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Scorpions belong to the class of arachnid; these arthropods are closely related with mites, spiders and ticks and are usually found in desert areas. Scorpions burrow into soils and are known to survive for longer periods of time. They have poison that can cause a very painful sting so you will want them to be no where near you..

Methods to eliminate scorpions

  1. Safeguard your house from Scorpions

It is important to make sure that all holes, cracks and other openings are sealed tightly. The window and doors should be screened properly. Fix any leaked pipes and faucets and fix vents, air conditioners and cover any area from where the venomous creatures can climb through. Remove all sorts of bugs and insects as those are their favorite food to feast on.

If you live in a high scorpion area then keeping hiding and harborage areas cleaned up and clutter free will make your scorpion exclusion and hunt much more effective.

Moreover, clean up your living space and keep it clutter free. For example pick up all papers, towels, magazines etc. this will prevent the scorpions from having any place to hide. Remove all outdoor garbage; stones, piles of leave, timbers, etc.

  1. A match for the scorpions

These stingers are natural hunters with killing instinct but there are other animals that may be willing to put up a fight and wrestle with the Scorpions. Cats are natural predators; they dislike scorpions and will try to kill them. The cats might get stung by the scorpions but usually they do survive against the scorpions. Do make sure the cat is not someone like Garfield then you might be in trouble. The cat should have killer instinct and should be an Outdoor pet.

Keeping chickens as pet will be useful, provided you leave them open to wander around the yard or garden. It will walk around eating every insect it can find and cut off the food supply for the scorpions. Once the scorpions will not have any source of food it will move away from your property.

  1. Venom for the scorpion

There many kind of chemical products that can kill these stinging creatures away. Make sure you select the right insecticide to kill the scorpion. Bring out your inner hunting skills and pick the right poison to prey on the killer arthropods.  These are following insecticides useful in eliminating the scorpions:

CY-KICK CS:  it is an aerosol spray containing Cyfluthrin which is beneficial for both indoor and outdoor usage. It can be all over the yard and inside cracks and holes. It is an active ingredient and a liquid concentrate.

ONSLAUGHT INSECTICIDE: this product can also be used both indoor and outdoor. It comes in capsule form and contains an active ingredient called Benzeneacetate. Its effects are long lasting. The insecticide continues to release the chemical periodically for longer periods of time.

DEMON WP: is effective on contact or residual treatments. The insecticides consist of Cypermethrin1; make sure you use a gallon sprayer for the spot treatment of scorpions.

TALSTAR EZ GRANULAR INSECTICIDE: it is a granular form of substance comprising of the chemical Bifenthrin. Spread the granule all around the yard and surrounding of the house. and water it in to activate the product.  Will give you 90 days of control of insects in the lawn.

SUSPEND: it is a pesticide containing the chemical Deltamethrin used in the form of spray. It leaves behind coat of chemical that continues to kill the lethal creature for up to 3 months.

DUST INSECTICIDE:  products like, D-FENSE DUST and DRIONE DUST are very effective insecticides for indoor areas. A garden duster can carry large amount of dust insecticide which can be easily applies into cracks, holes and even the empty hollow walls, the side of doors, windows and even electrical wirings.

  1. Trap it if you can

Traps could be set up for the scorpions. Two methods of such kind are as follows:

STICKY BOARDS:  there are glue boards available to trap other kind of pests. Same approach could be used for the arachnid. As we are aware that scorpions; like to climb on walls these traps can be placed in different locations. Once the scorpion climbs onto the glue board it will get stuck on the glue. It can then be carefully eradicated as you see fit.  This method is also great to monitor if the population starts rising again.

DAMP BURLAP BAGS: place a wet bag on the surface at night time and move away. These vicious predators enjoy damp areas to hide underneath; it will easily get tempted to crawl under the moist bag. Once it goes inside the bag you can smash it with your foot.

  1. Cut off food supply

The scorpions love to feed on pests like crickets and fleas. Make sure that you vacuum the whole house and even the furniture and used insecticides to eradicate any pests. If you have pests make sure they are Flea free. Once the food sources will be minimized the scorpions would not find your home and appealing place to hang around and will move out.  Spraying a good residual insecticide on the lawn and perimeter, will help you control the food source and control the Scorpion themselves.

  1. Illuminate the scorpions

Before using any products make sure to use a UV tracker light it helps in making the Scorpio florescent and easier to find and eradicate. A black ultra violet light should be used during night time to hunt for scorpions. You could consider it a sting operation, a mission to kill all deadly scorpions. Shine the light around the yard and inside the cracks and holes. You will observe the scorpions will have a glowing blue color. Once it has been spotted they can be crushed or an insecticide can be used.


Even though scorpions seem scary, they can be taken care of like any other insects, with patienance and the right pesticide products.  When it comes to scorpion control, make sure you apply a long residual inseciticide on the exterior, and reduce any harborage area that will offer them a hiding place.  Make sure you get the lower surface contacted with the insected.  Add an extra layer of glueboards to monitor and you can rest assured that you are in control of the scorpions and you now know how to get rid of them.





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