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How To Get Rid Of A Ground Mole


About moles

Moles are furry mammals with curvy claws and strong legs. It happens to be a good swimmer and has omnivorous eating habits. It can eat insects, earthworms, mice and at times their own kind. The moles dig deep tunnels into the ground. The burrowing causes mounds and ridges to build around the tunnels. They can burrow into your garden and form deep tunnels causing the landscape to be affected.


  1. Catch the mole in the hole

Moles may spoil your mowed lawn and even destroy the roots. Not to mention the mounds and hills makes the garden look aesthetically displeasing. If the moles have taken complete control of your home, you need to trap them. There are various techniques and approaches used for mole traps. These are as follows:

SPEAR TRAP: This trap consists of spikes or spears with spring attached. It is lodged into the hole and the moment the mole makes a movement the spring gets triggered and the mole is instantly killed.

SPRING LOADED TRAPS: This device is placed inside the tunnel or next to the mound. When the mole tries to come out of the burrow the spring is triggered, immediately crushing the mole.

BUCKET TRAP: Identify the tunnel and dig deep, place a bucket inside the tunnel, and cover it with dirt from both sides. The trap will have to be checked regularly. When the mole digs into the buckets and enters it. You can instantly cover it with plywood or some other kind of lid. The bucket can then be taken further away from your home and the mole can be released. It is a much more humane way to eliminate the mole problem. Especially; if you support animal rights or are the member of the PETA group.

CYLINDER TRAP: Such traps are designed to catch a mole and then release it. The device is cylindrical in shape or comes in a box form. The trap has a one way door. The cylinder trap is placed inside the tunnel, once the mole enters the cylinder case it cannot escape the trap. Once the pest is trapped it can be released further away from home.

TALPARID BAIT TRAP: This device consists of jaws and a yellow pedal, and a bait. Place the trap inside the tunnel and wait for the moles to get trapped into the jaws. The double spring is triggered allowing the pedal to move above the ground and letting us know the mole has been captured. The mole can then be released to a distant place.

  1. Erecting barriers

In order to prevent the moles from entering the yard the house perimeter should be fenced with proper metal wire or can be filled with concrete or gravel. Dig deep enough to plunge in the fence or fill in the gravel. This approach makes it difficult for the moles to burrow their way into your ground. It should be at least 2 feet beneath the ground. The trench should be deep enough to fill the gravel. It should be 24 to 36 inches deep and 8 to 12 inches wide. Fill the gravel and smoothen it with dirt and soil.

  1. Filling the tunnels with water

The key to make this approach effective is to find the active tunnels. Usually the holes will be closer together. Use a hose pipe and put it into the tunnel until the water over fills each and every tunnel and escape route. Soon the moles will start to pop out of the holes. At this point you can try to catch as many moles as possible. It would be easier on you if this approach is adopted as a team work. You may need more than just one person to catch the pests. Fill the trench with gravel and cover it back. Use a bucket to catch the moles and release to some faraway mole friendly habitat.

  1. Bait, poison, and repellants

When it comes to using baits, poisons or repellants, Solutions Pest & Lawn is your one-stop shop for all you need to eliminate your ground mole problems.

Mole Scram: It comes in granular form, scattering the granules all over the ground and the tunnels will force the moles to escape.

Imidacloprid: The granular form of this insecticide is most effective in killing insects, grubs and earth worms. When food supply of the mole has been limited the rodents will have to relocate elsewhere to find food.

TOM CAT: Is a poisonous insecticide. It consists of poison filled earthworms. It contains insecticides that kill the moles immediately.

Talpirid Mole Bait: The bait resembles and smells like earthworms and contains the chemical Bromethalin. Once the moles ingest the bait the insecticide kills them within a day.

  1. Smoking the moles

Use gas bombs like the revenge rodent smoke bombs are poisonous. In order for it to work effectively you need to identify the nest and throw in the smoke bombs. Repeated application of the gas bombs will eradicate the moles.

Digging deeper

The moles are usually harmless but do cause major damage to gardens and other green landscapes. Eradicate insects, keep soil dry enough and barricade the perimeter of the house with gravel. All such preventive measures will save you the trouble of catching the moles and damaging your garden.


Ground moles can do a whole lot of damage on your yard but if you take heed of these tips and equip yourself with a quality bait or trap you can immediately get rid of your ground mole issue. For more helpful information and DIY advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone at 800-479-6583. You can also email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with us on our website.


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