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How To Get Rid Of A Bee Hive


About Bee Hives

Beehives are constructed by the worker bees. The nectar sucked by the worker bees is converted into a waxy substance that is used to build each hexagon shaped cell to build the honeycomb. Once the honeycomb is completed tit form a well-structured bee hive. In each cell lies the egg and larvae of queen honey bee. The queen honey bee stay in the beehive and the worker bees store honey in the honeycombs. Beehive can be found in trees, mountains, caves and buildings.


  1. Preventive measure before removal of beehive

Make sure you are not allergic to bee sting as it can be lethal. Wear light-colored and smooth textured clothing with proper head guard and gloves to protect your face, hands, and body.   A good beesuit is recommended.  The honey bees can get agitated by dark colors and rough textures. Avoid wearing any kind of perfume or cologne, the scent can be mistaken for flower nectar by the honey bees. Use a bee smoker it keeps the honey bees calm.

  1. Finding the bee hive

Check the trees, damages walls, ceiling, chimney and attics, etc. the honey in the beehive can damage walls and ceiling. It can be an indicator for beehive. Chimneys are a protective hidden location for honey bees to secure their colony. Be very carefully while removing the beehives.

  1. Selecting the season

The best time to get rid of the beehive is during late winter and early spring as the honeybee population is quite low. As a result, it can easily be removed with less hassle from the bees. Apply insecticides in the beehives during afternoon as all the honey bees will be present in the hive. Eradicating the honeybees will help in removal of the honeycomb and prevent the relocation of honey combs. Repeat the process until all honey bees have been killed. Then destroy the beehive and dispose it off. The holes or cells can be filled with cement, silicone or foamed. It will prevent other honey bees from entering the honeycomb.

  1. Thumping the bee hive into the super box

If the beehive has recently been relocated or build thump the whole structure into a hive super box with frames in them. This is similar to the ones owned by beekeepers.

  1. Relocating the beehive

Another option could be to use some e kind of decoy or bait to make the honey bees relocate their hive further away from your home. Use smoke to relocate the beehive. Once the smoking method has succeeded, clean up the residue of the beehive and honey bees and clean the areas to prevent new colonies from being formed.

Once the honey bees have evacuated or have been killed you can knock down the bee hive.

  1. Smoke the hive

Use this method during morning time when the honey bees are outside the beehive. Try to carry out the task when the bees have left the hive empty. Use a smoker and light the fuel pellets. Allow the smoke to pass through the hive and calm the bees in the hive. Remove the beehive using a scraping tool and put it inside and enclose box with a tiny hole for them to breathe. The beehive can then be given to beekeepers or bee farms.

  1. Using a cloth bag

Place the cloth bag carefully over the entire beehive and cut the nest from the tree. Tie the bag and seal it to prevent the bees from escaping. Take the bag to the bee farm.

Final thought

Take all the precautionary measures needed to safeguard yourself before eradicating beehives. It is a dangerous task and must be delicately handled. Make sure to read plenty of guide books and watch videos to learn and be aware of how to remove beehives. Wear protective clothing, carrying a smoker and insecticide is compulsory.



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