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Find a Guaranteed Yard Flea Control Plan Based on 3 Highly Effective Products

Enjoying some lovely time in a yard during the evening is a good activity to relax your senses and boost your inner peace. The moments spent there could range from absolute silence, a fun chit-chat with your friends and family, to playful activities with your kids and pets.

However, these perfect moments can be annoyingly interrupted by a sudden and sharp sting on your arm or leg. What’s more, you will not easily find this ‘unexpected invader’ anywhere near you.

Usually, these creepy little invaders are fleas. If your yard has been infested with them, a noticeable sign is frequent scratching by your furry friend inside the house, in the yard, and outside. If that is so, it is time you prepared to implement a yard flea control solution.

Here you will find the best solution to not only eliminate but stop the reoccurrence of flea infestation.

Guaranteed Solutions for Yard Flea Control

This infestation can be overcome and prevented with the right treatment at the right time. Remember that a flea has four different stages in its lifecycle and every stage requires a different product and process to eliminate the infestation completely. Here we will share a surefire yard flea control plan which involves three products offered by solutionsstores.com. The products are:

  1. Reclaim-IT Insecticide

  2. Novacide Spray

  3. Bifen LP Granules

Steps to Apply a Yard Flea Control Plan

To execute this plan for optimal results, take the following action first.

Identify the Infested Areas

Well, locating these areas does not mean that you take a magnifier glass and start crawling in your yard. Fleas enjoy resting in shady and moist areas. You have to identify these spots, which include:

  • Furniture

  • Trees

  • Fences

  • Dog kennel

When you are identifying and applying the treatment, wear clothes that can cover your body fully along with socks, gloves, and cap. If you catch allergies quickly, wear a mask too. So, here’s the plan which guaranteed to eliminate the flea infestation.

  1. Using Reclaim-IT Insecticide

This insecticide is effective against fleas and many other insects such as cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, etc. A good thing about this insecticide is that it is odorless, so this won’t cause allergy. It is also suitable to use in cracks and crevices inside the house.

Its application requires compressed air sprayer and a hose. 1-ounce of Reclaim IT suffices one-gallon water and an area of 1000 square feet:

  • Take the quantity as per the area to be treated

  • Prepare the mixture

  • Fill the sprayer and start spraying it on the identified areas

Don’t make it a light sprinkle. Use a generous quantity, especially on grass to allow its penetration deeper into the soil. It will start working within an hour. Reapplication is recommended in three months. You can buy Reclaim-IT Insecticide here.

  1. Spray Novacide

This is an aerosol, you to empty the floor as much as possible to get the most out of it. This insecticide includes IGR too for sustaining control of fleas and other insects. It is formulated with a combination of four chemicals. You don’t need any other equipment to apply it. Just keep the following in mind:

  • Like other aerosols, shake it very well to produce an optimum release of liquid inside.

  • When you are applying it, keep the can knee high, facing downwards.

  • One can is sufficient for an area of 2,000 sq. ft.

It starts working immediately and its effects will remain active for next seven months. Reapplication is recommended in six months. You can buy Novacide spray aerosol here.

  1. Sprinkle Bifen LP Granules

They are small grains containing Bifenthrin. You have to sprinkle them on the targeted areas and water them, so that they can dissolve and absorb into the soil. Its quantity of .75 lbs can suffice an area of 250 square feet. It will take between 10 and 14 days to take effect and act against the fleas and other insects. Reapplication of Bifen LP Granules is also recommended in three months. You can buy Bifen LP Granules here.

Solutionsstores.com also offers you all three products in Guaranteed Flea Control Kit with an extra can of Novacide aerosol. It means the kit will save you the cost of one Novacide straightly.

Preventive Tips for Yard Flea Control & Reoccurrence

There are more than a few internal and external ways through which fleas can infest your yard. They can enter your yard from:

  • Your own pet

  • Rodents

  • Neighbor’s pets

  • Close-by grass field or trees

  • Dirty and infected neighborhood

Finding these the root cause is necessary to avoid re-infestation. Other prevents tips are:

  • Keep your pets clean and frequently examine your pets for fleas. If you suspect, promptly use a flea control product for pets.

  • Fleas stay in longer grass. So mow your yard properly and frequently. The purpose is to keep the grass and shrubs to a height inappropriate for fleas to stay.

  • They also like moisture, so avoid overwatering.

  • Keep the yard clean and remove debris and piles of junk, especially under the shady areas.

  • The urban wildlife is an appealing factor as it creates a natural atmosphere. However, it brings the hazard of fleas too, so either reduce it or regularly check for tell-tale signs of fleas.

  • Fleas detest cedar, so plant a few around the corners.

  • Ensure there is enough sunlight. If some trees are blocking it, prune them.

  • Use insecticides periodically to avoid the reoccurrence. A highly effective insecticide at solutionsstores.com is Bifen IT Insecticide.  

Final words

By following these preventive measures and the above-mentioned yard flea control plan, flea infestation will not be a worrisome issue for you anymore.


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