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How to Get Rid of a Ghost

So how do you get rid of a ghost? And no, I’m not talking about the movie here. How do you actually rid them yourself? Well we can give your some advice but you first need the following prerequisites if you want any of our tips to be effective:

  • Don’t watch the tape. It only gives you 7 days to live and you might end up down Samarra’s well.

  • Do not adopt haunted children, who live on cherries and have a dark secret, in the first place.

  • Don’t shame anyone; God knows when that might drag you to hell.

  • Cast a circle, try to get the ghost into a scapegoat through a ritual and kill it when the goat becomes possessed.  

  • Sorry, it’s a bad time to be an atheist.

How do you avoid them from causing trouble?

Befriend them

Remember Wendy became friends with Casper, the friendly ghost? Why don’t you give your friendship with a ghost a shot as well? Who knows, they might end up saving your life.

Scooby-Doo is your go-to guy

I mean just look at these guys. They’ve been tackling monsters for years so how can you miss them? Call the gang. You never know when the ghost might actually turn out to be a real person.

Help them see the light

Remember Oscar Wilde’s Canterville Ghost? Throw pillows at them.

Unless you want the late-night clattering of chains and blood stains on the floor in the morning, help the ghost cross into the afterlife. Who knows, you might get a set of precious jewels.

Warm up to the entity

Try warming up to the ghost. Who knows, it could be an actual person in a coma stuck between the life and the after-life. Remember Just Like Heaven?

Be like the detective Sherlock Holmes

Go ahead. Find out about the historical events of your house. Who built it? Who were the owners? How old is the house? Get a historical record of every owner that had lived there. Who is the ghost? Why is it there anyway? What happened to it?

Or are you the chosen one? Okay no, enough with the goosebumps! Figure out the historical significance of you house and why the entity has attached itself to it. Has the entity come to deliver a message from the afterlife? Is there any unfinished business? Is it there for revenge? Lend a listening ear, what is the ghost trying to communicate?

Tell the ghost to leave

Yeah, why is it trying to invade your personal space anyway?

Tell it to cross the afterlife already.

Tell it that you belong in that place now.

Tell it that the afterlife is where its eternal peace is. Be the candle in the dark. The ghost may not even realize that it’s dead. Politely tell it to go into the light.  

Offer your blessings. Be the well-wisher. Define your boundaries. Tell it to move on and see the light. Don’t get harsh or aggressive though. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the ghost, not literally – don’t even go near their possessions.

Let it be

Some ghosts may just be trying to have fun with you and play pranks on you. You may find that your shoes are not in their right place, or the clothes have been replaced, or objects moving around in the air with an invisible hand etc. Scary as it is, if you find these funny and are not harmed by it, you can just let it be and occasionally not acknowledge that it is even there. Even the dead may have a sense of humor.

When the going gets tough….

Leave the house asap

The last things you want in your home are entities that have not yet crossed over due to being sinners in the past life or looking for revenge. It can be all that mischief that you have read in books…and it could get much worse. Messing up with them is a big no-no. Don’t even think about it, no matter how tempted you are to annoy them. Leave them at peace. You don’t get to stay in the same place; it’s theirs to begin with. It’s their property. You cannot simply own it.

Call the Ex…Exor…Exorcist

Exorcist! Exorcism! Don’t these words send chills down your spine? Mainly because it reminds you of the scary incidents in The Exorcism of Emily Rose and, who can forget the classic…William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist? Nonetheless, they are your ultimate solution. Don’t go about tackling the ghosts on your own. There are people especially trained to perform this task the right way. Don’t risk yourself as it may result in your death.

When you are unable to leave the house due to tough finances or when the spirits have latched themselves onto you, consult the church.


Holy Water

This is your temporary solution. Sprinkling holy water around the house or the rooms most haunted could make the ghosts go mad and aggressive. If the ghosts get stubborn, there would be a need to perform cleansing rituals with the help of an experienced person. Smudge all the rooms, windows, doors and passageways.

When it gets to that, be the wiser person. Don’t let anyone mess with the spirits as they could be evil. Let a professional handle the situation and if you can afford it, relocate! You can’t order the ghosts to leave if they have settled.

Have you ever felt your hair rising on your head, that sudden chill and cold rush of the wind and felt like being watched or suddenly waking up at 3 am – the ungodly hour? Or almost as if there was a presence? Whooosh!!

Did you Come Searching For How to Get Rid of Ghost Ants?

Were you meaning to search for a way to get rid of ghost ANTS rather than ghosts? Well, you can either disregard our advice or keep it for when you do encounter a ghost in your house.  The ghost ant control tips you seek can be found by clicking here.

When it comes to ghost ants, Solutions Pest & Lawn has the tools and advice to make you a ghost(ant) buster!

For any more helpful pest advice, who you gonna call? Solutions! Our phone number is 800-479-6583 and you can also email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com.



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