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How To Get Rid of Fleas With Flea Bombs

So you and your pet had a great time enjoying the weather outdoors, but the bad news is that your four legged friend is now extra itchy and scratching themselves like crazy. This is definitely not a good sign because once you notice your pet itching about inside the house, chances are your home is infested with fleas as well.

The good news is that flea infestations can be effectively controlled in a number of different ways. Some of the common control options is treating your pet, then your home and yard with a variety of different pest control products designed to eliminate fleas which we proudly carry here at Solutions Pest & Lawn.

The problem may be that you just do not have the time to invest in the grunt work involved in carrying out a DIY flea control program in your home. You may also at the same time not want to shell out the big bucks hiring a pest control professional to do a thorough flea inspection and treatment of your home. So what is a homeowner to do?

If you have a serious flea infestation and want to kill them all off without the hassle of too much work, a flea bomb may be the answer to what you’re looking for. A flea bomb is another name for a flea fogger.

What Exactly is a Flea Fogger?

A flea fogger is also known as a total-release fogger. They look like a small aerosol can except instead of having a button you press to release insecticide, you set it to be sprayed in an enclosed area and then the fogger permeates into the air (like a “fog”) and kills any fleas that come in the vicinity which ingests or comes in contact with the chemical.

There are a number of different chemicals that are commonly used in flea bombs to control fleas. Among them are chemicals such as Cypermethrin, Methoprene, and permethrin among others.

Depending on the brand, your flea fogger could contain one or more of those active ingredients (such as Precor Plug Fogger which contains both Permethrin and Methoprene as an IGR).

Flea bombs can be dangerous and it is required to leave the premises for a period of time once the fogger is set to allow for the insecticide to work and then upon returning it is required to air out the house before you can re-enter safely.

Check out our flea fogging products below and add them to your cart. If you have any other questions about these products or would like helpful flea control advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call, shoot us an email or live chat with us online.


Preliminary Preparation Before Using Flea Bombs

Before you set off your flea bombs, there are a couple of things you must do to achieve the best possible results and for safety reasons.


  1. Start by cleaning up your house thoroughly, especially vacuuming your home. Vacuuming in particular will forcing the fleas and their eggs out of their common hiding places.Vacuum up your carpets, couches, curtains, and your dog’s sleeping area and any area which your pet frequently hangs around.

  2. Wrap up your clothing and toiletries in plastic bags or wrapping sheets to protect them from the chemicals. Once the fogging has completed you can take them out

  3. If your have delicate belongings or indoor plants, move them outside to protect them from the poisonous fumes of the flea bomb.

  4. We recommend covering all floors of the room with newspaper and shutting all the windows tightly. Unplug all the electrical appliances and maybe it would be wise to go to the circuit breaker and shut off all power to prevent any fumes causing an electrical fire.

  5. If you are tasked with setting off the flea bomb, have a respirator mask to be on the safe side to minimize exposure to the chemicals as you set it and leave.

  6. Lastly, have something to do for the next 8 or 9 hours especially if you have family!


How To Set Up A Flea Bomb

Before you set up the flea bomb, make sure you read the label instructions carefully on the can to see how much fog is needed for the size of your home.


  1. After putting on a protective breathing mask, shake the flea bomb can vigorously to agitate the chemicals inside.

  2. Next, you will need to open the flea bomb canister by pushing firmly on the release valve. Do this strongly otherwise it will not go off or stop short during the fogging process.

  3. Place the fogger in the middle of the room and set it off and then rush toward the exit and close the door tightly behind you as the chemical releases.


What To Do After Returning From Flea Bombing

After 8 hours have passed, open all the windows and switch on all your home fans to let your home air out the residual fumes of the flea fogger. Throw away the newspapers and then thoroughly wipe and mop the floor and clean all surfaces.


We recommend you not vacuum your carpeting and curtains and curtains immediately as there still may be fleas that have not died yet from the fumes. Wait at least two days for the fleas to be killed by the residual effects of the fumes.


Two days after the flea bombing, vacuum up your carpets and curtains to remove all the dead flea eggs and larvae. The process may have to be repeated if there are still flea issues.


Things To Consider Before Using a Flea Bomb


It may be necessary to use more than one fogger if your home is large in size. A number of foggers needed to remove flea at home depends on the size of home. Luckily, when compared to our other professional flea control treatment products, flea foggers are a much cheaper option for flea control..


While there isn’t much preliminary work than needs to be done by the homeowner when using flea foggers, once a flea bomb is applied in your home, you have to stay away for at least eight hours. This may be inconvenient for you or others in the home.


Though it is true that a flea fogger fumes can get into cracks and crevices of any enclosed space it is set in, the truth about foggers is that the chemical fog cannot reach every inch of the area that it is released in. For instance it may not reach under the furniture, in closets, corners of beds and under the mattresses where fleas may be hiding.


Foggers are most effective when they are released in empty houses that are non furnished. If you were moving into a home, it is actually recommended to fog your house with a flea bomb or bug bomb before unloading and bringing in furniture.


Even after evacuating the home for 8 hours after flea bombing, the harmful effects of the flea fogger may continue for many days and sometimes may leave you with an lingering unpleasant smell and harmful residues.


When it comes to fleas, most flea problems are not limited to indoors but may be outdoors in your yard or on your pets so a flea bomb may have minimal effect unless you apply a full flea control treatment program that address all potential flea hotspots.


We recommend that before you re-enter your flea bombed home, go get your pets treated for flea infestation either via spraying them, using a flea dip or some other method to get the fleas off of them. Otherwise, pets will cancel out the success of your flea bombing by spreading fleas all over again.


It’s important to note that foggers for fleas may not achieve a 100% eliminate rate for fleas in your home. There are cases where the fogging chemical will not reach the fleas if they are hiding outside of the enclosed area or have retreated to a crevice where the chemical would not enter.

The experts here at Solutions do state that flea bombs do work but are recommended as a last resort if other methods have been tried. Using any one product alone to treat fleas may not achieve total control because it is best to use multiple methods and products to get the best results.

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