

If you are more of a go big or go home kind of a person then this B&G Accu-Spray Professional is for you. This spray has a hand pump, a carry pouch and as tip for cracks and crevices. This allows you to mix the insecticides (such as Flex 10-10), pour it into the bottle and then use &G Accu-Spray Professional to treat every single crack, crevice and nook in your bed. When the insecticides will reach all the right corners and hit home, you’ll be looking at a pristine, bug free mattress by the end of the month. And all thoughts of getting rid of the mattress will fly right out of the window.

  • D-Fense Sc Insecticide

D-Fense SC Insecticide is a safe pesticide to be used on mattresses and kill bedbugs. This pesticide is used as a perimeter treatment and kills the infestation of more than one insect. Try this pesticide and watch as fleas and bedbugs die right in front of your eyes. Keep it up, and the next thing you know, you’ll be sleeping peacefully on the same mattress you were thinking of throwing away not long ago.


Running away from problems is much easier than deciding to stay and fight, but the results of the latter are much more permanent and lasting. Similarly, you can always get rid of your mattress, but that would never mean getting rid of the infestations. The happiness will be short-lived. Try the above methods and enjoy a lasting peace.

For more helpful DIY advice, feel free to reach out to our experts by phone at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us on our website.

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