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Termites DIY

Don’t Be Intimidated By DIY Termite Control

When you have termites, it is definitely a huge cause for concern, especially when coming to a decision of what to do about it.

So you scour the internet in search of options and opinions. You may find articles on how you can achieve complete termite control yourself with ease. But then, on the other hand, you can find a number blogs and articles--usually from termite exterminators and professionals--advising you not to conduct DIY termite treatments.

These articles are intimidating: telling you how complex the procedure is, the margin for error is very high, don’t waste your money, etc. They even go as far as telling you that DIY termite control will be a foolish mistake and to leave it to the pros if you want it done right.

These conflicting opinions can drive a homeowner nuts. We’re here to tell you that as much technical talk those sources throw at you to make it seem like you are in over your head if you decide to conduct DIY termite control, please take what they say with a grain of salt.

What Professional Termite Companies Don’t Want You To know About DIY Termite Control

That fact is: of course termite professional websites will write these type of articles. They want your money. They would rather you spend more money hiring them out than saving money by carrying out a termite treatment yourself.

Here’s another fact that the termite exterminators will hate for you to know: It actually is very simple to conduct a termite treatment if you’re willing to get your hands a little dirty.

Whether you use a professional or do it yourself, the result is usually the same: Termites are gone. But the main difference is that by treatment termites yourself you can save literally hundreds of dollars to thousands over professional termite treatments

Solutions Pest and Lawn can help you every step of the way with professional grade termite control products and helpful DIY termite control advice.

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Why Professionals Discourage DIY Termite Treatments

Termites are the number one enemy for homeowners. Worse than thieves, burglars, and even natural disasters. There is nothing that causes more damage to a home in terms of cost than termites. You don’t have to take our word for it, just look at the statistics:

  • Termites cost U.S. property owners over $5 billion dollars each year.

  • The average cost to repair termite damage is $3,300.

  • Most home insurance companies do not accept damage claims that stem from termites. They view it as a home maintenance expense so homeowners usually have to pay completely out of pocket.

With this being the case, it is no wonder that exterminators and pest control companies continuously urge you to enlist their services and do their best to discredit conducting DIY termite control.  There’s a whole lot of money in it for them to do so.

Debunking the Reasons Exterminators Say You Can’t Do DIY Termite Control

Exterminators want you to believe that there is no other viable option than hiring them to eliminate those wood-loving termites that are tearing into your home.

They tell you that you aren’t qualified to handle a thorough termite inspection (you are), they tell you that the products you find at the big box stores are inferior (they are), and they tell you that it’s a dangerous job that requires specialized training (it doesn’t).


The “Termite Inspection Qualification” Mythunqualified

Here’s the truth: YOU ARE qualified to handle a termite inspection in your own home. Termite exterminating professionals try to intimidate you by telling you that it’s very technical and detail oriented when honestly, a termite inspection just requires a keen eye, a flashlight and perhaps a screwdriver to feel around.

If you need any more help than that, Solutions Pest & Lawn can give you free pointers in how to conduct a respectable DIY termite inspection. Just call us over the phone and our experts, who have dealt with many termite treatments, can walk you through an inspection, tell you the hotspots to watch out for and give you tips so you can carry out an inspection smoothly and easily.

So don’t sell yourself so short. Even a pest control novice homeowner can both conduct a termite inspection and carry out termite control applications without needing any kind of certification or training.


The Inferior Termiticides Myth

Regarding the insecticide chemicals being inferior at big box stores like Walmart and Home Depot and other similar stores, they are actually right. Most termiticides carried by these stores are diluted brand names that don’t deliver the same kick of termiticide concentrates we carry here at Solutions Pest & Lawn.

In fact, most termite exterminators buy professional grade termiticides we carry for their own pest control operations. To shop at Solutions Pest & Lawn, you don’t need a special license to purchase our termiticides.

Purchase the termiticides yourself and carry out the termite treatment yourself and you’ll have cut out the most expensive and overcharged part of hiring a professional termite exterminator: the labor.

The “It’s a Dangerous Job” Mythtermiter infestation

The scare tactic of saying that it’s a dangerous job to perform termite treatments to your own home is a bunch of hot air. If you are equipped with the basics in pest control safety equipment, you’ll be fine handling termiticides.

At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we have pest control safety kits, goggles, gloves, masks, everything you possible need to stay safe, and they are cheap!

You can successfully carry out a DIY termite control treatment while geared up in this safety equipment without any complications.

Heck the go to methods of handling termites aren’t dangerous at all. Here at Solutions, we recommend treatment methods such as digging a termite insecticide trench around the perimeter of your home, coating your unfinished wood with borate products and using termiticide foams.

All of these methods are effective in killing termites, are easy to do and are not dangerous to carry out whatsoever.

In Conclusion: You Can Do Termite Control Treatments Yourself With Ease!

We hope in this article you were able to learn to not always take what the professionals tell you as absolute fact and also not to deem yourself totally incompetent or inept to handle a termite control treatment.

To break it down into numbers for you so you could see just how much you can save via doing the DIY route of termite control:

Hiring a professional termite exterminator to inspect and treat your home can vary in price from $900 dollars to upwards of $2500 dollars. What surprises most people is that these exterminators like we mentioned above, use the termiticides that we carry here at Solutions which is available for any average joe to purchase via our stores or online.

Most of the costs of a professional termite treatment is in the labor. If you are willing to do the labor yourself, by merely purchasing our professional-grade termite control products, it’ll only cost you a couple hundred dollars saving you a bundle in labor costs if you were to hire out a professional.

If you’re like me, you like saving money, so why not go that route. Go shop our termite control products now.

If you ever need DIY termite treatment help, you can access our knowledgebase where you will find helpful how-to videos as well as articles on DIY termite control. You can also get in touch with us live as we’re available via phone (1800-479-6583), online live chat or email (askapro@solutionsstores.com)

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