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Solutions Pest & Lawn is happy to announce that we are carrying products from Green Gorilla. Green Gorilla is an innovative creator of high-quality pump sprayers that are technologically advanced and have become a highly convenient tool for pest control professionals. On this page, you can exclusively shop for all the Green Gorilla pest control products we carry in stock.

About Green Gorilla

Green Gorilla was founded by engineers and developed with a simple goal in mind: manufacture a dependable, high-quality pump sprayer that frees the user from the time-consuming task of pumping. Since 2008, they've been working hard to do just that.

Green Gorilla has built the First Intelligent Delivery System. Powerful enough to treat all day on a single charge, this intelligent sprayer will help your team work faster, spray more accurately, and with less fatigue. • Precision Chemical Control • Eliminate Pumping • Complete jobs up to 25% faster • Prevent repetitive motion injuries Green Gorilla has the solutions you need to give your business the edge.

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