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How To Get Rid of A Mattress


When you wake up in the morning, does your back feel stiff? Are there visible stains or any frayed edges, which are making your mattress feel uncomfortable?  Maybe your precious mattress has been overrun by bed bugs? These signs mean that you need to get rid of your mattress asap. 

Unfortunately, mattresses are not that easy to get “rid of”. There is a proper process involved. You cannot just leave a mattress on the street or throw it away in the dumpster. Do not be that person who leaves their mattress in a landfill!

Let this article be your guide on how to get rid of your mattress the right way.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Ask the retailer

The best thing you can do while purchasing a new mattress is ask the retailer if you can exchange your old mattress with a new one. This usually means, selling your old mattress to the retailer and adding some money on top to buy another one. The retailer will probably dispose it correctly or recycle it. Retailers can also talk to local mattress recycling companies so they can discard your mattress the right way. You might just get this done for free!

  1. Be a kind citizen

Giving away anything to charity is the kindest thing to do, and in this case, it is extremely eco-friendly as well. Charity organizations will come and pick up your old mattress from your house for free. Once they take it from you, it is up to them as to where and who they give it to. They can give away to some poor family who needs it. Or they can sell it to raise money for their organization.

  1. Sell it

So what if you think your mattress is old and useless. There might be people out there looking for a cheap mattress since that is all they can afford. It isn’t unheard of for people to buy mattresses from garage sales, and use it in their homes. If you are willing to sell your mattress, you can check out stores online, which can make the job easier and will guarantee a response.

  1. Free to collector

If you are having trouble selling the mattress or cannot find a charity to give the mattress to, you can also try going for an advertisement. But you will need to make an offer which would be “free to collector advert.” What looks like junk to you could possibly be someone’s treasure.

  1. Revival of the mattress

Try fitting this mattress somewhere in your house. Give this mattress another chance by putting it into your guest room or any other room which is not used much. You can use it as a resting spot for your pets or use it as a play space for your young ones. Try to be creative with an old mattress!

  1. Call recycling centers

This method requires a little extra effort than the ones mentioned above. You will need to gather your determination because you will have to find and drive your mattress to a recycling center. A mattress won’t usually fit into a care, so transporting it will not be the easiest job in the world. But once you get there, you will get help. The recycling center will then dispose your mattress in an eco-friendly manner.

  1. Your local authorities

There is a chance that your local authorities have a service that removes large and spacious items. This service is not provided by all local authorities. The ones that do provide this service will be a little costly, but they are doing your job!

  1. Recycle it

The easiest and the safest option is calling up a mattress recycling service. The main reason these businesses exist is so they can collect and recycle your mattress the correct way. The agency collects the mattress from your house and then will begin the process of recycling them. They will take the mattress apart and use every single part of it, so nothing goes to waste. There is a fee attached for this, which are usually just their charges for collecting the mattress from your home.

  1. DIY Recycling

This method is for the people that are looking for an activity. For those of you who want a challenge, try disassembling and recycling your mattress yourself! The best mattress for this job is the one with springs. When you are taking this mattress apart, you can use the coils in various creative ways. The fabric on the mattress can be used at home or donated to someone who might need it.

  1. Completely dispose the entire mattress

If the options provided above were of no use to you, this method is for you. You will have to disassemble your mattress and cut it into small pieces. The pieces should be small enough to fit into your garbage can. Remember to dispose it little by little rather than disposing all of it at once. Although, it will take you time to get rid of it completely, you can do this without having to pay any additional fee.


You should not burn your mattress ever. This is extremely harmful to the environment and your own health. Do not fly tip. Fly tipping is when you dump your stuff into public areas. This is illegal and not right! Always try finding ways which can benefit your society.

Don’t Want to Get Rid of Your Bed Bug Infested Mattress? You Don’t Have To!

Bed bugs in your mattress doesn’t necessarily have to mean a death sentence for your bed. You can still keep your mattress by conducting a thorough and well-planned bed bug control program to eliminate the bed bug infestation on your bed and in your home so your mattress can be saved. A good bed bug control program will involve a good inspection and equipping yourself with high-quality bed bug control products. From aerosols (like Pyrid Aerosol) to bed bug dusts, we have all you need.

Get the best products all in one convenient package by ordering our Solutions Bed Bug Control Kit.


Getting rid of a mattress may or may not be what you want to do because they can be quite pricey to replace. If you are on the side of those who do not want to get rid of your mattress just because of a bed bug issue, there are options to get rid of those bed bugs and save your bed with the products we carry at Solutions Pest & Lawn.

For more helpful how-to advice or info about our products, contact us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us on our website!



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