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Fleas in your Yard? Not a Problem!

Elimination of fleas from your yard can be a challenging task. If you have gotten rid of fleas from your pets and house, you have won the battle; but the war still remains. It’s important that you de-flea your yard so that the fleas can’t enter your house through your pets again. Fleas can stay in your yard till they relocate to a new furry home. So you better get rid of those fleas for good and take preventative measures so that they can never take root in your yard again.

This will not prove to be an easy task. You have to be careful and thorough so that you eliminate all the fleas from your yard.  

Find Their Hiding Spots

Before you begin any kind of treatment, it is important to know where the intruders are hiding. Fleas usually prefer areas that are moist, shady, and warm. They often avoid open grass or places with direct sunlight. Pay extra attention to places like trees, fences, and garden furniture.

Chances are that there is more than one area infested with fleas, so be thorough with your search. A good trick would be to wear light colored socks and take a stroll around the yard. The black “flea dust” would be clearer on lighter socks, so you can easily determine which areas are infested and which are not.

Clean Your Yard

First things first, before you start your yard treatment, you must get rid of things like debris from your yard, as these places prove to be a natural habitat for fleas.

Getting Rid of Fleas

This is the real challenge. Since the yard covers a big area, it could take a few hours to cover all of it. Make sure you don’t miss any nooks or corners. There are several options that have proved to be helpful in getting rid of flea infestations.

Insecticides and Pesticides

Using pesticides and insecticides is always a good idea. These methods have proven to be fast and effective when it comes to getting rid of fleas from your yard. You must be extra careful while using these products though. Make sure you read the safety instructions and the product description to make sure they would not be harmful to your skin or animals. Always wear protective clothing, gloves, and a dust mask so that you don’t inhale any chemicals that might prove to be harmful. Safety always comes first, so no compromising on that.

Now comes the war

You are halfway through the battle, now it’s time to prepare your weapons for the war. But the question remains: how to kill fleas in our yard? There are plenty of products available that serve you as weapons against the fleas, and help you win. The best option is that you use the products available at solutionstores.com. These products have guaranteed positive results and are also recommended by management professionals.

Out of so many to choose from, here are our top picks. These products will be 100% effective. You will have a flee-free yard in no time.

Reclaim It Insecticide

This product is guaranteed to work 100% and will clear those fleas out in no time.Reclaim is one of our most popular products. It is used to not just kill fleas, but also termites, ants, spiders, and roaches. Reclaim is designed to target pests and kills them within the hour of spraying it. It is recommended that this product is applied after every 90 days to avoid any kind of reoccurrence. The spray application lasts for about 3 months.

Bifen LP Granules

If you are looking for a cheaper substitute for Talstar Granules,Bifen LP Granules is your answer. This product will provide you with a flea free yard for 90 days. Also, it doesn’t just work on fleas; you will be getting a yard which is free from other pests like scorpions, ants, roaches, and ticks as well. Now isn’t that icing on the cake? The result of this product will be yielded in 10-14 days.

Guaranteed Flea Control Kit

This is a dream kit which has all the best products that will help keep fleas and other pests out of your yard for a long time. Since fleas can reproduce quickly, it is recommended that you always use multiple treatments to make your yard flea free. This kit has plenty of products that will allow you to make several applications.  

We offer free shipping on our orders. Make sure you read the labels and the safety instructions before using any of our products. Remember to keep your kids and pets away from the treated area.


Now that you have gotten rid of all those nasty little fleas from your yard, the real challenge begins. You must use preventive measures to make sure your yard is not infested with pests and fleas again. The best one is that you always keep our lawn and yard dry. Wet grounds are like a second home for fleas, so as long as the yard remains dry, the fleas stay away. Another method is to regularly mow and trim your grass. If the soil is constantly exposed to the sun, the fleas will leave it alone. Keep applying these products regularly to get the best outcome and prevent future infestations.


In addition to all the above mentioned-products, we offer a wide range of pest control items that are recommended by entomologists. Try them now.

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