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Gen 1.3 Gen III Controller Faceplate With Buttons

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Gen 1.3 & Gen III Controller Faceplate with Buttons. This product is an important component which assures the proper functioning of your MistAway Mosquito Misting System. While it may be rare, it is possible that the buttons stop working on your mosquito misting system controller.  In such cases it is necessary to purchase the "MistAway Controller Faceplate with Buttons" to replace the buttons on your MistAway controller.

Mistaway Replacement Part

Part number 21050

Target Pests


For Use In

Mistaway Mosquito Misting System


Mosquito Misting Systems were originally made for farms and agricultural sites to protect livestock from pesky flies and mosquitoes which liked to feast on cattle and horses but in recent years they’ve become a popular item for residential homeowners who want the convenience of enjoying their yard without the threat of mosquito bites.

Mosquito Misting Systems are a great form of mosquito control because they don’t involve much work on the part of the owner of the system after installation. Mosquito control for a homeowner usually would entail the hiring of exterminators who would charge exorbitant amounts to spray around the home or would be labor intensive for a DIYer who would have to manually spray chemicals around on a regular basis whenever they wanted to spend time outdoors.

The biggest advantage of a mosquito misting system is that you can operate it remotely and schedule times when the misting system would spray mosquito insecticides in the area. Outside of making the homeowner’s yard more enjoyable, mosquito misting systems main value comes from protecting a homeowner, the homeowner’s family and guests from:

1. The number of harmful viruses and diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, like Zika, West Nile etc.

2. Harmful mosquito control pesticides which leave a strong unpleasant odor and unsightly residue.

Solutions Pest & Lawn is proud to carry some of the best mosquito misting systems on the market, and while you could find the misting systems we offer from another dealer, there is a reason why buying a automatic mosquito system from us is the best option to take because we offer some outstanding perks you won’t find anywhere else:

We have the extensive knowledge and experience required to put together a mosquito system that is fine tailored to your property.

We have the industry expertise and training about the various misting insecticides and concentrates that can be used for mosquito misting systems and can determine which product can be the best for your situation.

We can deliver to you expert DIY advice and instructions so you can operate, manage and maintain the mosquito misting system yourself and not have any issues.

How To

Time:  less than 5 mins
Tools:  small Phillips screwdriver
Parts:  Gen 3/1.3 Controller Faceplate with Buttons (#21050)

1.  Remove faceplate from controller.

A.  Remove screws securing controller into Gen 1.3 cover or Gen 3 shroud.

B.  Disconnect controller completely from wiring harness, power and motor.

C.  Place the controller, display side down, on a flat surface.  Remove screws from four corners on back of controller with Phillips screwdriver.  
Do not remove the 6 stainless steel screws.

D.  Carefully remove the faceplate .  Do not allow the faceplate to dangle from the controller.

E.  Place on flat surface


F.  Disconnect the ribbon cable from the exposed board by pressing down on the clip and sliding the connector out.  You may need to wiggle the connector slightly to remove it.


2.  Replace with new faceplate.

A.  Connect the ribbon cable from the new faceplate to its connector on the board.  Verify that the locking tab on the connector is fully engaged.

B.  Place the faceplate back onto the controller.

C.  Avoid scoring the ribbon cable by ensuring that the rounded bend in the cable is pointed toward the case as shown, and not toward the display window.

D.  Replace the screws securing the controller to the faceplate using a phillips screwdriver.

E.  Reconnect the wiring harness, power and motor cables (color coded) to the controller.

F.  Secure controller to Gen 3 shroud or Gen 1.3 cover with screws.



Gen 1.3 Gen III Controller Faceplate With Buttons

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