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Easy Solutions for Silverfish in Your Home

Named because of their silvery grey hue, these insects are largely harmless; but if they are allowed to thrive, they can very easily inflict a lot of damage to your books, clothes, and even the wallpaper. Usually, when you see a silverfish, it is all too easy to spray some bug spray on it or smack it and kill it.

On the other hand, if you are getting too many silverfish hanging around your home, you should really consider that you have a silverfish infestation happening. Getting rid of them in large numbers can be difficult at times but with the right professional DIY pest control products on hand it can be done easily.

We have found some easy to create and use traps for use around your home, we cannot attest to any level of success.

Setting an Easy Trap

When they’re in your home, it can be hard to determine their presence other than seeing the occasional tiny holes in paper, cloth or even wood. The best thing you can do is to roll a newspaper, use tape to tie it around both ends.  

Now dampen it and leave it in a corner where you are sure silverfish frequent. By morning, the silverfish will have inhabited this roll of paper as you’re offering them food and a nice, damp environment to nest in. Throw out this roll or burn it. Repeat as often as needed to get them all.

Some Organic Solutions that are listed around the web as an option to control them in your home.

Apart from setting a trap for them, you can also make use of organic alternatives such as the following:

  1. Using Diatomaceous Earth – Used largely by gardeners, this is a food-grade, safe substance to use since it is dangerous only for insects. The sharp grains it contains cause harm only to the silverfish and if anything else ingests it, there won’t be any damage done. Sprinkle it liberally in areas and surfaces that are frequented by silverfish. Solutions Pest & Lawn has Alpine Dust and JT Eaton Kills Bedbugs powder which primarily contain diatomaceous earth

  2. Cedar Shavings – Apart from using diatomaceous earth, you can also opt to use cedar shavings around your house. They can get a bit messy so be sure to use them around areas where it’s okay to have shavings lying around.

  3. Spice Packets – Surprisingly, silverfish do not like the smell of spices and don’t like being in areas with spice around it. You can easily make small, teabag sized packets containing cinnamon powder, cloves and other spices that have a strong smell. Hang them in cabinets, and other places you want to keep free off silverfish.

  4. Lavender or Citrus Oils – You can also make a spray solution using lemon or lime juice or lavender essential oil mixed in water. Spray it liberally around the areas you want to keep free of silverfish. Both lavender and citrus scents irritate silverfish so you can easily keep your home clean and smelling lovely too.

The Pesticide Route

We would recommend that you do a very thorough inspection of the home inside and outside and see if there are areas that need some attention.

Look for damp areas, excessive leaf litter or organic matter to high and close the home and entry points.


Read More on Inspecting for Silverfish in and around your home.


Once you have eliminated breeding areas, identified possible entry points, then you will be ready to arm yourself with the correct DIY pest control products.

A surefire way to get rid of invasions of silverfish is by breaking out the big guns: professional DIY pesticides. For silverfish that have made their way indoors, some of the best solutions to treat silverfish include insecticide concentrates such as, Cyonara 9.7 Insecticide and Martins Viper Insecticide Concentrate. These concentrates mix readily with water and do not contain off-putting odors and are effective not only with silverfish but a variety of other pests. Mix these chemicals inside of a  pump sprayer to create a barrier around your home and indoors to kill off silverfish infestation.

But you need to be patient and thorough in your approach.  Everyone wants to think this is a do one thing job, but pest control success takes time and effort as with anything worth achieving.  But it has never been easier to do it yourself, because of the availability of companies like Solutions Pest and Lawn and professional pest control products.

For larger infestations of silverfish which are found in areas that liquid sprays cannot reach, you can use a insecticide dust such as Delta Dust or CimeXa Dust.  The following dusts do a great job of reaching silverfish and making the area uninhabitable for them. Using a hand duster, place the dusts undеr home siding, in any route оf entry, storage boxes, light fixtures, electric outlets аnd broadcast іt thrоughоut thе attic.

Lastly you can try baiting or trapping methods that have been tried and true by the most experienced pest control experts. Dekko Silverfish packs are still a great method of controlling silverfish invasions and should be laid out liberally in areas where you have noticed silverfish activity. Aside from that, the B&G Lo Line Insect Trap is a great option to trap scattered numbers of silverfish by using pheromones to lure unsuspecting silverfish to the trap where they will be stuck.

Keeping Them Out

The main goal you should have in mind is to keep your home uninhabitable for them since once you get rid of them, you don’t want any more coming and living in the same place. The best way to go about it is in the following manner: 

  1. Removing Humidity – Silverfish love humidity and thrive well in damp areas of the house. Get all leaks fixed in your home and if possible get a de-humidifier. Areas like the basement or the attic are favorites for silverfish as there’s plenty of newspaper and other materials and the rooms are damp and to their liking. You can also try to turn up the temperature or lower it freezing levels for a while to get them out of the room.

  2. Getting Rid of Old Wallpaper – Little cracks in the wall and rips and tears in the wallpaper are also favorite places where silverfish will go and make their homes. Ripped wallpapers, in particular, are great nesting grounds for them since they offer shelter as well as an easy food source. In this case, it is the wallpaper glue. Fill in any cracks using caulk or opt to have the wallpaper replaced, particularly if it is an old one.

  3. Controlling What You Keep – Keep all the eatable items away from reach of the silverfish. Keep all surfaces free of food particles and store cardboard boxes in shelves which are dry. Even when keeping old clothing, get rid of them as quickly as possible and avoid storing them in your attic or basement for long periods of time.

  4. Vacuum Cleaning – Enhance your cleaning game by opting to vacuum your home from top to bottom at least once or twice in a week. Silverfish are notoriously long lived and can survive in homes without food for at least a year. By vacuuming, you can ensure that you get them and their eggs out of your home.

At the end of the day, if these measures don’t work out to or you don’t have the time or patience to put them in place, get the help of a professional fumigator. They can easily clean out your home from top to bottom and ensure that a silverfish infestation is a thing of the past for you.  

We can assure you though that through the use of the professional DIY pest control products we mentioned and our helpful tips above, you can totally eliminate your silverfish problem from your home for good.  


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