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Solutions Pest & Lawn will soon have products from Ensystex. Ensystex has a number of products for termite control, general pest control and products for turf and ornamentals. This page is where you can exclusively shop for Ensystex products so be sure to keep this page bookmarked. 

About Ensystex

ENSYSTEX was founded in 1994 by pest control operators intent on changing the landscape of the professional pest control industry. To our knowledge, our effort represents the first time that pest control operators have ever started a chemical company intent on developing and marketing products for the industry.

In the face of a structural pest control industry dominated by a few large chemical companies, Ensystex fully understand why it has been difficult for many PCOs to take our small effort seriously, however the registration of our bait product, Labyrinth and our subsequent registration of a multitude of additional pest control products, should serve as a wakeup call to those that doubted the extent of our commitment or our willingness to devote the necessary resources to bringing these products to market.

More than anything else, the development of EXTERRA  and the Thor line of products is proof of what devotion to an idea by a small group of individuals working together can accomplish. Our ever increasing list of pest control professionals is proof that this idea has truly met the needs of our structural pest control industry.


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